March 2017 | Wishlist

March 2017 - Wishlist

For the month of March, I decided to go full on pink (almost), because I’m clearly obsessed. If someone would have told my teenage self that someday I was going to like pink again, she would have never believed it, for sure! But here I am, obsessing over pastel shades of pink, and thinking of more items to include in my wardrobe in this color. I’m also looking at bell sleeves with admiration again. Another trend I thought I’d never like again. But you must agree, pastel pink looks amazing in spring, right? I gathered some of the items I’ve been eyeing on the internet lately to create today’s wishlist. Which one is  your favorite?

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Spring mood on | Outfits

Spring mood on 8- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comBefore I start talking about this outfit, let me tell you that I’m super happy because the week of my birthday starts today. My actual birthday is on Friday, and I can’t wait to celebrate all weekend with friends, family and my loved one, T. I’ve already made some preparations since I love organizing everything. To the outfit now: Lately the weather has been super sunny and beautiful, very spring-appropriate, and I celebrated it by wearing my new shoes (another gift from my friend Denise) and pairing them, with the lightest and boldest colors I could find in my still-filled-with-winter-clothes wardrobe. It came out more pink that I’d normally wear, but oh well; spring is finally and officially here. Let’s celebrate! 

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What I wore for Easter | Outfits

Hello guys! This is the outfit I wore for Easter (Greek Orthodox Easter was on May 5th this year). I didn’t wear anything special for the usual family lunch but I wore this outfit to go out the same night. I want to apologize in advance for the quality of photos on this post, but I thought it would be better to ask my mom to take them, instead of using a tripod, but she was way too tired (and the sun had already set) and in a hurry that she didn’t take good ones. It was a really nice outfit in real life, and it got me many compliments. So sad I couldn’t capture it in a better way.

Take a glimpse of our Easter food in the end of this post.

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Candy colors and city lights | Outfit post

About a week ago my best friend invited us to his house in Ano Poli (Upper/Old Town) to celebrate his birthday together, with a barbecue. Unfortunately it was also a going away party, since he left to study abroad. The weather wasn’t our friend that day, since it was raining almost non-stop and we had the barbecue at his upper balcony. Thankfully his parents have built a kiosk so we were able to sit on the balcony, and avoid the rain. The added curtains held the wind away, and kept us warm enough. Despite the cold and the rain, I refused to wear a dark colored outfit, and went with my first choice. A candy colored outfit, which was pretty feminine but also very comfortable for the day.

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