My blue suede sandals

8 June, 2011

Remember this post where I showed you my birthday gifts? There was a pair of sandals by my brother’s wife. Unfortunately, they were too tight for my feet, so I had to change them. The good thing is that I found many things that I liked to replace them with, and I bought two of them: a maxi coral skirt and a pair of bright baby blue sandals. Perfect for the summer!

I haven’t worn the skirt yet, so no photos of it, but I took some pictures of the sandals. I paired them with some of my summer jewels, mostly bought from Greek islands a while back.

They are handmade in Greece from real leather, and they have Swarovski crystals on them.

The bag is one of the oldest I have, since I was a teenager I think, and I used to put almost everything I own in it. It always surprised me how many things can fit in it, since it’s from a really soft material, and I used to call her my “Sport Billy” bag.

Like I said above, most of the accessories are from Greek islands I’ve visited during the years. The orchid is a hair accessory, almost never been worn. The pink nail polish is Erre Due exclusive, no. 117.

I tried to take some modeling pics of the sandals, to see how they fit, because pictures don’t do them justice.

What do you think? I tried to enrich my posts where I’m showing you my new products, with items from my closet, so they don’t seem so plain. In addition, I wanted to give you some inspiration for your own items, and the colors you can wear them with. Hope you like the outcome of it. To avoid misunderstandings, this comes from my own personal likings and the inspiration of the moment, since I’m not a professional stylist.

I’m here to read your thoughts and your suggestions, if there’s anything you would like me to show you. Have a great day and thank you for reading my blog.

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33 comments on “My blue suede sandals

  1. Oh, I told you there are many coincidences between us! Just before I came to your blog, waiting for the next post! I went to shoeperwoman and wrote there that I am currently in love with turquoise! And then I come here and what do I see??? Beautiful turquoise sandals! And also turquoise jewellery and the sweet bag! I loved all, as usual – and you say you are not a professional stylist, but could really be! I also loved the pink nail polish and that lilly for the hair? I have one almost the same!!!!
    I can’t wait to see you wearing the skirt you mentioned, and a whole outfit where you are wearing these sandals too! I love your style, the way that you write and the things you show! Your blog is super!!! (And so are you!)
    By the way – perfect manicure and now perfect pedicure! Number 1!!!!!

    • Aww thank you my sweet Denise! What a coincindence indeed! And I love tuquoise too, that’s why I bought these sandals, because of their beautiful color! Great minds think alike! hehe
      You know there was a time when I really wanted to be a stylist, but that was very long ago. I changed my opinion so many times about the subject of my studies, before I end up studying advertising, which I loved!!!
      I haven’t thought of an outfit with that skirt yet, but I’ll promise you, you’ll see an outfit with it, and with the sandals too (in another one probably). I have so many items in my closet that I want to share with you…
      I painted my nails fuschia just because I wanted to do those modeling pics for the shoes. I had already taken the first pictures, when I decided it.
      Now I’m on the search for the subject of my next post! 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I hope you know that the feelings are mutual. I love your blog and your style too!!!!

  2. I think You done really good styling job darling. You have found not just wonderful pieces for summer, but You have mixed and matched them, I think professionally. The colours are bright and beautiful and would give to any outfit cute and fresh touch.

    xoxo Ra

  3. Hi there!!! Now I saw that you have a new blog page! I was going to the other…well, your BLUE post is amazing, I LOVE everything: the nail varnish, your SANDALS, the rings, the bag, ALL. Such a FRESH post! Well done!

    • Hello Vanda! Thank you very much for your comment!
      Yes, I know about the wordpress page, it seems that many people go there to find me, but they don’t click the link to this blog.
      Actually this one here, is my old blog page, created about 6 months ago, while the wordpress was created 10 days ago. There was a problem with some blogs where I couldn’t comment becuase there isn’t a name/url option, and I created the wordpress account only to be able to comment to these blogs.
      I’m happy that you found me now. I hope to see you again soon.
      Oh, and I’m Greek, so we can speak in greek if you like. 🙂

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