What to wear to Christmas parties

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’ve promised to make a post on what you can wear to Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, as I did last year. The season calls for party dresses full of sequins and bling, but there are many more options for everyone’s taste. Today, I’ve prepared a guide for you, with styles you could choose from, for the parties you have to attend during the holidays. Take a look!

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September’s wishlist

September may already be here, but thankfully fall is not. This gives me a little more time to get used to the season change, and the depression that usually goes with it (as I told you on my previous post). However this post is dedicated to fall fashion, leaving behind the happy summer colors, and sandals. Fall is a transitional period when the weather usually plays tricks on us with the temperature and the rains, so it may be difficult to find the right clothes and shoes for it. But finding the proper attire for fall is essential if you want to avoid catching a cold, so my role here is to help you do it. This category started as my own wishlist, but changed into something else in the process. I love every item I show you here, without necessarily meaning, that I want to buy everything on the list. Hopefully there will be something on my list for you to love too. So here we go:

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Black & white bows

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I’ve been really busy these days, both on the blog, since I did 3 posts in a row, and in my personal life. As I told you on my previous posts, and on my Facebook page, I went to Chalkidiki last Saturday and had my fist swim in the sea for this summer. The sea is still really cold in my opinion, even though the temperatures are already really high. Anyway, Last Friday was my best friend’s graduation in a nearby city called Kavala, so I travelled there to celebrate with him. You may remember Kavala from this post. T. met us there from Xanthi, and we had a really nice day all together. For the occasion, I chose to wear a casual chic outfit that I thought I’d be comfortable in, because we had to travel by car to get there.

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My Little Black Dress

A couple of weeks ago, it was my sister-in-law’s birthday, and we were invited to their house to celebrate. It was a really fun evening, and we ate a really delicious cake made by my sister-in-law who is a great cook as well. I was all day out of the house doing some shopping, catching up with my boyfriend, and trying to find the perfect gift for her, so I was too tired when I returned home. Not having thought what to wear, I went with my LBD, a wardrobe essential that every girl has these days, and saves her from every difficult situation when she doesn’t know what to wear. I paired mine with gold accessories.

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Sequins and leopard

About a week ago, it was my brother’s nameday, and we were invited at his house for drinks and finger food near the fireplace. Just us and his in-laws. So I had to pick something cozy to wear, ‘cause the weather was horribly cold. I changed my mind many times about my outfit but finally decided to go like this:

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