Vienna moments Part 2

20 July, 2011

This is my second post about my trip to Wien. If you haven’t read the first part you can read it here. It’s gonna be huge again, as I want to keep it as a journal of our trip to Vienna, so please excuse me.

On Day 3 of our trip, we took the subway to go to Mariahilferstraße, the most famous shopping street of Vienna. It’s a really long street and you need a lot of time just to cross it, let alone visit many of its shops. The weather was really good (it felt like spring-finally), so we took a walk to see all the stores. In our way up, we visited the H&M store to see if it had the same items, as in Greece, and we ended up buying some of them. After all it was already sales season, and the prices were really low. I bought a pair of boyfriend jean shorts, which are very comfortable, a summer dress, and a shirt-dress I was searching for, for a long time. And all under 50 euros!

After that, we stopped for some coffee, rested, took some pictures, and continued walking.

When I’m in a foreign city, I not only like to visit its museums, and its big city centers and streets but also its small streets which are always more picturesque.

Am I right? So, I was really excited to walk down the streets of the area near Mariahilfer strasse. Tired, but excited.

I was wearing: Stradivarius top (on top of many other tops to keep me warm), borrowed jacket, Zara jeans, Minelli flats, Donna Karan sunglasses, and Penny Black bag.

Walking in flats, makes my feet hurt, as I can feel every little stone under them.

After wandering the nearby streets and seeing their beautiful buildings and churches (which were everywhere), we visited some more stores, until we sat at a little café – restaurant, for some light lunching.

We asked about the transportation we should take to get back to the center, but it seems we got “lost in translation” and got ourselves lost once again, wandering the wrong streets, at a completely different direction.

If I wasn’t that tired I would have been really happy to have seen so many interesting places at once.

We passed by:

Museums Quartier

Maria-Theresien Platz,

were we took some photos while the wind decided to mess up my hair again.

We continue walking at the wrong direction, till we found the Rathaus, Vienna’s City Hall (that should have been a hint to go back),

where the Film Festival was being held at the time, so I couldn’t take proper photos of it.

When we reached the University, we finally took the hint, and took the transportation back “home”.

The same night, we took a walk near the 1st canal of Danube, while eating pizza again, and taking really shaky photos of us! 😉

This is my bf T, wearing H&M hat, jacket and jeans (all bought there-yes we were cold) and Asics Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. Doesn’t he look lovely?

Day 4, started with a walk at the city center, near Stephansplatz, and continued with some coffee and delicious pastries at one of the most famous pastry shops and chocolatiers in Vienna, Demel.

I had the Rosen Makronen, which was delicious, apart from the fact that it had indeed a taste of rose, which I don’t usually like. I thought that the rose part was only for the color and the decoration of it, as it had berries in it, but I was wrong.

My bf had a delicious ice cream, but he didn’t enjoy the unsweetened taste of the whipped cream on it, as we put sweet whipped cream in our desserts, back home. But it seems that it was a general phenomenon in Vienna.

Our friend chose a tasty cake from their display window and found it amazing. However, I don’t remember its name.

After Demel, we took a small walk at the center again, while taking some photos,

and then, we left for Prater, a big amusement park, which is famous for the Wiener Riesenrad.

Of course, we had to get on the Riesenrad, or Giant Ferris Wheel, to see the city from above, and take some more photos. The view from it was indeed amazing.

Much needed relaxing time

I wanted to wear my flats with my outfit, but it was impossible for my feet to walk one more day in them, for so many hours, so I wore my trusty sneakers. A lot better, but still, painful!

And a try for an outfit shot

Wearing: Stradivarius top, H&M men’s jeans (borrowed from my bf, who bought them the previous day), Penny Black bag, Asics Onitsuka Tiger sneakers, Donna Karan sunglasses, vintage red bracelet (upper one), and a street vendor bracelet. Oh, and I was also wearing an again borrowed jacket from my friend S. in the 1st pic of me, on Day 4.

The day was completed with another walk at the city center, where we wandered in some cute alleys, including Griechengasse, or Greek street, (where we found a Greek church), and then we headed to Museums Quartier, to visit some friends for drinks. It was a really full day that we enjoyed a lot.

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52 comments on “Vienna moments Part 2

    • Thank you Melina! Yes, it was really nice, and it got even better on the last days we were there. There’s gonna be a part 3. Sorry for the long posts! 🙂

  1. M., THANK YOOOU! I don’t think the post was big, as you always say! I said “thank you”. because reading your post made me remember so many nice thingsthat I like in Vienna! Really great!
    I loved your outfits, day 3 and day 4, but day 4 was my favorite, with the striped long sleeved “T-shirt”, the green pants (I can’t trust my eyes, are they really green? I guess so!) and the Asics sneakers! I really loved the outfit! Stylish even when sightseeing!
    Guess what, I mentioned you, OF COURSE, in the blog award post, it was so sweet that you gave me the award! The only problem was that I wanted to give you the award back, but then you would have to link 15 addresses again!
    So, waiting for your next post and outfits, that I simply love! Filakia polla!

    • Thank you Denise! 🙂 I’m glad that my post brought you back memories of your visit to Vienna. It’s such a lovely city!
      And yes, they are green pants (unfortunately, not mine), I so regret not buying the green jeans from Zara…Thank you for saying that my outfit was stylish! I had prepared more stylish outfits to wear in Vienna, and I was so happy when I was making my suitcase and organizing outfits in my mind, but the weather really ruined my plans. And then, I was so tired of all the walking we did (insane!), that not only I couldn’t wear heels and be stylish, but I couldn’t even wear my ballerinas, without feeling constant pain. Even my sneakers where killing me. I’m not used to so much walking. That’s my fault. I have to work out more.
      I saw your lovely posts, thank you for saying so many nice things about me. I left you some comments. See you soon. Filakia polla! 🙂

    • Itan ontws poli wraio! Epetai kai part 3 se merikes imeres!
      To macaron nostimo itane den mporw na pw, alla to perimena poli kalitero…An den eixe mesa, auto to siropi triantafillo tha tane teleio!

    • haha he wasn’t wearing a mask, I just put an icon on his face in the photo, to respect/protect his privacy!
      Thank you for your lovely comment! I’ll visit your blog soon!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Marissa!
      Oh, nothing to be jealous of, I’m sure you’ve been to many beautiful places too. I wish I could travel abroad more often but it doesn’t happen.

  2. First of all thank you for your really nice comment (I think comments could never be to long, I love to read them) and yes I have Google Friend Connect in the left side bar, but I must confess I don’t know its use, too, there is no update of the blogs I follow, so it is just like a friend list I think…hm…and about bloglovin: I tried to add my blog there but bloglovin just didn’t find my blog! It is annoying. I tried a several times and even wrote them an email but nothing happend 🙁 I hope the problem will be solved soon. So have a nice day and thanks again for your sweet words.

    • You’re welcome! And yes you’re right, you have the widget on the sidebar. How come I didn’t see it before? weird!
      I use Bloglovin to organise the blogs I read, and it’s really easy, and convenient. It helped me a lot. I know that bloglovin collects the feed of the blogs and present them there. As long as your blog has an RSS feed it would appear on Bloglovin when you search for it. Maybe the problem is with your RSS feed and not with BL. You should search it.
      As for Google FC, as I see it, it has two uses. The 1st one, is so that anyone can leave you a comment using their other accounts, as Twitter, or Blogger, etc. (maybe without having to leave their info, I’m not sure). The 2nd one is solely for Blogger users, as they DO see the updates of the blogs they’re following on their Blogger Dashboard.
      So for me, it’s kind of useless (my blog is on my own domain, and powered by WordPress), but I put the widget there to help those who prefer to use GFC, follow my blog through it. I suppose that it’s the same thing to you too.
      I hope I helped a little bit. Thank you for your comment and have a nice day too! 🙂

      • So now I got the answer to my problem: doesn’t support Bloglovin at the moment (don’t ask me why). Thanks for following me with GFC, I did the same to you, but I also followed you with BL, so that I can see, when you posted something new:)
        And thank you for your compliment about my english. Lately, I often write english, e. g. when I write emails or comments to Denise or some other blogs. I noticed, that the longer I practice, the better it gets. I also use if I don’t get the right words. That helps me. So I think my written english is much better then my spoken english.
        So have a really nice day!

        • Oh too bad they don’t support Bloglovin’ ….Thank you so much for following me in both…
          I started using English for the blog, and I think that my english have improved a lot since then. I also use a dictionary. It’s really helpful. But I also have my bf read my posts before I publish them…
          It’s true, that the longer we practice the better it gets. And I also believe that I write english better than I speak. I was always too shy to speak another language, I’m always afraid that I’ll make mistakes. But I try to change this too.
          Thank you again! And have a really nice day too! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Annabelle! I’m already a follower of your blog and I’ll visit you soon. Thank you for following me on GFC too! 🙂 I appreciate it!

  3. αχ τι τελειααα ποσο ομορφη πολη η βιεννη!! φοβερες φωτογραφιες!!και ο καιρος ηταν τελειος,οι φωτο εχουν τον καλυτερο φωτισμο!!
    φαινεται οτι περασες σουπερ!!θελω πολυ να ξαναπαω!!

    φιλακιααα γλυκια μου!

  4. ax poso omorfa sth vienni!!!!prepei n nai uperoxa n eisai ekei!t glukakia fainontai pl nostina k t outfit s einai super.oxi dn anoiksa t xrwma twn malliwn m,einai t fusiko m k anoigei apo ton hlio! dn t vafw pote.

  5. cool bloga lady!!these pics are really nice:D
    Would u come and follow mine if u like it??i?d be very happy if u do so..i wait u!!
    kiss from Milan!

    patchwork à Porter

  6. Your pictures are gorgeous! Vienna must be such an amazing city! And those cakes look delicious:) I love food images! Your bf must be shy, right?!

    I am now back at Thessaloniki for a few days! Ζεστάθηκε το κοκκαλάκι μου εδώ! Ψύχρα και βροχή στη Ζυρίχη!:)

    Stories and Sequins

    • Kai egw molis sou afisa comment sto blog sou! Den to pistevw, ti simptwsi! 🙂
      S’euxaristw para poli! I Vienni itane iperoxi, tha thela poli na ksanapaw. Kai egw latrevw na vgazw fwtografies ta fagita mou! hehe
      To bf einai arketa shy, alla to idio kai egw…An paratirises, den tha exeis dei pote olo mou to proswpo se fwtografies tou blog!
      Egw exw skasei edw pera, elpizw na pesei ligaki i thermokrasia, mpas kai drosistoume. Toulaxiston kataferes na ertheis Ellada gia liges meres! Kala na pernas! Filia! 🙂

    • It was delicious, apart from the Rose syrup part. I hate the flavour of rose in my desserts. And it was a really big macaron. Like 4-5 macarons combined.

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