7 years of blogging | Outfits

Oh my, 7 years of blogging, how fast the time went by? It feels like yesterday that I started this little blog of mine. I couldn’t celebrate my blog’s birthday in another way than an outfit post, could I? Here it is, and a festive outfit post I might add. With a balloon and everything. haha This year we decided against a bigger helium-filled balloon, because it was a total fail, ’cause the helium made the balloon look deflated in last year’s photos, because of the cold weather and we didn’t want to repeat that. So here’s a smaller and cuter one instead. I built the whole outfit around burgundy color, and I really loved how it turned out. It looked even better in real life believe me! I’m definitely going to wear it again for a night out with friends or the boyfriend.

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At the stadium | Outfits

I wanted to take outfit photos at the Olympic Stadium in Athens for so long, and I finally did it, so I’m here to share them with you! This is the second and final look from Athens (unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph more looks), but I love how these turned out! We woke up as early as possible that day, took the subway and then the train to go to the stadium, so I wanted to wear something that was going to look pretty and chic but at the same time casual enough. I ended up wearing this look for the whole day, and I felt really comfortable in it, so I’m happy with my choice. I bought this skirt from Athens (not that it really matters, because it’s Zara, and I could have bought it as easily in Thessaloniki) so I wanted to wear it as soon as possible. I played it safe by picking the burgundy from the skirt, and matching it with my burgundy sweater, bag and booties, that came with me to Athens that month. After the photoshoot, we returned home for an hour, and then visited an old school mate of mine, and went to Piraeus for the first time, to visit my old-time reader-turned-friend Elena, and her boyfriend. They took us to an amazing restaurant I really loved. Hope you like this look! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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Mustard & burgundy | Outfits

Hiii! Long time no see! I had to take a break from posting unfortunately, because I was really swamped with Vlogmas, and the move back from Athens. This is the first look we shot back in Athens (because I’m now back in Thessaloniki, since Saturday), and I really liked how it turned out. I love combining my new mustard sweater with red or burgundy. It looks a bit like ketchup and mustard, and these two look great together, don’t you think? haha We shot these pics at Stavros Niarchos Foundation when we went one day, and I really love the contrast with the all grey background. I wore my new Zara jeans for the first time, and combined them with my burgundy ankle boots, and my velvet bag, which goes wherever I go this winter. I also changed my hair, in case you didn’t notice. It is a bit faded in the photos, and looks more red than violet, but it is the color I had at the ends of my hair for the last couple of months. Hopefully it will look more violet than red next time. Do you like my look?

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For the love of shoes (and bags)

Luigi Footwear black soft ankle boots silver block heelHey guys! This is my second collaboration with Luigi footwear and this time I have new favorite styles to share with you. Read my latest article to learn about the brand, and check out my photos below for some shoeporn.

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Let’s bring out the booties | Outfits

Let's bring out the booties 4- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comEven though we’ve been having perfectly warm weather these past few days, we did have some very cold ones already, which made me bring out my booties sooner than I had anticipated. I don’t really love fall, the whole temperature drop and decrease of sunlight makes me kind of sad, but I’m trying to get used to it, before the dreadful winter is upon us. The booties I’m wearing in this post though are perfect for non-rainy days, and they’re brand new, so it’s the first time you see me wearing them. I played with burgundy and dusty pink in this outfit; a combination I really loved. And of course I had to match my booties to my (also) new Migato velvet bag, which I’m absolutely in love with and my short-sleeved knit top which is perfect for fall days. I could have done without the fishnet tights, because it turned out to be actually really warm that day, but hey, it’s a fall outfit, so I got to wear tights, rights? haha What do you think guys?

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