Casual walk | Outfits

Casual walk 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comSome days ago, T. and I went for a casual walk downtown and stopped for some outfit photos before going for a coffee. The sun was burning, and my arms got slightly tanned, as I was wearing one of my favorite dresses, this time, dressed down with flat sandals. These shoes almost never leave my feet since the day I got them. They’re THAT comfortable! In other news, I had to cancel an outfit shoot due to rain, and I haven’t been able to shoot since then. I got my mother to take some photos of my outfit some days ago, as we were going to a wedding, but other than that, nada. So it will probably be a while till you see my next outfit post, but fear not, ‘cause I have other plans for posts in the meantime. The blog won’t be left empty. I have so many new things, that wait to be shooted for a post, but I guess they’ll have to wait for July. Enjoy the photos my lovelies, and make sure to check back for all those posts I’m talking about.

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Mint & baby blue | Outfits

Mint & baby blue 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThese photos were shot before my trip to Ioannina, when we met a fellow blogger for coffee. It was a really hot day, but I chose to wear my pastel pants, with my new mint clutch and pair them with my long baby blue shirt, and one of my favorite pair of heels. The look was finished off with a statement necklace & my cat eye sunglasses. I have many photos to go through from my short stay at Ioannina, so I’m gonna keep them for next week, but I have many things to show you. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this look!

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Beige and red | Outfits

Beige and red - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comStraying a bit from the super casual outfits of this month to show you a casual/chic one we shoot some time ago, when we went for late breakfast at The Prince Barsserie of Mediterranean Cosmos mall in Thessaloniki. It has become our spot when we’re there at mornings. We literally can’t stay away from their breakfasts. You’ll find more on Stylishly Beautiful this Friday, tune in there! I wanted to wear a bit of a heel that day, because I’ve been living in my flats lately, and that’s not me, so I went for these beautiful kitten heels, which I haven’t worn in a while. I still haven’t taken my summer clothes out, so these were the only clothes that matched, that weren’t too hot to wear that day, since it was unbelievably hot outside. Hope you like this look!

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Marine style | Outfits

Marine style 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLast week, my sweet boy took me out for a walk and some coffee at a nearby area, again by the sea. The day must have been the hottest we’ve had so far, and definitely too hot for layering clothes. I wish I’d known that before going out, because I felt the sun burning my skin during our short photoshoot session at the marina. We took these photos and then we both agreed that we should have done it before our coffee. Since then, we had some rainy days, and we’re now almost back to hot days, but to more normal temperatures for the season. For the day, I chose to wear a striped tee layered with another one in a similar hue, a pair of skinny jeans, and again my trusty flats. You’ll get bored of seeing me with flats this month! I hope you like the look and the photos!

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Panama hats & cupcakes | Outfits

Panama hats & cupcakes 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI haven’t worn this Panama hat in a post for years. I actually wore this one in one of my first outfit posts, back when I first bought it in 2011. It’s definitely one of the stars of today’s outfit, but let’s talk a bit about the 2nd star of this look, which is this cute little white backpack. You haven’t seen me wearing a backpack, because I have the fear of getting robbed in the streets so I want to have my bags at the reach of my hand, and I never bought one, even though I like them. This cutie though has been in my closet since elementary school. Yes, you read it right. Elementary school! I don’t throw/give away anything, do I? No I don’t, because I always think I may want them again in the future, and I’m usually right. The same happened with this backpack. I had it in my mind, since last year, but that morning, I reached in my closet for it, and there it was, looking like (almost) new! Told you I’d be back with many casual outfits this month. It’s usually the only period that I wear my flat shoes so much! You haven’t seen the last of them…

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