Pinks, blues and new hair | Outfits

Pinks, blues and new hair 5- outfit -

Last week I finally tried out the #purplehair Colorista Washout on my hair, and I filmed it for my Youtube channel. It’s already up, and you can actually watch it at the end of this post. It’s in Greek, but you can see the process and the final result up close. Of course you can get a glimpse of it through these photos but it looks so much better in that video. We actually shot these photos, shortly after I finished with the filming of my video, so it was the same day. I wore pink and purple hues to accentuate the color of my hair (which by the way, I loved!), but the true star of this outfit is my hair. I’m seriously thinking of making the change more permanent and adding purple shades to my copper hair, or even go full purple. We’ll see about it. I have to talk about it with my hairdresser, because I’m not a colorist myself. I did do the coloring myself at home this time, but I wouldn’t trust me with a more permanent dye. Plus I have to dye my roots too. But for now the color is looking great, and I’ll keep you posted about its fading process.

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Baby blue & baby pink | Outfits

Baby blue & baby pink 2- outfit -

聽When you’ll be reading these lines, I’ll probably be in Amsterdam. If things went as planned I traveled to the Netherlands yesterday, and this is a scheduled post. In this post, I’m wearing two of my favorite pastel colors together: baby blue and baby pink. Even though they work perfectly well together, as all pastels do, this sweater is a winter one, and it was too hot to be wearing it that day. I learned it the hard way. This means that spring is finally here to stay, and I decided to celebrate it by clutching a beautiful bouquet of tulips, to be the star of this outfit post. Finished the look of with my pink ballerinas and backpack, two pieces that I’ll be wearing a lot all summer long. Hope you’re not tired of seeing them yet. Do you like this look? Leave a comment below and let me know! 馃槈

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March 2017 | Wishlist

March 2017 - Wishlist

For the month of March, I decided to go full on pink (almost), because I’m clearly obsessed. If someone would have told my teenage self that someday I was going to like pink again, she would have never believed it, for sure! But here I am, obsessing over pastel shades of pink, and thinking of more items to include in my wardrobe in this color. I’m also looking at bell sleeves with admiration again. Another trend I thought I’d never like again. But you must agree, pastel pink looks amazing in spring, right? I gathered some of the items I’ve been eyeing on the internet lately to create today’s wishlist. Which one is聽 your favorite?

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Pastels for fall? Why not!

Pastel handbags for fall 2016

Usually when fall comes, bold and pastel colors return to the depths of our closets, and darker, more neutral colors have their comeback. Over the past few years though, we had pastels appear in fall/winter collections as well, through pastel coats & beautiful accessories. I personally love all things pastel, and colorful, and I felt the need to present to you, some of the most beautiful bags I鈥檝e ever seen, which I found on an online store, called StyleWe. I was already familiar with the site, and I like to keep an eye on sites where I find such pretty things. This time, I fell in love with more bags than I could count. I鈥檓 especially in love with the light pink backpack, you can see in the second photo and all bags in the first one.

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Pastels on pastels | Outfits

Pastels on pastels 5- outfit -

Hello my loves! I鈥檓 back with a new outfit post, and as I鈥檓 writing these lines, I鈥檓 battling a cold. Easter break left me drained of energy, in no mood to do anything whatsoever. I can鈥檛 even tell how many weeks it鈥檚 been since we last took outfit photos (this one is again from last month). But I鈥檒l soon have new material to show you, that鈥檚 for sure! Today鈥檚 post is a collaboration with Maria of Stylebows and Ioanna of The colourful Bouquet, to show you different ways to wear your colored pants. I鈥檒l link their blog posts, down below, so make sure to check them out! My take on colored pants was undoubtedly pastels, and of course I had to pair my pastel pants with a pastel top. As you can see the weather didn鈥檛 allow me to wear anything lighter so I was limited to pastel shades to remind me of spring. Going for double pastels is a safe bet for me, since they complement each other. Just try not to overdo it with too many colors in one look. Sorry for the slightly dark photos guys, but it started raining as soon as I left the house, and by the time it ended the remaining light was very little. I hope you enjoyed this post! See you again on Wednesday!

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