Going Green

13 May, 2011

Zara tulip skirt - green blouseLately, I’ve been obsessed with green color, and everywhere I go I always get stuck at the green clothes/accessories, wanting to buy everything there is out there in this color. I already bought two blouses and if it was up to me, I would have bought a pair of pants and a skirt too. Luckily I couldn’t find my size, and I saved myself some money (at least until the next trip to the stores).

Another current obsession is my shopping trips to Zara. I don’t know what has happened but I almost like everything in this store this season. Every time I go inside, I get out with shopping bags in my hands. I must confess that I haven’t been shopping at Zara for many years, but this year it seems that it’s impossible to control myself.

What’s the result of this year’s obsession? You end up with an outfit, almost head to toe by Zara.

Blouse, Skirt, Shoes: Zara, Silk Scarf (worn as headband): vintage, clutch: Charles & Keith, necklace: Oysho, watch: vintage, cuff bracelet: Dyrberg/Kern

Do you see what I mean? I bought the tulip skirt and the blouse recently, although I’m not that fond of mini-skirts on me. But I soon as I saw the zipper detail I was smitten.

This time was even more difficult to take the outfit pictures. From one side some nosy neighbors and from the other my cat, the saboteur. She was trying to jump on me again and again, by putting her nails first, straight to my tights. She wasn’t discouraged at all by my continuous tries to stop her. And that’s why I took these shots at 3 different places this day. Really annoying, running up and down 3 floors on heels and with a tripod on my hands!

Zip-up coat: Zara

I took the photos as quick as I could, before it got darker and off I went to see a movie.

Here are some details of my Charles & Keith clutch and my Oysho necklace.

Too much adventure for when I’m in a hurry. Next time I’ll know better than wear new tights near my cat.  Do you have any similar stories to mine? What do you think about the outfit?

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11 comments on “Going Green

  1. Oh, I loved the outfit! Very nice color, indeed! The clutch is also amazing! And the skirt too – you should wear minis more often!
    The cat-incident was probably not funny, but cats are this way… what I found funny were the nosy neighbors! Here I have the same problem when taking pictures! They all think “this one is strange… and why always taking pictures…?” I don’t know why people are like this, I would like to see someone doing creative stuff! Ah, let them get a life!
    Which film did you watch? I hope it was nice!

    • Thank you Denise! I bought the clutch last summer when I was in Cyprus on vacation and to visit one of my best friends!
      Yes the cat was not funny at all at that time, but I still love her! 🙂
      My neighbors are probably thinking the same thing about me, or they will think it sometime in the future, If I keep taking shots of myself on the balcony!
      I watched Fast Five! It was really nice! Have you watched it?

    • S’euxaristw poli! Kai egw ap tin prwti stigmi pou ta eida ta agapisa! Kai einai para poli aneta, tis proalles ta forousa sxedon oli ti mera!
      katalavainw ti les! K egw prepei na vgalw xiliades isws mexri na petixw elaxistes kales! 🙂 alla esi exeis enan diaforetiko aera! M’aresoun poli ta atoma pou einai aneta me to fako! Egw molis vlepw kamera kokkalwnw..hahaha

  2. I get what you re saying- i have deveoped the same problem but with H&M! I often find myself wearing H&M from head to toes- not that I mind of course
    ps) loved the lilac colour in the previous post and as everyone said: your nails! 🙂

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