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23 September, 2011

As I told you on my last post, on Tuesday the 20th was the first Fashion’s Night Out in Thessaloniki, an event organized by Vogue. So I took T. and went for an afternoon walk downtown to see the shops that participated in FNO, take some pictures, and maybe shop a little. It was a reaaaaally long walk though, to see all the stores, and I didn’t take many pictures as I was soon exhausted. However, I’m going to share with you the few I took, cause I promised you and cause I want to show you some things I loved.

Notos Galleries -a big multi-storey store with designer clothes, bags, shoes and accessories- had the typical black FNO balloons at its entrance and beautifully decorated shop windows (mostly with D&G items) and big striped and dotted cakes to celebrate the store’s 1st birthday.

Max Mara had amazing shop windows decorated with old covers of Vogue Magazine, and incredible clothes from their new collection.

I was in love with their bags, and lace tights (I must buy some of those this year), some of their dresses, and accessories.

My favourite item of all though, was (what else?) a pair of shoes. A fabulous pair of leopard heels, but, unfortunately with a not-so-fabulous price tag. *sigh*

What do you think of them? Aren’t they fabulous?

Walking a little bit further, I took some more photos of the FNO balloons, while looking at the windows of Fratelli Karida, and drooling over shoes.

T. was helping me photograph it by keeping it still. The wind was almost taking the balloons away. The good thing is that the rain came a lot later, when I was already in the comfort of my home.

Not even a block away, I stopped at the windows of Kalogirou, another shoe store, and took some pics.

I don’t think that Kalogirou was participating in the FNO but I couldn’t resist taking and posting these pictures, cause I saw so many beautiful pairs of YSL, and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. My favourites are the pink YSL Tribute sandals and the leopard ankle stap Guiseppe Zanotti pumps.

Forgive me for the quality of the pictures, as I was taking them through the window and they aren’t so clear.

And with this photo, I’m ending this post for FNO in Thessaloniki on September 20th.  I saw many more stores, but totally forgot to take pictures. I stopped at Fenafresh though and took a look at the clothes, while drinking Sangria and I found a lovely Pepe Jeans striped dress. I just wasn’t so much in the mood to try it on. But maybe I’ll go back and do try it.

And because I didn’t take as many pictures as I would like to, I’ve gathered a few links, to share with you more pictures of the event. There are either from fellow Thessaloniki’s bloggers or from Facebook pages related to the event. So click, click, click to see what the others had to say about the event!!!

Le Noeud Rose
Mikael Chalikias
Veronica from Blame it on the Boogie
Lorelai’s things Part 1 and Part 2
Style Fest
Official FNO Thessaloniki’s Facebook page and
Photos of the event, on studiovd.gr’s Facebook page

If I forgot someone’s link, please feel free to link your post in the comments section below…

My FNO outfit, is coming on the next post….

Till next time, have fun, and don’t forget to follow!!!


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42 comments on “FNO Thessaloniki

  1. Wow so many gorgeous shoes, I wonder you get a chance to buy any of those shoes and it seems you had a lot of fun anyhow this year I didn’t get a chance to go to any fashion night’s out, have to kids and hubby who’s not interesting to go hahahaha but at least I can see pictures of yours and some other bloggers, really great post and I can wait to see your outfit too on the next post! xx Joice

  2. You did it pretty well!!! I felt myself like being there!
    Loved the balloons and the bag at Notos Gallery window, and the shoes? Amazing! Yes, you told me you saw the Giuseppe Zanotti ones in person, and that they looked even sweeter than in the pictures, and I believe it! But of course, the price… oh my God!
    As I said, how nice to have such an event! If I “created” something like that in the little town where I am now, we would have 5 stores participating (no… maybe 10)! Well, maybe hairdresses too, and art galleries. It’s really a sweet town, but I feel energetically renovated when I am in London!
    I also loved the Vogue covers and… that fabulous bracelet you photographed!!!!!
    And the pictures are of good quality, because I could identify the Giuseppe Zanotti shoes at once!
    Filakia polla and looking forward to a new outfit post! (Love your style!)
    Denise recently posted..LondonMy Profile

    • Thank you Denise! Glad you liked my photos…I didn’t take many, and I was taking them through the window, so I did my best with the came I had. haha
      It was a nice event, I hadn’t gone to anything like it in the past. It could have been better for me, I think the other bloggers that were all together had much more fun. There weren’t so many stores participating, many less than in Athens for sure. But I loved those leopard pumps…Both Giuseppe Zanottis and MaxMaras..:)
      Filakia polla Denise! We’ll talk soon. I owe you an email response.

  3. looks like shoe heaven! or maybe shoe torture! I’m sure everything was extremely expensive but its always fun to browse! Wish Hawaii would throw together a fashion’s night out 🙂 wishful thinking!
    Aquí recently posted..tux luxeMy Profile

  4. itan polu omorfa kai pali kala pou prolavame na pame spitia mas k meta ekane ton kataklismo!!Egw ksetrela8ika sta juicy couture <3 itan teleia me ta cupcakes,ts sampanitses k genika tn oli atmosfera!
    maria recently posted..The DucksMy Profile

    • Nai ontws kala pou prolavame na girisoume spitia mas! Egw distixws den mpika sta juicy couture. Eixe poli kosmo otan perasa kai ntrepomouna :$ Krima giati eida ta cupcakes kai trelathika!

    • Yes, of course. Do you live in Thessaloniki? The store is called Kalogirou and it’s on Mitropolews 75. Just across the Cathedral of Thessaloniki (Mitropoli).

  5. Thank you very much. I live 100 km from Thessaloniki. In Thessaloniki go shopping, cool as me helped me to find this store, I needed something like this.
    wonderful you 🙂

    • Yes, the same store has Giuseppe Zanotti and so many other brands. Like Jimmy Choo, Prada, and deseigner brands in general. You can find many nice stores in Mitropoleos street. Fratelli Karida, has awesome shoes two, and it’s really close to Kalogirou, and there’s also a Notos Galleries store, with many brands, in clothes, shoes and accessories, like Mulberry, D&G, Longchamp. You can find Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, Tod’s, .LAK, and many other boutiques, in Proxenou Koromila street, just below Mitropoleos street.
      Don’t worry, your english are fine. I understand you perfectly! 🙂

  6. Tnx… 🙂 I see that you addressed in the shopping of Thessaloniki… Perhaps you know, is there a store in Thessaloniki whit shoes Christian Louboutin ?
    Blogs you write as many good …

    • Hi again Mila! As far as I know, the only store in Thessaloniki that sells Christian Louboutin is Fena! You can find more information about its stores on their site: http://www.fena.gr.
      They have various stores, but the one that has CL for sure it the one on: 14, Dimokritou Str., Finikas. Hope I helped.

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