Mint jeans, statement necklaces and full moon

On Friday the 31st of August aka the last day of Summer, we had a full moon (in fact a Blue moon), and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to go again to my latest favorite café in town to enjoy it while drinking wine with good company. I took my photos in the afternoon, and went straight there, to catch a good table so as to be able to have a view of the whole city again, and watch the sunset while I was there. Watching the sun set into the sea, never seize to impress me. As we’re slowly going into fall, I take every chance I can get to wear some of my summer items, and most importantly some of my summer shoes, which haven’t been saved yet. This was one of these cases.

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Feeling good in my own (snake)skin shoes

Good morning my dear readers! How was your week? I’m still on my trip, at Nafplio, (returning home tomorrow), but I have one more post scheduled for you. Hope you like this one too!

Last week we went for drinks with friends (ended up eating again, how original!), and I thought it was the perfect chance to wear my snakeskin shoes from Zara for the first time.

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