The cape

4 February, 2012

After searching for a title for a few minutes, and failing, I decided to go with a simple one! I’m so bad at this!

Anyway…this outfit was shot more than a week ago; one of the days that it wasn’t so cold outside, but now it is finally the time to show it to you! There’s nothing special about it, just doing some light shopping at the mall, and taking pictures after everything was closed. It is the first time you see me wearing my new sunglasses in an outfit, and it sure won’t be the last one. I hope you’re not bored yet, seeing me with this bag. It’s just that it’s the perfect size to take all the things I need with me, plus I can fit in my DSLR, which makes it really practical.

Unfortunately, the lighting was not ideal, but we did the best we could to show you the outfit, anyway.

It’s the first time that you see my cape on the blog. I bought it a few years ago, in a really good price, and even though it’s a bit impractical, I’m really happy with it.

I decided to go with my ballerina flats, to complete my casual outfit, and make the process of running around, shopping, easier. You know by now, how much of a high-heel lover I am, but once in a while it’s good to wear flats too. I may even buy some new pairs of flats, really soon.

Cape: Pull & Bear, skull&stars top: H&M (bought in Paris 5 years ago), grey top (underneath): Bershka, Jeans: Killah, bag: Zara, flats: minelli (bought in Paris, the same year), sunglasses: Ray Ban folding wayfarers (new), earrings: Guess, rings: both vintage. Nail polish: Chanel no. 505 Particuliere.

Some close up pics to see the sunnies, and the rings. Love them! 🙂

Hope you liked this outfit post. I will be back with a few more that I have already shot, really soon.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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46 comments on “The cape

    • Kai egw ligaki stin arxi to fovithika to megethos, kathws kai to leopar, alla telika me volepse para poli!
      Ithele kai i theia mou na tis agorasw mia otan tin eide, giati ksetrelathike, alla distixws den tin ksanavrika!
      Thank you so much Marissa! 🙂 Filia!

  1. Δε πειράζει, αυτή η τσάντα είναι υπέροχη και πρακτική όπως λές, όπως και να το κάνουμε!!! Μου αρέσει πολύ η κάπα, να τη φοράς πιο συχνά από δω και πέρα!!

    Kisses xx
    Kate V recently posted..Soft as a Feather + GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Lovely as usual! Such a cute outfit! I love capes! And you know what, I love ballerinas too, I just feel sooo short wearing them… I bought some low heel shoes last year, and they proved to be very comfortable! Maybe one day I give it a try to ballerinas – yours are so sweet!
    And no, I am not tired of seeing your purse! It’s so beautiful and elegant, besides big enough to put what you want inside it, so keep on wearing it and photographing it many more times, I like it!
    The outfit was perfect for shopping! I loved the sweater with the stars, so cute!
    By the way, can you believe I have almost the same rings??? One is in a box – the famoooous ones… – so I won’t get it now (don’t even know in which box it is, of course), but the other I know where it is! My mother loved it! I will wear it once! I wore it a lot in 2010! Mmmhhh, yes, TV is saying it’s very cold there… oh my God, I have to take veeeery warm clothes with me!
    You definitely look very beautiful in the pictures, but not only now! You know this, you are beautiful on a regular basis, and today was not different!
    Filakia pollaaaaaa!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenges # 125 and # 126My Profile

    • Thank youuuuu Denise! 🙂 Love capes too! I’m not a HUGE fan of ballerinas. Apart from the fact that they make me feel short, I don’t feel so comfortable in them, I’m more used to wearing heels. But these ones, are really comfortable, and that’s why they are the only ones I’ve worn so much.
      Really? Almost the same rings? That’s a great coincidence! The rings were my mom’s, before she gave them to me. The little rose, I’ve been wearing it for years, and then stopped for a while. But the green one I wore it for the first time. I used to be in love with rings. It was the only kind of jewellery I wore as a teenager. Then, I was wearing a particular one for many years, and felt weird without any on my hands.
      You should take many warm clothes with you! The weather here today is way better than the last days, the temperatures are up, but I’m guessing they will fall again. And it must be even colder in England!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment again!
      Filakia polla!! We’ll talk again really soon! 😉

  3. Poli omorfi i kapa! Vlepontas tin anarrwtithika giati egw den exw kamia, alla meta thimithika oti kathe fora pou imoun poli konta sto na parw, to afina giati den iksera kata poso tha me volepsei. Thn tsantoula poli metaniwsa pou den tin pira ki egw telika…
    kisses my dear M

    • S’euxaristw poli Tina! Panta mou arezan oi kapes, ta poncho klp an kai den exw polla! Itane poli fthini otan tin pira opote itane pio eukoli i epilogi! Oso gia tin tsanta, kai egw den ixera stin arxi poso tha tin kratisw, alla apodeixtike kali epilogi…Einai poli eurixwri kai gia ta lefta pou edwsa einai kali poiotika!

  4. Super ta raybania eeeeeee??? Kaloforeta kai na ta xareis oso den paei – einai fovera anthektika k fysika apisteyta klassika! Polla filakia xxx

    *vrexei poly ekei? edw den exei stamathsei apo to prwi… elpizw na mhn phges taxydromeio me tetoio kairo!!!!* recently posted..CuckooMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw para poli! Na’sai kala! I kaliteri euxi! hehe Eixa tous endoiasmous mou meta tin agora tous epeidi diplwnoune, oti isws den kratisoune toso, alla skopevw na ta prosexw….
      Edw akoma fisaei paaaara poli! Oute kserw pws tha koimithw me toso thorivo…Me agxwnei!
      Oso gia to taxidromeio, esteila ti mama mou pou tha evgaine etsi k alliws! xixi opote einai sto dromo tous! Pes mou otan to laveis! Btw den sou eipa, to prasino sou erxetai esena!
      Filia polla!

    • I’m jealous of your warm weather! It’s been so cold here in Greece lately! It’s been snowing, and we had a lot of wind. I always preferred warmer temperatures.

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