Birthday outfit

20 May, 2011

birthday outfit 5Monday was my birthday, and I went out for dinner with a few friends. The day itself wasn’t very good, in fact I got in an “epic fight”, as I call it, with a person I love, but in the end, everything turned out ok, and we had quite a good time.

However, the day started really well, as I went shopping with my mother, who bought me an amazing skirt, which I decided to wear that same night for dinner.

We went to our usual spot, TGI Friday’s, and we ate (too much of) so many nice things, and in the end they surprised me with a birthday dessert, as it’s their tradition.

Unfortunately, the lighting was terrible for night pictures, so this is the best I could do with them. Wish they weren’t so “noisy”. I hope you can see the outfit, and the lovely skirt, my mum bought me.

I wore: Zara zip coat and blouse, D&G skirt, Tsakiris Mallas shoes (in their first appearance!), vintage clutch, Calvin Klein watch and my new Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval ring in Aqua.  Can you believe that I don’t own any red shoes? I definitely need a nice pair of red patent pumps!

And this (on the left) must be my new “signature pose”! haha… A few drinks can also help me loosen up and pose for some photos. Hopefully no one was around to see me posing.

Last but not least my two favourite photos, where you can clearly see the true and vivid colours of this outfit and some details of it. A few years ago, I couldn’t even imagine myself wearing green and red together. I thought they were two of those colours that didn’t go well together. But, after seeing this combination in other people, and in this lovely skirt with cherries on it, I was inspired to wear it too. And I must say that I was very pleased by the result, I love the colours of this outfit!

I chose to paint my nails mint-green again to match my new ring, so nothing new there. In case you haven’t read my previous post about it though, it’s No. 366 by GT Cosmetics.

Hope you liked this outfit, it’s definitely my favourite one on my blog. Maybe in one of my next posts I’ll show you my other birthday gifts too. Tomorrow, it’s my second nameday (yes I have two names, but I’m using the M one, not this), and I will have some family friends in my house, so hopefully there will be more presents!!! So tomorrow, I’m going to cook for these friends, eat a lot (again!) and cut my birthday cake (because I didn’t have one on my “real birthday”). I’m wishing you all a fantastic weekend!


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19 comments on “Birthday outfit

  1. Amazing outfit, I loved the skirt and the whole combination, as well! And yes, this is my favorite outfit of yours, apart from that amazing black dress on Easter! I could see the ring (gorgeous!) and don’t worry about eating “too much”, as you said, you are in a perfect shape! I hope you had a fantastic birthday night (and again, congratulations for the whole outfit, simply great, very elegant!)
    So, amazing too, my second name is M., as I told you before! M. is the first for you! But your second nameday is today! (I guess I know it! I have some friends with this name, which is very beautiful!) So I wish you a great day, lots of fun and yes, more presents too! And the birthday cake!!! (Miam miam!) Have a nice day with family and friends!

  2. Thank you my dear Denise! These two are my favourites too! 🙂
    I’m not in a perfect shape, I wish I was, but thank you for saying this! I’m trying to lose some extra pounds to feel more comofortable in my clothes and for myself.
    I didn’t enjoy my birthday as much as I would like to, but thankfully today is a very nice and sunny day (pretty hot I can say), and I hope it would be fun too! The birthday cake is a surprise we’re planning for my brother too, whose birthday is tomorrow, so we’re going to have 2 cakes, 1 for each! 🙂
    Thank you again, and have a very nice day and weekend too. I hope I’ll have some interesting pictures to show you in my next posts. 🙂

    • S’euxaristw poli Katerina! Xairomai pou sou arese! 🙂 Eimai poli xaroumeni pou telika dialexa na agorasw ti fousta, anti gia ena akoma tzin…

  3. *chic hthela na pw! 😛
    Kala ekanes! H kalyerh epilogh! Gia tzin oute syzhthsh!
    PS: den vriskw kapoio tropo parakolouthhshs tou blog sou! Den m to bgazei pouthena! Exeis kanei kamia periergh rythmish?

    • Itane poli omorfo k ekeino! Pali D&G se kalokairino ifasma, wraio mple xrwma k elastikotita…ama den itane low cut, mporei na eixa parei ekeino..eutixws pou itane telika haha! 🙂
      S’euxaristw poli gia to follow, exei panw dexia panta to bloglovin’ button.
      K egw vasika epsaxna an eixes esi, alla den to vriskw na se kanw k egw follow..alla molis se vrika! Following you with bloglovin’ now! 🙂

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