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27 June, 2012

A few weeks ago, the Greek Beauty Bloggers’ team posted the interview I gave them some months ago. When someone new joins the community, he is asked if they want to give an interview for their readers, in order to get to know them better. I gave mine around January, but I guess due to the fact that they have many members, and therefore interviews, it got posted at the start of this month…My Greek readers may have already read it (if not, click here to read it in Greek), but I wanted to translate it in order to show it here on the blog as well. Some things have changed since then, but it was my first interview ever, so I want to thank the Greek Beauty Bloggers’ team for giving me the chance to be part of their community. This is gonna be a long post, so I ask you in advance to forgive me for that! 🙂 Hope you like it!

Photo taken from the blog’s header

GBB: Tell us your name and the name of your blog.

Me: My name is “Call me M” (I prefer to keep my real name private) and my blog is called “Do You Speak Gossip?”.

GBB: Tell us a few things about your blog. How it was created and what’s it about?

Me: After a while, that I had been reading other blogs on the internet, I decided, that I wanted to create mine. Firstly because I wanted to do something on my free time, and secondly because I felt, that I wanted to share the things I was interested in with the world. My blog is a combination of fashion, personal style, and personal interests. It’s basically a mix of outfit posts, wishlists (with lots of shoes and bags), my recent purchases, some of my manicures and various moments from my everyday life. I don’t want to put a label on it, because I believe that it evolves with me.

GBB: Tell us a few things about yourself: age, occupation, marital status, or anything else you would like to share with us.

Me: I’m 26 years old; I’ve studied Commerce, Marketing and Advertising, and I’m currently unemployed (by choice!). I’m in a long term relationship, and my boyfriend, has played a really important role into the creation and maintenance of this blog. Among other things, he’s something like my personal consultant, as I ask his opinion on almost everything (blog related and not), and occasionally my photographer too.

GBB: How long have you been blogging?

Me: I started my blog in January 2011, and I “recently” celebrated my first blog anniversary.

GBB: How did you start getting involved with all the things that you write about on your blog?

Me: I’ve started finding fashion really interesting, during the last couple of years. I caught myself buying women’s magazines and browsing only through their fashion pages. I slowly started looking for a more affordable alternative on the Internet, and I stumbled upon fashion and style blogs. I started writing about celebrities’ style, like my beloved Victoria Beckham’s, and American TV shows (style related), until I started doing my own outfit posts. At first, I was really shy (and I still am), but I knew that I wanted to take this extra step to show my personal style as well. I was already taking photos of everything in my personal life, including outfit photos, years before I created my blog. So I thought that since I was already doing half the “work”, I wanted to share it with other bloggers.

GBB: Apart from your blog, do you have other online activities, like, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter account?

Me: I have both a personal account, and a page and profile for blog purposes, and I created a Twitter account for my blog as well. (I have to add that since then, I have created a Pinterest and Fashiolista account too). Feel free to follow me in any of those!

GBB: What does blogging offers you?

Me:  It’s a really nice hobby, to pass your time, but at the same time I’m kept updated about fashion news through other blogs that I follow, and through my blog, I get to know people with the same interests all over the world.

GBB: Tell us 5 things that we don’t know about you.

Me:  – I’m a really shy person, but at the same time I can be the complete opposite if I ever feel mistreated or hurt.

–          I’m a food lover (might be related to the fact that I’m a Taurus) *my followers must already know this by now

–          Very few of my friends and acquaintances, know about my blog. *since then, this has changed a lot, I talked to some close friends about it

–          I’m obsessed with shoes, especially high-heeled ones. *again my followers already know that

–          I love travelling, and I wish I could travel all over the world someday.

GBB: Tell us your 5-must-have beauty products that are always on your drawer.

Me: Eye pencils, in every possible color, Lip glosses, nail polishes (again in every possible color), a good foundation, and a blush.

GBB: What’s your advice for someone who’s now starting (or thinking about starting) his own blog?

Me: To be himself, to write about the things he loves, and not to fall in the “trap” of those bloggers who are only interested in having lots of followers, instead of real readers for their blogs.

GBB: Which are the characteristics, that will make you become a regular reader of another beauty blog?

Me: The truth is that I follow more fashion and style blogs than beauty blogs. However, what I look for in a blog, is the general layout (not to look “heavy”, not to have too many colors, or picture-loaded posts, and to be pleasant to look at), and to have good photography. I also pay attention to the writing style of the blogger (personal humor is a plus), and to find their posts interesting.

GBB: Tell us something you hate about blogging.

Me: As I said before, I hate those people who visit my blog just to advertise theirs (either by leaving 3-4 links to their blogs, or by following the well-known technique: “follow me and I’ll follow you back”). (Read my Terms & Policies people!) It also bothers me that there are many bloggers (many Greek ones among them), who do not come to your blog, not even to say a simple “thank you for your comment”, even though you visit theirs all the time, and support their work. That’s just rude for me! *(If you have time to write your posts, then you should find some time to thank your readers. It’s good to have a personal relationship with some people, at least through your social networks).

GBB: Tell us something you love about blogging.

Me: I love to get to know people, from all over the world, with common interests, and common likings, and have discussions with them. It fascinates me!

GBB: Which one is your most popular post so far?

Except for my “recent” giveaway (closed), the most popular one was the outfit post “Take a bow”. *You can look for my most popular posts in the sidebar of my blog.

GBB: Suggest us 3 of your favourite Greek blogs.

Me: Even though it’s really difficult for me to only choose 3 of them, I have to say:

The modisher, NorTin shoes, and Style Bows.

Apart from the fact that they are really nice blogs, they started around the same time as I did, and their owners, are all really sweet girls who always come to my blog to leave their amazing comments. And I think I have already established a relationship with them, even if I haven’t met then in person (yet – Except for Maria from StyleBows which I’ve met). You should definitely pay them a visit. I totally recommend them!


What did you think of my first interview? I hope you liked it. It was the first time that I gave an interview and it was really special for me.

In a few hours I’ll be flying to Chios island to spend some days there, and attend my cousin’s wedding as I’ve already told you many times. But, stay tuned cause I have scheduled lots of posts for you. And if I have the chance I might do some more from there. You can follow me on my social network pages, to be kept updated, and possibly see some pics from my trip. I should definitely buy a new mobile to post directly from it, but just for the trip my amazing bf lent me his Blackberry Playbook to be able to read your comments, and do some stuff I need to.

See you soon with a new post!


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19 comments on “My interview to Greek Beauty Bloggers

  1. Great interview!!!! As usual, you have success in everything you do! And also, a great mind, a great heart and a great style! The answers were so beautiful, so deep! I loved them!
    Also, I wish you a fantastic trip and I’m eager to see the pictures of the island and the outfit, you know!
    Ah, the makeup I mentioned was exactly what you also “described”! Very little, but I wouldn’t like to have a picture taken without mascara and lipgloss, at least! I had a hard time trying to put makeup that looked as no makeup! After all, it’s a document and will be with me for years! I wanted to be OK there!
    Filakia polla!!!! And have a great time on the island!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 17My Profile

    • Hey Denise. So sorry for the late reply, bt I’m still on the island and I don’t have internet connection everywhere. But i read all your comments. Thank you so much for everything…

  2. Poli oraia sinenteuksi M mou! Gnorisame akomi perissotera pragmata gia sena kai mou arese idiaitera epeidi isoun poli eilikrinis! Tha simfoniso mazi sou se polla kai kirios sto kommati pou anaferesai sto ti sou aresei k ti oxi sto blogging! Pisteuo pos oles mas pano kato exoume antimetopisei tetoia simperifora eno ousiastika to kanoume g to kefi mas k g na pername emeis kala! Filakia polla! Perimeno na ma8o nea sou…k kirios g tis diakopes sou!
    christina/ recently posted..Η Esin Ünlü Μας Καλοσορίζει Σε Έναν Υποβρύχιο Κόσμο ΨευδαισθήσεωνMy Profile

    • S euxaristw poli christina…xairomai p sou arese i sinenteuxi k me katalavaineis…distixws simvainei sixna k tha tan psema na elega pws den me ekneurizei auti i simperifora.
      Elpizw na sou aresei k to neo m post…tha checkarw ta blog sas otan girisw giati apo edw einai poli diskolo…

  3. συγχαρητήρια κοριτσάκι! (το ξέρεις ότι ψοφάω να μάθω το κανονικό σου όνομα ;P)
    να ξέρεις ότι το τελευταίο σου σχόλιο στο μπλογκ μου, που λες για το γράψιμό μου, με συγκίνησε ιδιαίτερα. Χαίρομαι που κάποιοι μπαίνουν στον κόπο να διαβάσουν αυτά που γράφω…
    christina recently posted..InstaClicks.My Profile

    • Hahaha alitheia? Den ixera oti to psevdonimo m dimiourgei toso mistirio…xixi…isws kapoia stigmi na to apokalipsw k dimosiws, alla pros to paron mono prive 🙂
      Fisika k diavazw kathe s post, k panta entipwsiazomai ap ton tropo grafis s…apla tin alitheia eipa…na to ekmetaleuteis opwsdipote…
      Filakia polla!

  4. Congratulations on your first interview, it was great! Have a wondeful trip, hope the wedding goes smoothly and can’t wait to see your wedding outfit!

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