February’s Wishlist

1 February, 2012

February is finally here, and what is a better way to start a month than creating your wishlist? Hehe Well, this month’s wishlist, is maybe my favorite of all so far. I didn’t know that there were so many stuff out there I wanted, until I started searching for items for this post. Let’s say that there were more than 5, and it was too difficult for me to narrow them down. But these are definitely my favourite so far. I also said that I wasn’t going to show shoes again for this month, but when I saw the new collections, it was too difficult for me to resist.

1. Christian Louboutin Alti 160 spiked metallic leather pumps, 995€.

Photos taken from Net-a-Porter

Number one on my list, and of course super expensive and already sold out, are these fabulous Christian Louboutin spiked metallic super high heels. I was already in love with the simple black spiked version, but when I saw these, I was smitten. What can I say? I don’t know many high-heel lovers and Louboutin fans who could resist them. If only I could afford them. For those of you who can, there is a new stock coming soon here.

2.  Jimmy Choo Biel patent-leather wedges, 425€.

Photos taken from Net-a-Porter

Another pair that I immediately fell in love with! Patent leather, yellow wedges, without a platform at the front. They are ultra-pretty and cute and they have already put me in a spring mood. Their price is much more affordable, and looking at them, makes me want to buy them even more. Let’s see if my dear mommy will lend me her credit card to buy them… hehe You can buy them here, as long as you don’t wear a 38 or 38.5, that’s mine. 😛

3. Giuseppe Zanotti Color-block patent-leather sandals, 525€.

Photos taken from Net-a-Porter

They may not be of everyone’s liking but their color-block makes me feel happy, and once again they remind me of Spring and Summer. They are so cute and girly. I know that they aren’t going to be on my wardrobe any time soon, but you can buy them here, if you’re interested.

4. Miu Miu Suede pumps, 380€.

Photos taken from Net-a-Porter

Their description says it all: “A classic cut and contemporary shade ensure Miu Miu’s spearmint suede pumps are a new-season must-have”. They are classic, low heeled, which means perfect for work outfits, and they are in the trendiest color of this season: mint.  How could I say no? Love them too? Find them here.

 5. Acne Shining crepe shirt, 190€.

Photos taken from Net-a-Porter

Another mint colored item that couldn’t be missed from this wishlist. Am I the only one who already thinks of Spring and the new trends? I’m so bored of this cold weather. I want sun, and thin layers, and this shirt couldn’t be any better! Love the color, and the fabric! Find it here, if you want to buy it.

So what do you think of my wishlist this month? ‘Cause I’m super excited with each and every one of these items. Wish I could make them mine. Too bad I’m not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year (if only for the little gifts), cause my boy just started his compulsory (for males) military service. But I would love no. 2 of this list as my Valentine’s Day present (hint hint for whenever he sees it). 😉

And you? Are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your “other half”? Or do you find this day, annoying and for commercial purposes only?

Either way, I hope you have a fantastic new month ahead of you!


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46 comments on “February’s Wishlist

    • Ax egw trelathika me ta Christian Louboutin kai ta Jimmy Choo pio poli!
      Mpalantes e? Egw ama to giortazw m’resei na kathomaste spiti oi dio mas, m’ena wraio deipno! 🙂 xixi

  1. What for a great wishlist!!! I loved – guess, what, it had to be me! – Giuseppe Zanotti Color-block patent-leather sandals!!! Because of the style BUT mainly the mixed colors, of course!!!! Then Miu Miu mint pumps are gooorgeous!
    And of course I liked the other items too, but these ones are my favorite ones!!!!
    I understand you are tired of winter… when I lived in Germany, at first I loved when the winter approached… but after some months it tired me, I confess. Now I’m here for 2 months and I am soooo tired of the heat! For the next time we have to swap places then 🙂 No, joking, we would go out together!
    I was going to say I didn’t forget the Beauty Tag! I will write about it, for sure, cause I loved it, but I am taking my time, getting inspired!
    I am so sorry T. won’t be there for Valentine’s day… but when you meet, then it’ll be very sweet again!
    Well, believe it or not Valentine’s day here is on June 12! I will fly on Feb 15, so I won’t celebrate the day!
    And I think it’s better this way… still a bit thoughtful about my birthday! You know, after Christmas, new year’s eve and my birthday, when I was not lucky at all, I think I should cross the word “celebration” out!
    Filakia pollaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Thanks to all my dear friends and family!My Profile

    • I, on the other hand, loved the Louboutins and the Choos! Of course I liked the GZs too, but in that order…Wish I could afford them!
      Well, we talked a lot yesterday…;) But I have to say, that of course you shouldn’t cross the word “celebration” out. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of reasons to celebrate again, really soon! We can’t always be happy in such events. We can be unlucky or sad sometimes…It’s normal…
      As for Valentine’s Day, we’ll see when he comes back again! Maybe we’ll do a lovely dinner or an exchange of small gifts.

  2. Απίθανα όλα! Κούκλα έχω ένα μικρό βραβειάκι για σένα στο blog μου. Ισως να το έχεις ήδη, αλλά σε κάθε περίπτωση το αξίζεις.

    Φιλάκια πολλά
    Elsa recently posted..Stylish Blogger AwardMy Profile

    • Elsa mou se euxaristw poli gia ta kala sou logia kai gia to vraveio! Na’sai kala!
      Prospathisa na afisw comment sto blog sou alla o blogger den me afinei na to kanw publish…Exw megalo provlima teleutaia me merika blogs, kai den simvainei mono se mena distixws! Elpizw na to ftiaxoun sintoma!

  3. Αγαπαω την λιστα σου!!!!
    Αλλα ακομα κανει πολυ κρυο οποτε φοραμε ζεστα ρουχα!!
    Εδω χιονιζει και κρυωνουμε!!!!
    Elpi Chan recently posted..Sporty DayMy Profile

  4. Oh those CL heels are so amazing! I would love a pair if they were not out of my budget! The Jimmy Choo ones are stunning as well, the cut of the front looks really broad, which means you get some toe cleavage, and that’s good because I read somewhere that Christian Louboutin said it makes your legs look longer! Have a lovely weekend 😉 x
    Steph recently posted..What to wear to a weddingMy Profile

    • I would love to have those CL too, but yes, they’re way out of my budget.
      You’re right about the toe cleavage! I read it too, somewhere…If CL says it, it must be true. And I really like toe cleavage. I find it sexy!

  5. ax auta ta louboutin einai apla theikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, opws k ta alla ta multicolor-den thewrw oti tha m phgainan vevaia alla einai toso omorfa pou den mporeis para na ta xazeueis me tis wres.
    Marianne M. recently posted..NatureMy Profile

  6. Those heels are awesome and very girly 🙂 .. I can afford that all but only in my dreams.. lol .. thanks for posting i really enjoy it!

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