Having fun at the playground

15 May, 2011

at the playground 4It took me months but I finally convinced my boyfriend to take some shots of me for the blog. So we drove to a small playground, and we took some pictures of each other while having fun. I like going to playgrounds from time to time, they remind of how amusing and carefree everything was when we were kids. Now everything’s different.

The day was sunny again, enough not to wear a jacket/blazer/cardigan, for the first time this year for me, so I really enjoyed being in the sun, let loose and have some old-fashioned fun. We didn’t have much time though, so I’m definitely coming back for more next time, maybe to a different and bigger playground.

I was really pleased by the result of this “photoshoot”, and you can see for sure, that I was more relaxed. 🙂

I wasn’t wearing anything special again, but I liked this combination.

Shirt: Sarah Lawrence, Jeans: Lee, Wedges: Dexim, Sunnies: Donna Karan, Belt: Uknown (a gift), bag: Valentina (a gift), Watch: Esprit, bracelet: from a street vendor.

I really like this shirt and my striped white/blue cork wedges. I bought them last year, and they really go well together, but it seems that I like almost anything with stripes. I wasn’t so sure about the belt though, I’m not a fan of tassels (if that’s what these can be called), but, it went perfectly with the cork part of my wedges. 🙂

It was a nice change, to have someone else take my pictures for once, and it made the process much more interesting and fun, let alone quicker. So I have to give my thanks to my boy, for doing it even though he doesn’t like taking pictures very much (unlike me).

I usually take his pictures, cause I’m always with a camera on my hands when we go somewhere together and he happens to make a very good photo model. Sometimes I’m telling him how to pose, or where/how to stand so I can get a better result and then I tell him to do the same for me. Of course he always has nicer pictures than me, but I’m used to it. As I said before, I’m not photogenic (it takes a lot of pictures to get one which is nice).

This time, I didn’t tell him to pose, just to be loose and this is the result.

I thought it would be a nice change to show you his outfit too.

He’s wearing: Guess Tee, Calvin Klein Jeans, DVS Shoes, prayer ropes (from Mount Athos), and erhmm an old hair rubber band of mine.

What do you think of the pictures and our outfits? Like them? Hate them? Waiting for your comments!

P.S. Tomorrow’s my birthday so expect a birthday-outfit post in the next days (I’ll try to take some pictures, but first I have to find what to wear :P)

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11 comments on “Having fun at the playground

  1. Taurus! Great! You’ll have lots of success in life – in every field, love and professional! I’ll write you tomorrow too! With xronia polla!
    I loved the post and loved the outfits! Really great for a day out! I know how it is to take pics alone and to have someone taking sometimes – it’s nicer and better, for sure, when we pose to someone, not just to a camera! So, great that you convinced him!
    I liked your sunglasses, and the whole outfit! Very nice that you had a great time! And tomorrow will be even better! I’m looking forward to seeing your outfit! I’m sure it’ll be great!
    I’ll answer about some things later! I spent the day packing… and there is still soooo much to do…!!!
    So, wait, it’s your birthday already! It’s 11:30 pm here, it’s 00:30 am there!
    Xronia polla! Happy happy birthday! May all your plans come true! You are amazing, your blog too (because you are, of course!) and I hope you always bring us so nice pictures and stories! Have a fantastic day!!!!!!

    • Yes I’m a Taurus! I hope everything goes as you said in my life! 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely wishes, and your sweet words! I’m wishing you all the same, and even more! You are such a nice person!
      It’s way better to have someone else taking your picture, without having others looking at you! I hope to convince him to do it again in the future!
      I hope today would be a great day, I have many things to do, and I’m trying to squeeze them all into my birthday program!
      Have a great day too! And thank you again for your wishes! You are the sweetest! 🙂

    • Thank you dear Veronica! I alitheia einai oti auto to kare den m aresei katholou, alla ap tin alli den thelw na deixnw to full proswpo m…akoma psaxnw enan pio wraio tropo, k sigoura ta gialia einai mia poli kaliteri lisi!
      Ksereis pws einai na zeis stin Ellada, pote den ksereis poios tha pesei panw sto blog sou, k sigoura iparxoune polloi koutsompolides girw mas!
      Ektos autou to internet einai periergos xwros k egw, parolo pou pleon exw blog, sinexizw na mai kaxipopti peri proswpikwn dedomenwn k twn stoixeiwn pou afinoume na diareusoun s’auton! Megali sizitisi, isws kapoia stigmi mas dwthei i eukairia na tin kanoume apo konta 🙂

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