Boho casual | Outfits

Continuing with the casual outfits, since I can’t seem to be in the mood to wear anything better these days, this is the outfit I wore last week to meet with another blogger friend: Maria from Style Bows. Once again I opted for something comfy, and breathable to fight this heat. I succeeded by choosing this coral maxi skirt. Since it’s an item that catches the attention, I chose to pair it with black items to keep it from being too busy. What do you think? I want to thank Maria for taking these photos! 🙂 I’ll let you know when she puts the photos I took of her on her blog.

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A wool dress to keep me warm | Outfit

I wore this outfit last week to meet T. for his birthday! I promised him, a walk to several electronic and toy stores (boys!) and after that we hit the super market, to buy some stuff I wanted for the recipes I was going to make. My gift to him was 2 main courses, and one dessert. Sometimes actual gifts are less important than spending a full day with your other half, cooking for him and watching movies together. We had an amazing day, the food was great, and we “collapsed” on the couches, after watching the movie, from eating too much food. hehe

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Miss Robin Hood | Outfit post

This is the post I was originally going to publish last Friday, but decided to postpone, since almost nobody would be there to read it. I know August is the month in which most of you go on holidays, especially Greeks, because in August the 15th we celebrate the Assumption of Mary (as I told you last year too), one of the most important religious holidays in Greece (after Christmas and Easter). And because I really liked this outfit, I didn’t want to “waste a good outfit” and not give it the attention it “deserves”, so I decided to postpone it.  hehe

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Weird title, I know! I always have trouble finding good titles for my posts and even more now, that my inspiration has left the building, since my blog is down as I’m writing these lines, and I’m much more caffeinated than I should be, to deal with it properly. Of course if you’re reading this, it means that the blog is already up (let’s hope that it didn’t take too long to happen), so let’s move on to my outfit post.

These pics were shot about a week ago, when T. was in town for a few days. So sorry for posting them late again, but as you know I always write my “month in pics” and “month’s wishlist” post at the end and the start of each month, so this takes all other posts back a few days. Anyway, the day was hot enough to allow me to wear a sleeveless black dress (that I didn’t have the chance to wear before, this year), and a pair of my not-so-wintery boots. You’ve seen them before in this post.

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All-black outfit

A few weeks ago, I went out for coffee with the sweet blogger of Style Bows, Maria. We’re living in the same city but I didn’t have the chance to meet her until now. And she’s actually the first blogger that I meet in person. We had a really good time, at least after the first minutes of obvious awkwardness (mostly from my part-I told you that I’m really shy when I meet someone new), and we actually met again last week. We didn’t take any pictures together, but I photographed my outfit when I got home. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post it, because once again I wasn’t satisfied with the pics, but this is what I wore, so I hope you like it anyway.

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