Day 3 in Chios – Pirgi, Mesta, Emporios, Komi

13 July, 2012

Day 3 of our trip to Chios was completely free from wedding stuff. My aunt and cousin didn’t need us, so it was the perfect chance to start touring the island a bit. With my mom as our tour guide, we took our rental car, and begin our trip to Mastichochoria (the mastic villages in Greek). I took many photos so be prepared for a picture loaded post again.

Our first stop was the medieval village Pirgi, which has the largest population of Mastichochoria. Most of Pirgi’s houses are painted with the “xista” technique, which makes the village unique. Here’s a small sample of the houses, and the village.

This is the “hidden” Byzantine church of St. Apostles, that was unfortunately closed, but you can see more photos of it here.

Our next stop was the other medieval village: Mesta.

Mesta’s houses are mostly made of stone, and “their streets are very narrow, and most of them are covered with arches and vaults” (Source).

From all the villages we visited I think Mesta is my favorite because of the stone-built houses and the arches.

I took the opportunity to take some outfit photos there, near the cutest “pension”, called Medieval Castle Suites.

Wearing: Lussile dress, Savil bag, flat plastic sandals bought from a local shop in Chalkidiki last summer (which saved my feet from all this walking), Oysho necklace, Ray-Ban folding Wayfarer sunglasses and gifted bracelet.

Our next stop was the Port of Mesta.

We stayed there only for a few minutes, and as you can see the wind was pretty strong (although it was strong every day of our trip).

On our way to Emporios village, we found many mastic trees, and stopped to take some photos.

Mastic trees, are cultivated for their aromatic resin, mainly on the Greek island of Chios. (source)

“The resin is collected by bleeding the trees from small cuts made in the bark of the main branches, and allowing the sap to drip onto the specially prepared ground below. The harvesting is done during the summer months between June and September. After the mastic is collected it is washed manually and spread in the sun to dry.

Mastic resin is a relatively expensive kind of spice that has been used principally as a chewing gum for at least 2,400 years. The flavour can be described as a strong, slightly smoky, resiny aroma”. (Source)

Leaving the mastic trees behind we continued to Emporios village, and specifically Emporios’ famous beach called Mavra Volia.

“Mavra Volia beach is famous for its black pebbles due to the inactive nearby volcano. The beach is also known for the isolated beach, called Foki, which is adjacent to Mavra Volia” beach. (Source)

I took far too many pics of this beach, and the isolated adjacent one, but I decided not to post them here because this post is already huge. I may create an album on my Facebook page later, about my vacation to Chios, so make sure to follow me there.

The black pebbles of the beach, which make it special, are strictly forbidden to be taken with.

Me sitting on the beach taking photos

After we left Mavra Volia we went to the nearby village Komi to have lunch. It was the only “sandy” beach I had seen so far on the island.

I was so mad at myself that I didn’t take my bikini with me. I would have loved to take a swim in Mavra Volia or Komi, but I thought that we wouldn’t have enough time for me to swim. Oh well, next time I’ll be prepared.

We returned to our hotel in Daskalopetra, after driving through other lovely villages such as Kalamoti, Kalimassia and Kampos area (a valley covered in citrus orchards, where are the houses of the most aristocratic families of Chios).

And here, this post finally comes to end. Thank you so much for bearing with me. I hope you liked the photos! Stay tuned for a few outfit posts (including the one from my cousin’s wedding), before we continue our tour of Chios island.

I wish you all a great weekend!


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29 comments on “Day 3 in Chios – Pirgi, Mesta, Emporios, Komi

  1. Τι ομορφα μερη!
    Ειναι πανεμορφη η Ελλαδα μας!
    Και εσυ κουκλα σου παει πολυ το φορεματακι!

    Elpi recently posted..Summer HolidaysMy Profile

    • Nai poli mou aresan ola ta xwria auta! An kai eixa ksanapaei otan imouna mikri!
      Den epitrepetai…Se polles paralies to lene auto! Ama megenthineis ti fwto mou me tin paralia tha to deis pou to leei aristera i pinakida…

  2. Ένα έχω να πω: Αγαπώ Χίο! Μου ξύπνησες τόσες αναμνήσεις! Πυργί, Μεστά, Κάμπος, απίστευτα Μαύρα Βόλια…! Θέλω ξανάάά! ! 🙂
    katoula recently posted..A Surprise for Two.My Profile

  3. Ola poli wraia, glykia M! S’euxaristw para poli!
    Xaxaxa! And that’s all in ellhnika twra, xaxaxa! But I have to say, the post is not so big, I told you – I love to see the pictures! And now I am here drooooling, eager to go to Chios and these amazing villages you showed now! I hope one day I can! I only went to big cities in Greece, it’s time for this amazing beauty you showed us!
    The streets are beautiful, the sea too, the houses (those fantastic balconies!) and everything, and such a pity you didn’t take a bikini with you – but then next time!
    Your outfit is lovely, as you know you are! The green dress, the bag (love that style!) and the sandals, colorful, beautiful, great for the day! Ah, and by the way, you don’t have a pear shape, where did you get this idea from? Nonsense, you are veeery beautiful, always!
    Filakia polla!
    Denise recently posted..Friday wishesMy Profile

    • hahaha Denise that’s very sweet! Know so many Greek words already! If you come to Greece, you’ll learn even more real fast!
      About the pear shape…Believe me I do have a pear shaped body! You can’t really see it in most of my pics cause I’m trying to hide it, but I have small breasts, and big butt, and thighs, even pelvis. Not at all symmetrical! You should see me with my bikini. Oh wait you shouldn’t haha I want so much to lose wait but yummy food always wins.
      Wish you could come for a month or 2 months in Greece so I can take you for a tour of as many Greek cities and islands as possible. Better yet a year! hehe Ok, I’m day dreaming. I know it’s very difficult to do it. But you’re always admiring Greece so much, and I just feel like I want to show you everything I can. So if you ever have enough time and money, you should consider it! 🙂
      Filakia polla!!!!

    • Einai toso “liges” oi fwtografies gia na sas deixw oles tis omorfies tis Xiou! Evgala panw apo 1000 fwto oso imoun ekei. Sigoura tha kanw alla 2 post me meri pou episkeftika….Xairomai pou sou aresan!

  4. Υπέροχες φωτογραφίες!! Περιττό να πω ότι ζήλεψα :Ρ
    Εμένα με κόβω να πηγαίνω το χειμώνα διακοπούλες..
    Claire recently posted..Sleek + MUAMy Profile

    • Na’sai kala Kleoniki! Euxaristw poli!
      Logw tis praktikis sou e? Den sou dinoune kapoies meres adeia?
      Kai emeis isa isa gia mia evdomada tha pane giati o dikos mou prepei na ksanampei mesa giati einai fantaros…kai autes me to zori…Kala pou exoun spiti ta xaderfia mou stin Xalkidiki…
      Elpizw na katafereis na pas diakopes…kai an oxi iparxoune kontines thalasses kai pisines…:)

    • Giati oxi Christina mou! Einai para poli omorfo nisi, kai tha exeis polla na deis!
      Signwmi pu argisa toso na apantisw alla imouna diakopes kai girisa xthes! 🙂

  5. Ti omorfo meros! I paradosiakintexnotropia pou xrisimopoioun stous ekswterikous toixous twn spitiwn einai monadiki! Teleio to forema sou kai ta mallia sou! Mia koukla!

    Filakia polla polla
    Elsa recently posted..Friendship BraceletsMy Profile

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  7. Oh my goodness, Pirgi is such a beautiful town!! I’m planning to visit again soon, but you have too many beautiful places to see!! You look so relaxed, I love that outfit.. perfect for a summer day by the beach! And the water always looks so inviting 😉 I wish you brought your bikini too, because I definitely would have loved to jump in!!
    Steph recently posted..Inspiration: LayersMy Profile

    • Next time for sure…I’ll bring my bikini with me. I didn’t have it with me that day, but I brought it to my vacation! Although I didn’t have many chances to swim there.
      You should make a list of all the islands and cities you want to visit in Greece, and plan your vacation in a way that you can visit more than one place at a time. 🙂
      Sorry for the late reply, but I was on vacation again, in Chalkidiki this time (you should check this out too, hehe).

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  9. Την Χίο την αγαπώ! (Συγγνώμη που γίνομαι γραφική μα…) Πάω κάθε χρόνο! Και έκανες φοβερή ανταπόκριση! Όσο για το Σουρέδικο, όπου έγινε ο γάμος (παρεμπιπτόντως και στα δικά σας!) το λατρεύω! Έχει πολύ ωραίο φαγητό και καταπληκτική ατμόσφαιρα! Αν σου δοθεί η ευκαιρία να πας και Πάσχα, έχουν πολλά έθιμα, το πιο γνωστό εκ των οποίων είναι ο Ρουκετοπόλεμος, στο Βροντάδο, κοντά στη Δασκαλόπετρα, που έμενες! Πολύ δροσιστικό το ταξιδάκι σου!!
    S for Summer recently posted..Διαγωνισμός Ann bottle Mar!My Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli gia ola sou ta sxolia…vlepw diavases polla post! 🙂 Tha sou apantisw se ena omws gia na min ginw kourastiki me ta email pou mallon tha sou erthoun…
      An kai itan mono i 2i fora pou piga sti Xio, exw katagwgi apo ekei kathws o mpampas mou itan apo ekei…ekei gennithike kai megalwse…Persi pigame gia to gamo tis xaderfis mou kathws exw akoma siggeneis ekei…s’euxaristoume gia tis euxes sou by the way! 🙂 Itan ontws poli wraio to fagito sto sourediko…rouketopolemo den exw den akoma, alla to gnwrizw poli kala logw tou mpampa mou opws sou eipa…Iliovasilema prolava na dw sta augwnima kai oxi ston Anavato…alla itan exisou wraio…girisa ti Xio oso perissotero prolavaina gia 2i fora, kai perasa poli wraia…Distixws mpania den mporesa na kanw logw “texnikwn provliatwn” alla tin epomeni fora sigoura tha epilexw to idio ksenodoxeio kai tin paralia tou gioswna gia na kanw ta mpania mou! Iperoxa nera…Mastello exw faei polles fores kai to exoume kai sti Thessaloniki…emena i agapimeni mou lixoudia einai ta masourakia pou panta exoume sto spiti otan kapoios apo emas episkeftetai ti Xio, i erxontai oi siggeneis apo ekei….
      Sti lagada fagame se tavernaki dipla sti thalassa kai itan poli grafika kai wraia…Sto spilaio twn Olimpwn den piga autin tin fora, den thimamai an eixa paei mikri…tin epomeni fora sigoura…
      S’euxaristw para poli gia ta sxolia sou kai tis protaseis sou! Mporw na pw oti zileuw pou kataferneis na kaneis tosa polla taxidia kathe xrono…Pragmatika einai oneiro zwis gia mena na mporw na kanw polla taxidia sti zwi mou!

      • Αγαπημένη, πραγματικά ΜΑΣΟΥΡΑΚΙΑ.. τι λες τώρα?? Μεγάλη παράλειψη, είναι τέλεια! Είσαι καλή ”ταξιδιώτισσα” και αυτό φαίνεται, σε αντιδιαστολή με το ”τουρίστρια” το χρησιμοποιώ. Άρα ό,τι ταξίδια κάνεις, θα τα απολαύσεις στο έπακρον, όπως ακριβώς πρέπει! Στο εύχομαι απο καρδιάς!! Ναι, τα διάβασα όόόλα τα ποστ, και περιμένω εναγωνίως νέες ταξιδιωτικές αναρτήσεις! Ως τότε, σε παρακολουθούμε στα υπόλοιπα! 😉

        • xixi S’euxaristw poli! Xairomai afantasta pou sou aresan kai pou eixes tin orexi na ta diavaseis! Ax egw na deis poso anipomonw gia nees taxidiwtikes peripeteies…Elpizw sintoma na exw kati kainourgio… 🙂

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