5 June, 2011

Summer is officially here, so it’s time to wear more light clothes and our summer sandals. These photos were taken on Wednesday, on a warm and sunny evening in my garden.

This outfit consists mainly of no name/unknown brands, but I’ll give it a try and write what I know.

Sunglasses (the only ones I wear): Donna Karan, Top and Skirt: unknown brand, shoes: Miss Sixty, bag: Valentina, watch: Esprit (my everyday one), coral bracelet: Dyrberg/Kern, other bracelet: uknown brand.

The top is actually coral, and not fuchsia, as seen in the pictures. It was a gift from a friend of my mother’s.

The skirt seems to be glowing, but I didn’t do anything to edit the lighting, it is just how the picture was shot.

In this “photoshoot” I decided to play with some of the pictures and I put various effects on them. I really liked the result, and I’m gonna repeat it, but next time I’m going to keep the same effect on all pictures.

I tried something different with my poses too. A little less stiff posing, a little more action in them.

As you can see, my cat can’t live without being on my feet/near me, in almost every picture I take. She thinks that my clothes are her toys.

This is a close-up of the bracelets I was wearing. I usually wear only one, but I thought I should give it a try, after seeing it in a lot of bloggers. I liked it, but my style is more classic than this.

However, I like to play with my style and change it depending on my mood. For example, the day before this one, I was wearing black and white colours and the hat from my previous post (a bit like Michael Jackson) and the next day, I’m wearing something this girly.

And this is my favourite pic and coincidentally the only one where my cat wasn’t under my skirt.

What do you think of my outfit? I’m not usually wearing girly stuff, but this 50’s skirt is one of my favourites. I bought it 3-4 ago, but I think that this summer is all about this style. For example, H&M conscious collection reminded me of this skirt. And now, I’m leaving you with some “backstage”/failed outfit photos, with my cat, the saboteur.

Honestly my dear cat, WTF are you doing under my skirt? And why are you doing this only when I want to take pictures of myself? There’s something weird going on here. And I’m gonna find all about it.

And there she is! She might look innocent but don’t let her fool you, she’s sneaky. 🙂

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33 comments on “Summertime

  1. the skirt is so pretty! I like white embroidered clothes very much!
    Your cat is very cute! When I took photos in the garden once, I fed her first! Also how nice to see a Dyrberg/Kern bracelet. I adore this brand. I at least once a year something from their collections.
    As for the glowing skirt it does that because it is white and reflects the sun. If you have any editing program (photoshop etc) try playing with the brightness and exposure to avoid this effect.

    • Thank you Anna! I already tried to edit the picture not to look so bright, but this was the best I could do without making it look unnatural. It was even more bright (if you can believe it), I know it is from the sun and its reflection on the white skirt, but it annoyed me!
      Dyrberg/Kern, has become one of my favourite brands for jewelry, I already own many of their designs and I love them. Although, I usually buy handmade jewelry. This particular bracelet was a gift from my cousin.
      Unfortunately, when I’m in my garden my cat always follows me. Even if I feed her before, she’ll leave her food and come to me if she sees me! 🙂

  2. Beautiful! It’s true that we are more used to your “ladylike outfits” than the girly ones, but why not? Changing a bit is always nice, to try new things (I can’t forget your words, “end of an era and beginning of a new one…” Can’t forget them, so wise, really!) I loved this outfit, the color of the top, skirt (I didn’t find it was shining…! Very normal white color without shine! But I’m very shortsighted! It’s true!) and above all, I love (d) the bracelets!!! I tried to wear two together one of these days and loved the result, so, I will try again with some similar to yours! You see??? You are inspiring, totally true! When I go to stores now I think “would M like this or that?” You definitely have to take me to your favorites shops!!!! Let’s rock Salonika!!!!
    By the way… the cat is so sweet… she wants to show you her love… I found the pictures lovely, you are very beautiful and your cat couldn’t be different! So sweet, both of you!

    • Thank you my sweet Denise! I’m so glad to see you liked this outfit as well, and I’m happy to hear that I inspire you, it’s really touching. You inspire me too, and not only in the outfit field but in real life too. 🙂
      The bracelets’ choice was a spur of the moment thing, and I really liked the result. I would be happy to take you to my favorite stores, if you visit Salonica again in the future. That would be so nice, shopping together! 🙂
      My cat is my baby, hehe, I really love her, but sometimes she’s too much playful (especially when I’m trying to take my pictures).
      Thank you again and again for your sweet comments. You must be one the sweetest persons I’ve ever known, and I haven’t even met you in person (yet!). I’m sure that this new era in your life, would be amazing, ’cause you totally deserve it! And I truly mean it! 🙂

  3. This is so lovely look darling! You look so pretty! You have think off every detail in this look .
    You make you strike your poses like a model.
    Gosh, and Your cat is amazing. So adorable and it seems she are having so much fun in your photoshoot.

    xoxo Ra

    • Thank you Ramona! I wish I was posing like a model but I’m far from it! hehe
      She was having fun playing with my skirt, that’s for sure…

    • S’euxaristw poli Matina! Einai para poli voliki, kai mou vgazei mia romantiki kai girly diathesi! Mono persi den tin foresa toso poli, alla fetos tha tin valw.

    • Thank you for answering! I loved them! Maybe I should a pay a visit to Bershka too, they are great. Their shape look so much like Brian Atwood’s Felini pumps.

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