Sweatshirts & burgundy | Outfit

I wore this outfit some weeks ago, to go shopping. It was right after my return from London, and I couldn’t wait to wear my only souvenir (apart from a Dorothy Perkins dress which I’m planning to wear over the holidays). I wanted this kind of a sweatshirt for a long time, and I really liked this one which will always remind me of my trip. Paired it here, with my latest love, my burgundy/oxblood pants, and my old grey boots…which are Shoe Save #37 according to the rules of Shoeper Shoe Challenge by Shoeperwoman.com.

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Military green & biker boots

We took these photos a couple of days ago, but I had this outfit on my mind from the moment I got these biker boots. I knew I wanted to wear something military (but not camouflage, because T. would probably bite me, after so many months in the army seeing camouflage everywhere), so when I got these boots I thought they would look great in the outfit I had on my mind. I also knew that I wanted to take the photos for this outfit post in this place, which you have already seen before in some of my older posts (here and here). I hope we had managed to go there earlier and not just before the sundown, but either way, I liked the result. I hope you like it too.

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My shoe collection

Last month, I joined the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by Shoeperwoman.com, where I have to “save” all my shoes by wearing each pair at least once in duration of a year. If you’re wondering why, or if you simply want to read the rules in case you want to join as well (yes you can join whenever you like), you can click here. In order to join the challenge, I had to count my shoes, to find the total number…Also as an extra (optional) step, all who join are asked to take photographs of their shoe collection/shoe closet, simply for the joy of eye candy.

I counted 56 pairs then, (I have a few more, but I didn’t want them to be part of this challenge for personal reasons), but as you know my collection grew to 59 pairs last month. But let’s take it from the beginning…

This is my shoe collection of 56 pairs…

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Last winter outfit

Alternative title: Ombre-tastic! I know that on my previous post, I wrote about the first days of spring, and the first spring outfit, but this is actually what I wore a few days later on a night out. It’s pretty common for spring weather to be quite warm during the day and quite cold after the nightfall. And this particular night was also a bit windy, hence the scarf and the gloves you’ll see.

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