New in | July garden party edition

As I told you on my last post, I bought a few things last Friday, and I had some delivered to me this Monday, so I had to make a post to show you my latest purchases. I didn’t want to make the usual post with plain photos of the things I bought, and since I had some free time on my hands a couple of days ago, I organized a garden party with elite guests: all of YOU! I really enjoyed the concept behind this photoshoot (despite the fact that I got bitten by a swarm of vicious mosquitos during it), and I hope you like it too. So, may I treat you to some fruits, or a delicious freshly baked piece of the first edition of Dan Brown’s “Inferno”? 🙂

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New in | Zara lunch bag and Perspex clutch

These beauties were on my wishlist for weeks, and I finally got my hands on them last week. Found the faux leather lunch bag downtown, and the last piece of this clear Perspex clutch at my nearest Zara store. I couldn’t be happier! They’re cheap and at the same time, they filled my need for shopping. I’ve already worn the first one, and you’ll see it shortly on my next outfit post. So stay tuned! What do you think?

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New in: Neon yellow bag & tricolor clutch

Those of you who follow me on Facebook, already know that I went shopping again this week! This time I didn’t come home empty-handed, but brought home with me, 2 beautiful bags! I was actually looking for a clutch to go perfectly with my dress and shoes for my cousin’s wedding, and the other just caught my eye, when passing out of a shop. Couldn’t leave it behind! After all, neon is my latest trend obsession.

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Saturday night out

saturday night out 2Last Saturday we went to our favourite spot again, TGI Friday’s of course. After we left, I asked my boyfriend once again to take some pictures of me and my outfit. It was dark and as a result my pictures are once again noisy and a bit blurry, so excuse me in advance for this.

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Going Green

Zara tulip skirt - green blouseLately, I’ve been obsessed with green color, and everywhere I go I always get stuck at the green clothes/accessories, wanting to buy everything there is out there in this color. I already bought two blouses and if it was up to me, I would have bought a pair of pants and a skirt too. Luckily I couldn’t find my size, and I saved myself some money (at least until the next trip to the stores).

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