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I got back from my vacations in Chalkidiki last Wednesday, but I’m still on vacations’ mood. This year, I tried to relax as much as possible, and not worry about work, and producing new content. So I only photographed 2 really casual outfits, with flat shoes, no makeup whatsoever, and chill mood. I’ve been trying to wear this off-the-shoulder top again for a while now, but it’s been difficult for me, because I don’t have many pairs of shorts, and the ones I bought turned out to be too short. I’m still searching for that “long-enough” pair of white shorts, for looks like this one here. Also included some photos I took from N. Marmaras in Chalkidi, so you can get a look at the place. If you search my blog, you’ll find more from previous years. Hope you like it.

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Casual chic in summer | Outfits

Casual chic in summer 4- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis outfit is actually the summer version of this one. Simple as that: You wear a pretty casual outfit, and add a nice pair of heels and a statement bag or some jewellery. I really wanted to wear this pair of heels, because I realized that summer is almost gone, and I still hadn’t worn it. And I don’t want to be one of those people that have clothes/shoes/bags in their closet, and they don’t wear them. I do mean it, when I reply that I do wear all my shoes to everyone who’s asking me, “Do you really need a new pair of shoes? Do you wear all these?” Yes, yes I do! I may not wear them every day but I wear them enough to “need” them. I like my not-everyday shoes to be in a perfect condition, and I like having options. Plus I love shoes, it’s my passion. So I wore these Zara sandals with my boyfriend shorts, and I went to meet my girls (whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, since I was on vacation).

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Family gathering | outfit post

The day before my cousin’s wedding, and of course after all the travelling and touring the island (I described in my previous post) we gathered at my aunt’s house. We weren’t initially going to stay for dinner, but seeing all the family gathered there it was hard to leave. My aunt made a huge table and all the family (and some friends of the bride) sit around to enjoy the food she had prepared for us. It was so nice to see all of my father’s side of family in one table (his 2 sisters with their husbands, and almost all their families as well). It’s something that hasn’t happened for many years. Really wished my father was there to celebrate with us. It felt really weird being on “his” island without him. But let’s leave this sentimental stuff behind and continue to the outfit of that day!

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In his closet

This year boyfriend jeans are totally in fashion, and I couldn’t believe how comfy they are, so I had to try them myself. I opted for boyfriend shorts instead, since it’s still summer and too hot to wear long jeans. And it’s true! They are so comfy that I could wear them every day, all day long.

I bought my pair on my vacation in Vienna, as I already told you, and I have already worn them so many times.

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