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Playsuit stories 6- outfit -

Another new addition to my wardrobe, again from H&M, is this very short playsuit. I didn’t intend for it to be so short, nor I wanted it to, but I liked its print so much that I got it. It turned out to be waaaay shorter than I’d prefer it to be, so I may end up wearing it only to the beach, but I wore it the other day to run some errands around my area, and take these photos for you. This look is almost monochrome in different shades of blue, from turquoise to navy blue. Apart from its shortness it’s a really nice piece and very comfortable too. I ended up loving playsuits, because they’re so easy to wear and style in summer. So if you don’t already own such a piece I strongly urge you to buy one. It’s so versatile, it can be worn from day to night, from the beach to the night club, from the island to the city. You’ll definitely get what you paid out of it, and so much more.

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Sunset hour | Outfits

Sunset hour 5- outfit -

As the title says, these photos were taken during the sunset hour, aka golden hour, but right at the end of it, before it got too dark. So we didn’t have much time to photograph my look. I just love wearing my culottes, but it’s now too hot to wear them anymore. I either need to get a summer pair, or I need to buy some shorts and skirts, because I realized I don’t actually have enough and I have too many tops, but not enough bottoms. haha That’s why I always end up wearing mostly dresses in summer. I finally solved the mystery. It took me a while, but I did! 😛 haha But it’s such a difficult task these days to find a proper pair of shorts, that’s not too short, it’s annoying. Back to this outfit though. I wore it to my nephew’s school show on a day that the weather wasn’t that hot yet. I have worn these clothes together again here, on a outfit I have really loved, but I thought it would look a whole lot different with the addition of pink accessories. And I think that it does. Don’t you think?

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Cherry print skirt & crop top | Outfits

Cherry print skirt & crop top 5- outfit -

I recently got this cropped top and I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to wear it! So the very next day I paired it with my favorite skirt, with the cherry print and my cherry colored pumps and went out with my boyfriend. I really love my new top, and I can’t wait to find other combinations from my wardrobe, but until then, here’s the outfit of the day. I also got the chance to wear my brand new mirror sunglasses, the frames of which I really loved. I don’t wear red very often, but when I do I go overboard. It’s one of these colors that look good on me, and I usually get a lot of compliments when I wear it, even though I’m more of a green and blue fan myself. This look is “very me”. Definitely not casual, but not formal either. I absolutely love it. What about you?

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Wedding look | Outfits

Wedding look 6- outfit -

Wedding season has started, and I attended my first wedding wearing this outfit. At first I was tempted to choose a jumpsuit, since I was a guest of the best man, but this skirt won me over, so I had to wear this one instead. Paired it with one of my favorite summer tops in green of course, my green Hermes kelly-inspired bag, and my mint/blue sandals. Not the most comfortable ones for standing but boy they are pretty. Of course I had to wear a matching pair of sunglasses. It wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t. haha I’m so glad that I bought this skirt last year, because not only it’s floral and structured and looks amazing on, it also has pockets, something I love with dresses and skirts. Finished off the look with a purple lipstick that goes amazing with green. Hope you like this look as much as I do. Kisses!

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Last days of spring | Outfits

Last days of spring 6- outfit -

Back to my routine, and hopefully to more outfit posts, now that all the posts from my trip to the Netherlands are over. This outfit post however, was shot before our trip, so it’s quite old now, but I wanted to finish the ones from Holland first. It’s now officially too hot to be wearing anything long, but it’s still a nice outfit, and we do get some chilly days, so here it is. Casual with a twist, focused on two colors, red and dark blue, perfect for an afternoon coffee or for drinks with friends. Updos are the hairstyle of the season, because I seriously can’t stand my hair down when it’s so hot outside. I barely had time to wear any pair of pumps this spring, since it was raining non-stop, especially after we got back and that’s partly the reason, why we hadn’t shot anything in weeks. But I’ll slowly get back to outfit posting, and hopefully I will post more outfits during summer. Hope  you like this look. Enjoy your week!

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