Last winter outfit

27 March, 2012

Alternative title: Ombre-tastic! I know that on my previous post, I wrote about the first days of spring, and the first spring outfit, but this is actually what I wore a few days later on a night out. It’s pretty common for spring weather to be quite warm during the day and quite cold after the nightfall. And this particular night was also a bit windy, hence the scarf and the gloves you’ll see.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this outfit, as I wasn’t satisfied by the pics, and the outfit is very simple, and definitely a winter uniform, but I liked the colors when I wore it so I said why not.

Ombre sweater (really old): BSB (similar style: here), purple long sweater: Bershka, “riding” pants: Sarah Lawrence, bag: D&G, purple suede boots: local store (similar style: here), sunglasses: Rayban folding wayfarers (shop here), scarf (other colors: here and here) and gloves: Burberry.

Nails (take a closer look here): Stay Perfect no. 7, “Totally Teal”, sent to me as a gift by my sweet blogger friend Denise (similar colors: here and here).

Hopefully this will be the last winter outfit, and from now on, I’ll have only spring ones to show you! I have 2 more in the line, but they’ll have to wait till next week.

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24 comments on “Last winter outfit

  1. I know you love spring (and I do too!), and I’m sure you’ll dress amazingly during spring too, but I’ll miss this winter outfit!
    It’s so beautiful! I simply loved the sweater! If one day you don’t want it anymore, what I doubt, I’m on the list for hand-me-down! 🙂
    I loved the boots too! And also the scarf, but really, that sweater and the boots, what for a great match!
    It has been sunny here, everyday… I like it, but I like to wear coats… really! But I will wear them for at least 10 days more, I’m sure; as you said, at night it gets a bit cold and I’ll be outside the pub with the smokers soon, remember? Well, much better than inside with the bad smell… so now I don’t get the smoke and smell, since I don’t smoke, and the ones who do also feel OK. And isn’t it an opportunity to wear a coat, hehe!
    Really, again, well done, such a fantastic sweater and boots! I was sooo waiting for today’s post! Editorial first picture, wow!
    Filakia polla!
    Denise recently posted..SuccessMy Profile

    • Oh don’t you worry, you’ll see plenty of them next winter. hehe I do love spring. It’s my favorite season of all. And I can’t wait to wear more spring clothes and photograph my outfits. But I still have 2 more outfits to show you that I photographed the last 2 weeks. And I’m going to post them next week, because as you know I always do the “month in pics” and “month’s wishlist” at the end, and the start of a month. So these have my priority now.
      As for the sweater, it’s a really old one that I was wearing in high school. I loved it back then, but now it’s more tight, and “cropped” than I would like it to be. And as you can see I wore it with another long sweater underneath…If you look closely you’ll see that there are 2 of them. But if you like it so much I would love to give it to you! Although, as I said it’s really old so I don’t know if you’ll like it in person! And saying that I think this is a great opportunity, to “beg” you again to come to Greece this spring. hehe That would be the BEST birthday present for me. Blink blink. hehe
      I’m sure the weather in England is colder than here, so you’ll have to wait coats for a few more days. Especially when standing outside the pubs.
      Thank you sooo much for your always nice comments. I’m glad you liked this outfit too. 🙂
      Filakia polla!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Teleia mplouzitsa!!!!!Latrepsa ta xromata…sa iliovasilema einai! Auto akrivos mou 8imise…me ekanes na nostalgo to kalokairi k ta iliovasilemata sti paralia! Toulaxiston erxetai omos…hahaha! I tsanta sou M mou einai katapliktika k toso paixnidiariki…tin agapo! Filakia!

    • Ax s’euxaristw toooso poli! Me siginise to sxolio sou giati distasa poli na postarw auto to outfit, logw tis aplotitas tou, kai epeidi den mou eixan aresei poli oi fwtografies! Na’sai kala, xairomai para poli pou sou arese!
      Sigoura exoume mpei sto dromo gia to kalokairi, an kai egw eimai koritsi tis Anoixis, kai eimai idi poli eutixismeni me ton kairo! 🙂
      Filakia polla!

  3. I love your ombre sweater and how you combined it with another similar one underneath! It looks like one piece! So glad it’s Spring for you 🙂 Thanks for your comment about the macarons, they are easy once you get the hang of it. I followed the recipe on this website, I found it easier than the book and have made it successfully, if you want to make it 🙂
    Steph recently posted..Sweet treatsMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for your comment and for the recipe! I’ll check it out! I’ve never made macarons, I always believed that they are too difficult to make…But maybe I’m wrong. I definitely want to try them though.

  4. Epitelous mou kopse kai se akolouthisa!! Ma na milame toso kairo kai na min parakolouthw to blog sou??? Ase kai etsi tin exw patisei apeires fores!!! Koukla eisai gia mia akoma fora! Ante kai perimenw ta outfits tis anoi3is giati varethika na vlepw polla kai varya rouxa pantou gyrw mou! Simera exei ligo kryo kai dw kai na fantasteis arnoumai peismatika na epistrepsw sto mpoufan mou!!! 3out 3out palioxeimwna!!
    Kerasia recently posted..Επιστροφή στο youtube!!My Profile

    • S’euxaristw para poli gia to gliko sou comment kai to follow Kerasia! 🙂
      Kai egw varethika me ta xeimwniatika! Thelw na arxisw na foraw anoixiatika mono apo edw kai pera! Se mas akoma einai kalos o kairos, exei ilio kai simera, alla nomizw oti tha xalasei…

  5. m’ aresei pou exeis foresei ti mia mplouza pano apo tin alli kai exeis dimiourgisei ayto to toso petyximeno ombre effect! poly tairiastos syndyasmos…. ante! kai apo edo kai pera anoiksiatika looks! 🙂
    christina recently posted..the classic wayMy Profile

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  7. the ombre sweater is really pretty. those rich vibrant purple boots go really nicely with it, too. it’s a great outfit in my book!

  8. I think its good you posted this picture. Its hard to see any color during the winter because of the cold. It looks cute and I love your top. Thanks for giving people hope for a colorful winter.

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