Birthday party details

25 May, 2012

I wasn’t going to do this post today, but I got many requests, so by popular demand, I present you the post with the details about my birthday party including: concept and food buffet… Unfortunately I can’t post many of the party photos, because I want to protect my friends’ privacy, so I have mostly food photos for you today. But let’s start with the whole concept. And I ask you once again, to please bear with me!

I had very few guests at my party, mostly my closest friends. An invitation was sent to 5 ladies, telling them to come to my house on Saturday the 19th at 16.00 o’clock, for a beauté and linner (combination of lunch and dinner) party, bringing only their appetite and good mood… What they didn’t know was that I had a little surprise for them! The beauté part included having their nails pampered by a professional manicurist (the lovely and very talented Elena! – if you live in Thessaloniki, I can give you her number). Elena, spent 8 whole hours at my house, doing manicures and pedicures to me, my mom, and my friends, and that was my gift to my lovely friends. Thank you so much Elena, you were amazing! 🙂

While one of us at a time was having her manicure/pedicure done, the others were having conversations or enjoying the delicious buffet, which consisted mostly of finger food. As I told you, my mom and I were working in the kitchen for 3 whole days, to prepare this buffet, and it was all worth it because my friends had all great things to say about it. And I was really excited that everyone was more than satisfied with my selections, since the menu was created by me. I’ll leave the pics do most of the talking, and I’ll put some details in the captions below each photo.

The whole buffet in the middle of the party

Click on the pics to enlarge

At the start of the party some plates were still missing from the buffet

The left part of the table was the corner of desserts. Peanut butter cookies, vanilla cupcakes with 3 frostings, and red velvet cupcakes all made by me, marshmallows, and small cookies, waiting to be dipped in the chocolate fountain

“Blinis with whipped cream, and strawberries” (inspired by this pin on Pinterest), and “Skewers with mini tomatoes, mozzarellas, and basil leaves” (which were a huge hit among my friends).

At the bottom: Tortilla rolls, served with a bit of mayonnaise for dipping

From left to right: “Schnitzel bites” served with home-made honey-mustard sauce (made by me), “meatballs”, “canapés with shrimps in cocktail sauce” (made by me),”canapés with slices of cucumber and smoked salmon, and small club sandwiches.

As the table gets filled we have a few more food additions: fresh bananas and strawberries to be dipped in chocolate, from the small chocolate fountain at the back. Tortilla chips for the home-made guacamole and marinara sauce on the right (which went well with the mozzarella sticks from the first photo-on the bottom right corner), and Shrimp Salsa (following this recipe).

As you can see I left my coffee on the table to get these photos (oops!) hehe It was good though: instant freddo cappuccino for all the ladies at the party.

And here, on the right of the coffee we have some small home-made chorizo and cheese pies (pitakia in Greek). Oh and I almost forgot, on the top right of the photo, we have cheese and ham home-made crepes (which you can see well in the first photo).

And now that we’re finished with the party buffet, and all the food, let’s continue with some nail photos.

Elena at the job, doing Maria’s ombre pink manicure

My nails as posted on my Facebook page, photographed the next day. Fluo pink for my nails (can’t see the true color here), and bright pink for my toenails.

My friend’s Joanna manicure. Yes, all 3 of us chose pinkish colors….

After 21.30, the party continued with drinks, more music and food, with the coming of our male-friends (friends and boyfriends). Unfortunately my bf couldn’t be here for the party, but I can’t complain, since he was here for my actual birthday on Wednesday the 16th. The girls experimented with cocktails while the boys chose more classic drinks.

But the surprises weren’t over yet! When each one of the girls had to leave, she was taking one of the personalized goodie bags with her, to remember me and the party. The goodie bag included, a nail polish (in different color for each girl), nail stickers, a peel-off face mask, a jelly lollipop, 3 peanut butter cookies wrapped together, a small card with my blog details to check it out (I finally announced it to them!), and personalized name tags for each bag. I wish I had taken a photo to show you, but I was so busy and running like crazy in order to make everything in time for the party, that I totally forgot. But I got Maria from Style Bows to pose for me with her goodie bag, when she was leaving the party.

You can’t see the content of the bag, but you can see the personalized name tag (it says Maria in Greek-written with glitter glue). It’s something. And I think I described them as thoroughly as I could.

Sorry for this huge post, but I wanted to describe everything for you, in order to feel as if you were here with us. Wish I could invite you all to my party! That would be amazing! But for now, the photos must be enough.

Thank you so much for bearing with me, all of you who “bothered: to actually read what I wrote. I hope you liked this post. Be prepared for 3 more posts with the outfits I wore on my birthday, at my party, and at my second “party” with the “grown-ups” last Sunday!!!

Kisses to all of you! Have a great weekend!


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26 comments on “Birthday party details

  1. WOW!!!! I am so impressed!!! Not only with that AMAZING food, but your idea of pampering your friends!!!!! What a NICE idea the manicure/pedicure thing!! I will keep it as a very good idea for one day!!!!!
    Great PARTY, eisai pragmatika FOVERO KORITSI!!!!!
    vanda recently posted..Black & NeonMy Profile

    • Na’sai kala glikia mou Vanda! Xairomai poli pou sou arese i idea tou party mou kai ta fagita pou ftiaxame…Axize ton kopo….To eixa kana 2mino sto mialo mou kai eutixws katafera na to ilopoiisw…Ithela para poli na xarisw mia peripoiisi stis files mou kai ti mama mou…

  2. Hello, lovely M. mou! I’m back, in a better mood, cause I don;t have to rush to London this weekend! (Well, the good part was to come back on Sunday… I’ll miss it…), so I’m now blogging again and then OF COURSE came immediately here to read your posts – and what for a great surprise to find one exactly today!!!!
    I am a biiiiig fan of yours, you know this, and now even more, if it is possible! Manicure and pedi to your friends! Wow! I looooved the idea! Fantastic! And a goodies’ bag! Really cool! I don’t prepare many parties lately – in fact, none! But I’ll use your ideas in case I have a party to prepare in the future! Brilliant!
    I loved the nail polishes colors and the food, wow! Really really loved all!
    Thank God your bf could be with your on your birthday! And I got the email you got the envelope, really good!
    So now, not only I read everything you wrote and LOVED IT, but I am really looking forward to seeing the outfits!!! Filakia pollaaaaa and have a great day!
    Denise recently posted..Oh, so long!My Profile

    • My dear Denise, I’m so happy to see your comment again on my blog! I’ve missed you so much! I’m glad that you’re fine, and in a better mood, and that you got my email. Thank you sooo much for everything.
      I’m also glad that you liked my party’s photos….I had the idea about the mani/pedi for 2-3 months, and I kept thinking that it would be great to actually do it. And after some thinking, and scheduling, I managed to do it. My friends seemed excited, some more than others, but the general mood was more than good. So I’m happy for it, because I wanted them, to have fun, and feel pampered, and that’s why I invited them so early, and before the boys. Wish you could be here with us, so I can pamper you too! hehe 🙂 That’s why I wanted you, to be my birthday “gift”, I already had this on my mind! But it’s okay. We’ll get another chance to meet, I’m sure.
      I’ll post 2/3 outfits during the week, but I’ll have to postpone the other one for later, because I have to do the usual “month in pics” and “wishlist” posts too.
      Filakia pollaaaaa! And I’m so glad you’re back!!! 🙂 Have a great day too!

  3. Den to pisteyw oti eftiakses ola ayta gia to party sou! Ti na pw! Pragmatika xrysoxera! I idea me ta dwrakia foveri! Eimai sigouri oti oi files sou to xarikan poly kai 8a exoun kati na tous 8ymizei tin omorfi ayti imera! Sygxaritiria M mou!

    Filakia polla polla
    Elsa recently posted..WonderlandMy Profile

    • Nai nai ta eftiaxa!!! Ama valw kati sto mialo mou, prepei na to kanw! hehe Fisika i mama mou me voithise para poli, alla ta perissotera ta ekana egw…eimai poli organwmeni s’auta, alla xwris ti voitheia tis mamas den tha prolavaina na ta kanw stin wra mou! Makari na mporousa na sas kalesw oles edw gia na to apolausete kai eseis! 🙂
      Thelw na pistevw oti oloi to xarikan, kai oi kopeles me to manicure/pedicure, kai ta agoria me ta pota kai to mpoufe…Genika pira poli kala sxolia gia to mpoufe kai auto me xaropoiise idiaiterws kathws kourastika para poli…Alla axize! S’euxaristw poli Elsa mou!
      Filakia polla polla! 🙂

    • xixix makari na mporousa na sou steilw taperakia! Afou menoume toso makria, kai den tha mporouses na ertheis! 🙂 S’euxaristw poli!!! Kalo S/K kai se sena!

    • hahaha I loved the thought of it! VIP party! That’s a great idea!
      I love organizing such things, so I had so much fun organizing my birthday party. I wanted everything to be perfect and as planned in my mind…And it was!!! Even though it was too tiring to cook so much food, in the end it was all worth it…Just seeing the happy smiles, the approval and satisfaction on my friends’ faces, made it all worth it.

  4. Είχα χρόνια να σκεφτώ τέτοιο πάρτι! Μου θύμησε τα παιδικά μας πάρτι που πάντοτε δίναμε δωράκια σε όλα τα παιδιά που είχαν έρθει! Δεν ξέρω, μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ όλη η ιδέα! Όλα αυτά που ετοίμασες το έκαναν μια πραγματικά σημαντική μέρα, πολύ ιδιαίτερη! Μας έδωσες ιδέες για τα δικά μας γενέθλια! Έτσι τα απολαμβάνεις περισσότερο! Μπράβο! 🙂
    katoula recently posted..Computer-generated Floral.My Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Katoula! Kai egw kati tetoio eixa sto mialo mou….opws ta palia mas party pou diname dwrakia otan feugane oi kalesmenoi mas! Eipa, afou megalwnoume pou megalwnoume, toulaxiston na kanoume kati na to apolausoume, kai na min skeftomaste tin katastasi, kai ta xronia pou pernane! hehe Xairomai pou sou arese! 🙂

  5. I love the way you organized the party. I am sure that you have had a good party event this time and hope you have photos to share here after the party. Love the nail arts too.

  6. όοοολα αυτά μόνη σου τα έφτιαξες?? Τι να πω..! Είσαι χρυσό κορίτσι! Τυχερό το boyfriend! Μπράβο και για τις λιχουδιές που ετοίμασες και για το στολισμό που έκανες 🙂

    Kisses xx
    Kate V recently posted..New in: Polka-dot Ruffle BikiniMy Profile

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