One-day trip to Kavala

9 February, 2012

I promised you I’ll be back with some photos of my trip to Kavala, Greece, so here I am. Ready to share with you more than enough photos of this trip! Since a lot of you asked, I included some more photos of the place. And I also have the outfit of the day to share with you! It’s a really casual one, but here we go:

So the day was sunny, but really windy! We were there at 12.30 and left almost 12 hours later to return to our city, Thessaloniki. The cities are really close to each other, like 1.30-2 hours by car, so it’s worth it even for a cup of coffee, and a nice lunch (which in our case turned to be our only meal of the day, and it was a really big dinner, with lots of red wine, and tasty delights from a cute little tavern).

Anyway, I emphasize on the cold and windy, to see why I was dressed in such way! There was a lot of layering going on, even if you can’t see much! The long puffy jacket is my savior in these cases, even though it’s not so fashionable.

Cute birds at the harbor of Kavala

Initially, I wasn’t wearing my hat, but my ears were hurt by the wind, so I put it on (in a way to also protect my hair from it). I was actually stopped to be asked where I bought it from. haha So cute!

I had so much fun in this shoot, even with the cold. I thank T. for the pics of me; I was really happy with the result.

Another photo of the city and the sea from above
This place has a magnificent view

And just a little bit to the left you could see the sun, reflected on the sea

The colors here look so weird but I really liked this pic so I wanted to include it.

Wearing: Really old puffy coat (bought in 2004-and looking a lot more puffy than it is, because I forgot to take my gloves off it) don’t remember the brand, woolen dress and belt from a local shop (old), leggings/pants: Sarah Larewnce, bag: Zara, boots: local shop (Largenti), woolen hat: a gift from the airport of Munich, sunglasses: Folding Ray-Ban wayfarers. Nail polish: Chanel no. 505 Particuliere.

As you can see my outfit is really simple (casual), with a complete lack of jewellery (except for my watch which isn’t pictured), and mostly consisted of local-shop pieces. Well, apart from the last part, this outfit can really show one of my “winter uniforms”. Which means: lots of layers of clothes, puffy coat (on a really cold day), boots, and comfortable pants. I don’t usually wear pants with dresses, but as these ones look like leggings (but are way warmer), I did an exception because of the cold. It was too freezing to go out in tights.

However I love the simplicity of this outfit, and somehow the combination of all these clothes, with my Zara bag, new Ray-bans, and cute hat, made me feel so good!

By the way, T. was looking at me in a weird way, when I tried to open my coat. You can imagine what he did when he saw me taking it off for the pics. Oh the sacrifices of blogging. haha The truth is that I took it off only when I was in the sun, and only for a few minutes, otherwise I would have frozen.

I’m sure that those of you who live in other countries would probably think that I’m being crazy about the weather. How could a really sunny and beautiful day like this be so freezing cold? Well it was and I blame the wind for that.

Again, a beautiful view, right?

That’s a “caught in the action” close-up that I really liked, and wanted to include.

And somehow I managed to write a huge post again. When will I learn? Most bloggers just scroll to the end. Don’t believe me? Just read a few of the comments below or in some other posts. And if that won’t make you laugh, I can show you some of the spam ones I get. Hilarious! But I prefer spam-bots to spam-bloggers, but we’ve already discussed this before.

I hope you liked this outfit and these photos as much as I did, ‘cause I was really excited about this post. Didn’t know I had so much to tell you about it, but I guess I had. I will let you guess how much I talk in my own language. ahaha

I’ll be happy to read your comments, so feel free to tell me what you think!

Till next time, be well and have fun!


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49 comments on “One-day trip to Kavala

  1. Hahaha, I loved this post for many reasons! You said you wrote a long post (I don’t think it was long at all), I write long comments that “act” as emails, so we can catch up!
    I always read your posts up to the end (I know it was not directed to me, what you wrote in the end!), but I know what you mean!
    And now, what I thought:
    1) you have a natural elegance, that was born with you!
    2) the coat looks lovely, not casual at all! You look sooo stylish, and I liked the whole outfit that way, even though you say it’s casual; I insist, I found it chic!
    3) I always get confused… by my eyes! I thought those were tights and not pants or leggings! So, well done and protect yourself, for sure!
    4) Yes, I know from Germany, many times gorgeous sunny and soooooooo freezing cold! So, I believe, of course, that the day was freezing!
    5) Kavala is amaaaaaaaaaazing and I keep on dreaming of going to the places you show!
    6) The hat is suuuper cute! (Loved it!)
    So I loved all the pictures and your outfit is simply amazing!
    Got some time to write you – and I posted something after 2 days!, because you know how hectic I am now… I have still so much to do, and just 5 more days… if I consider Saturday and the day of the trip. Time flies!
    Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Denise recently posted.."My" Asos selectionMy Profile

    • I’m finally here to reply to your comment! I didn’t have enough time yesterday, although I saw both your posts (from yesterday and today).
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, as always you’re being so sweet. The coat is really big and puffy, and quite warm. I had bought it a few years back, when I was going to travel to Sweden. It kept me warm there, but here, with the humidity, it’s even worse.
      I believe that you get confused by your eyes, it can happen. But these are way thicker than leggings. They are more like jodhpurs. They have the same shape, but they are thick and stretchy! And really comfortable!
      Yes, sometimes, the cold doesn’t seem to notice the sun. haha It was really cold even with the sun shining. And when that sun was down, you could feel it even more. Kavala is a beautiful city, but it’s quite small…It has a nice view, and nice places though.
      The hat was a gift from my cousin on her recent trip to Austria. They stopped at the Munich airport and she bought it for me, because she knew I wanted one like this.
      I hope you find some time to relax during the weekend!
      Filakia polla!!!!!

    • Thank you Stephanie! It may look warm, because of the sun, but it was a really cold and windy day! That’s why I was wearing that hat the whole time. And when the sun went down, it was even colder. In my country we say, that in days like these, the sun “has teeth” (it bites). Which means, that when you’re not outside, you think that you can dress in lighter clothes, and go out, but you’re gonna catch a cold if you do. It can be completely deceiving.

  2. I loved this post! Love all the pictures!

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    You are one step away from winning $100! Click the link below to enter my giveaway! 🙂

  3. i like simple outfits like these. it’s still very chic and stylish. your boots are great and fit you perfectly. so hard for me to find great fitting boots!

    stay warm!

    • Thank you very much! Actually, my calves are quite big, and that’s why they fit perfectly. But I have the opposite problem than you! Sometimes I can’t fit in some boots I like. It’s rare, as they are not THAT big, but it can happen.

    • Ontws ekeines tis meres mas eixe pagwsei! Itane prin rixei to poli xioni!
      Kala se mas akoma xionizei…kai simera diladi! Alla ontws me kratise zesti auto to ntisimo!

    • haha niata! Egw to’xw apo tote pou teleiwsa to likeio alla exoune perasei liga xronakia apo tote…
      S’euxaristw para poli! Kai mena mou aresan poli ta nea gialakia! Alla pros to paron den nomizw na parw alla giati den m paei i kardia na dwsw ta leftakia mou se gialia, enw kserw oti tha foraw mono 1-2 zeugaria….Protimw na ta dwsw se papoutsia! xixixi 😛

    • S’euxaristw poliiiii!!! Kai mena m’arese poli kai an kai kouniomouna kai imouna ligo allou tin wra pou vgike thelisa na ti valw!
      Elpizw na sou erthei ti Deutera…I mia kopela mou ‘pe oti idi to elave, apo xthes!
      Filia polla!

    • You’re welcome to come any time! Greece has a lot of nice places, and beautiful cities, but most people that visit it seem to stay only to Athens, or islands like Mykonos and Santorini! There are a lot more beautiful places than these! I’m glad you like my country! 🙂

  4. eipa na perasw na afhsw ena sxolio k apo edw mias k eixa meres. ma ti na pw???? latreuw kavala eixa thn tuxh na zhsw gia ena xrono ekei palaiotera uperoxh polh kai polu filikoi anthrwpoi. vlepw twra tis photo k m leipei tromera.
    oso gia to outfit tha sumfwnhsw me thn denise den to vriskw casual para casual chic mias k to forema h zwnh k oi mpotes einai super wow eidika oi mpotes me to takounaki poluuu wraies. oso gia to mpoufan auto paidi m den einai puffy pou na deis to leuko m mpoufan pou eimai san xionanthropos me auto.
    koukla eisai opws panta eidika h teleutaia photo me ta gualia theikhhh thelw k egw ena zeugari paromoio….
    filia pollaaaaaaa
    Marianne M. recently posted..Gemma Redux by Boticca.My Profile

    • S’euxaristw para poli gia ta kala sou logia Marianna!
      Pragmatika kai egw san xionanthrwpos niwthw kathe fora pou foraw auto to mpoufan! Isws me ta xronia exei ksefouskwsei ligo ti na pw, alla panta to vriskw pio akompso kai katholou chic otan to foraw, opote prospathw na to apofeugw…Sinithws foraw ta mavra palta mou to xeimwna, ektos apo tetoies meres san auti pou exei psofokrio!
      Den ixera oti exeis zisei stin Kavala! Menei ekei o kollitos mou ta teleutaia xronia giati spoudazei kai paw pou kai pou kai ton episkeftomai! I sigekrimeni itane imerisia mono! Alla perasame poli kala!
      Filia polla! 🙂

  5. Chic, warm & cozy outfit! Love the dress and the super cute hat!
    Btw, once again the landscape of Kavala makes me want to go there right waya!

  6. Thank you all so much for your amazing comments! They mean so much to me. I’m glad you liked both my outfit, and the city of Kavala. Happy to be your “guide”! 🙂

  7. Haha, beautiful photos. Interesting to see familiar places in Kavala from winter time 🙂
    btw, nice boots 🙂

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