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16 July, 2012

The day before my cousin’s wedding, and of course after all the travelling and touring the island (I described in my previous post) we gathered at my aunt’s house. We weren’t initially going to stay for dinner, but seeing all the family gathered there it was hard to leave. My aunt made a huge table and all the family (and some friends of the bride) sit around to enjoy the food she had prepared for us. It was so nice to see all of my father’s side of family in one table (his 2 sisters with their husbands, and almost all their families as well). It’s something that hasn’t happened for many years. Really wished my father was there to celebrate with us. It felt really weird being on “his” island without him. But let’s leave this sentimental stuff behind and continue to the outfit of that day!

I wore this outfit before, last year, and changed only a few things.

Of course I much prefer wearing my heels when I’m revealing my legs this much (it’s a lot more flattering), but the occasion called for flats.

Wearing: H&M striped shirt dress (bought in Vienna last summer), H&M boyfriend shorts underneath, H&M braided belt, Olvia flat suede sandals (here), Ray-Ban Folding wayfarer sunglasses, vintage watch, H&M cuff bracelet, vintage bracelets, and gifted bracelets with Swarovski elements. Of course I wore my usual (fits everything in it) Savil bag (here) with this outfit.

I stacked some bracelets together and really liked the result. A real arm candy!

What do you think?

I’m so sorry for the indoors pics but it was late and we were in a hurry. My hairstyle is the same as in my last outfit post, but I took a swim at the pool when we returned from our trip, so I turned the ends into a big curl with my hands and the help of the hair dryer.

Stay tuned for the outfit I wore to the wedding, really soon! 🙂

P.S. I’m leaving for vacation again today, this time in Chalkidiki, so all posts from now on, are going to be scheduled. But don’t worry. I’ll read and approve all your comments. So please stay around, because I’m sure you’re gonna like all the posts I have prepared for you! 🙂


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19 comments on “Family gathering | outfit post

    • Kai egw to epsaxna ena-dio xronia kai eutixws to vrika persi sta H&M tis Austrias kai malista me megali ekptwsi! 🙂
      S’euxaristw poli…Xthes girisa apo Xalkidiki kai exw polles blogodouleies na kanw hehe

  1. Θεωρω τοσο κομψο τετοιου ειδους outfit!το φορεματακι σε κολακευει!και το εχεις συνδυασει ακριβως οπως θα το φορουσα και γω!!!τελειο!!
    Maria recently posted..Size does matter!!!!My Profile

    • Thank you! I just came back from my trip again! I do love vacations but it’s so hard when you have to schedule posts in advance, and then come back and have to read so many posts of other bloggers. hehe
      I didn’t necessarily need heels, but I feel more comfortable in them. Although these flats were great for that night. 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Always! I think the flats were great for the whole outfit! And the indoor pictures were great – such an impeccable kitchen! I like it very much!
    Very glad you went to Chios, and yes, it must have been a bit awkward without your dad – but only in person, cause he went through you and his sisters, I am sure. And doing that – going to Chios – is a way of honoring his life and memory. So I’m very happy you went there!
    Now, have fun in Chalkidiki and enjoy it a lot! I am eager to see pictures of the place and outfits as well! But don’t worry, take your time and later tell us how it was! I am sure you will always be stylish!!!!
    Filakia polla!!!!
    Denise recently posted..The world in your handsMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Denise! Yes, the kitchen of our hotel room in Chios was great. However we didn’t need it, it was kind of decorative for our stay there. hehe
      You’re right. I’m sure you was there with us in a way! I just wished he was with us so he could show us around. Since it was “his” island, he knew the place better than any of us, and I was so young when I last visited the island. So I didn’t remember many things from then. I was sure you were going to understand me! I feel so close to you! We have so many things in common, both good and bad, unfortunately.
      I’ll read again all my comments, and answer to some of them. And I’ll come to your blog as soon as possible to read all the posts I’ve missed when I was away!
      Filakia polla my sweety! I’ve definitely missed you, but reading your comments from Chalkidiki, made me smile! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for your comments! I just returned from my other vacation. I’m so sorry I can’t answer to every one of you individually, but I want you to know that I really appreciate them.

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