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7 February, 2012

Today, I wanted to share with you a few beauty products that were added to my collection this week.

I’m talking about MAC’s Paint Pot, Beauty Cycle’s pressed powder by Amway, and Artistry’s blush and eye shadow by Amway.

I’ve been meaning to buy the paint pot since I read really nice comments about it, on Beauty in Crisis blog, and I can’t wait to try it out.

I had also ordered a new powder from Amway, my no.1 source of beauty products, and I chose Beauty Cycle’s pressed powder in Light 30, to go with my really white skin. hehe My aunt wanted to give me as a little present to go with the powder, my favourite blush (& eye shadow also from Artistry-Amway) that has been discontinued, but she thankfully has a small stock, because we love it.

I bought MAC’s paint pot in Painterly, to go nicely with my skin tone, for 20€. A bit expensive, but I hope it’s worth it.

A few extra things, before I finish this post:

A few weeks ago, I was the winner of Red rose cheeks giveaway, which made me jump with joy! This week, my gift arrived in the mail, and I jumped a little more when I opened it, because Katoula from Red rose cheeks blog, not only has an amazing blog, but she’s also amazing at packaging! See for yourself:

I won the ASOS nude feather clutch
Thank you very much Katoula! 🙂

  I would also like to thank, the lovely Elsa from Out of the box, for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award, last week.

  Although, I’m not going to repeat 7 things about me, ‘cause I’ve already done it many times before (here, here, here, and here). And I’m not going to pass the award to others, because it gets redundant to tag the same people again and again. So, if you’ve been tagged by me before, you know who you are, consider yourselves tagged!

See you next time, with the outfit post I promised you from my one-day trip to Kavala!


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32 comments on “New in: Beauty products

    • xixi! Na’sai kala kai esi Katoula! Itan toso teleia pou ta evgala polles fwtografies, oxi mono autes tis 3! Tis kartoules eipa na tis kratisw private! 🙂

  1. Oh, wow! Amazing beauty products! And by the way, as I said before, I didn’t forget writing about the Top 11 beauty prodcuts, you know I am just a bit overwhelmed these days! So I decided to write about them in the beginning of March, when I’ll be “established”!
    But now about your products!
    I think the powder is very good and the blush too! I am very glad your aunt has a little stock with her, because isn’t it baaaad when the products we most like are discontinued? Guess what, I found a very good concealer and bought two at the same time! To guarantee it for a while!
    And what for that package and amazing clutch? Congratulations!!! I am sure that in April you will get some other things, hehe! Do you have plans for it? I mean, when to wear it?
    Congratulations for the award! So, I will receive the award then, because I am always very honored when you write about it – “you know who you are, consider yourself tagged”! Thank you!
    Also, I know you know and understand (and thanks for that!), but you know that I am only coming to the net from time to time, like 1 or 2 min, check the mail a bit and leave, cause I am in a huuuuurry (and nervous!) The good news is that I finish “cleaning” the bedroom/closet this morning. In a way. I realized I wouldn’t have time for all I wanted. So I left some things for when I come back. Now the second bedroom – I will transfer some boxes that are there to the closet. That was the best I could think of… just one week more…
    I am sure you will look veeeery beautiful (as usual!) and stylish wearing the new products and the clutch!
    Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Yes, it’s very bad when they discontinue some favorite products, and I also stock up on something I really like. That’s why some of my products are a bit old!
      Thank you so much! The clutch is lovely, although I’m not sure how I’m gonna style it in an outfit yet. I guess I’ll figure it out in the future and you’ll see the results here. But what’s on April? I’m confused!
      I’m glad you accepted the award! I was sure you’d know that I would tag you anyway! I always do, because you deserve it! But these awards take a lot of time, and space, and I don’t want to post only about awards, because I don’t post so often and I just did a post about them a few weeks ago!
      I’m glad you finished the cleaning of your bedroom closet. I’m sure it will look amazing. You don’t have to organize everything now.
      Don’t worry about the beauty tag, I still owe you yours. I didn’t forget either. Sorry for the delay! And of course I understand you have many things that need to be finished during this week, and that makes you nervous! Do your things, and don’t worry about anything!
      I know how many things you have to do by the time you move again, and I really appreciate your coming here to read and comment on my post! Thank you so much! 🙂
      Filakia pollaa!!!! :):)

  2. sugxarhthria gia to vraveiaki sou k gia to dwro apo to giveaway, to red rose cheeks to diavazw edw kai kairo an k den exw kanei kapoio comment k anarwtiemai giati, tha prepei na kanw…. einai toso omorfo auto to tsantaki pou nikhses, m thumizei ekeino pou kratouse sto sex and the city h carrie me to roz fouskwto ths forema- to salvatorre ferragamo tsantaki ths. an thumasai se poio anaferomai. oso gia ta proionta omorfias trelenomaiiiiiiii….
    oxi mono fainontai theika alla oi suskeuasies einai toso omorfes pou den thes na ta anoixeis.
    Marianne M. recently posted..Aggresive meMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Marianna! Fisika kai thimamai! K mena ekeino mou thimise to tsantaki!
      haha nai i alitheia einai oti einai toso leia kai omorfa ola pou lipamai na ta xrisimopoiisw…alla ti na kanoume! 🙂

  3. I’ve never tried Amway products before, but the blush colour looks good. Too bad they are discontinuing it, I hate it when that happens, MAC did the same with my favourite foundation which is no longer available too. But the Paint Pots are great! I use ‘Blackground’ as my eyeliner and it lasts all day, with a little art brush I have. How do you use the Painterly?
    Steph recently posted..Rips and tearsMy Profile

    • It’s actually the first MAC product I’ve ever bought! Most of my beauty products come from Amway! They’re really good! And I haven’t used the Paint Pot yet, didn’t have the chance! I’m planning to use it as a primer for my eye shadows. Although I don’t wear eye shadows so often!

    • S’euxaristw poli Dena! Perimena oti tha xane kapoia mikri ekptwsi logw periodou, alla tipota! Den exei tixei na ksanaparw MAC opote den kserw katholou ta proionta tous.

  4. Beautiful pirchases and in the matter of fact after seeing your products from Amway I realised that I’ve never have tried this brand. Maybe I should start 🙂
    Have a wonderful night!
    shoelazzo recently posted..PLASTIC DREAMSMy Profile

    • I’ve been using Amway products for many years and I really like them! Not only beauty products but all theirs. I like that they’re eco-friendly, and the beauty products are chemical-free. You should really give them a try. And if you don’t like them, you get your money back! 😉
      Have a wonderful night as well. Thank you! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw poli! Einai to prwto proion pou agorazw apo ti MAC, alla apo tin Amway pairnw xronia. Ta perissotera proionta mou opws sou exw ksanapei einai apo ekei, kai eimai poli ikanopoiimeni!

    • I think it will look perfect on your skin as well. We have really similar skin tone! Haven’t fully tried yet, but I’ve hear very good comments about it!

    • That’s what I’ve heard too. So I’m really happy I bought it, and I’m eager to try it properly!
      Thank you so much for passing by my blog! It means to much to me! 🙂

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