5 ways to wear a multi-colored printed dress

15 August, 2012

As I told you on my previous post, today (August 15th) is one of the biggest religion holidays in Greece (The Assumption of Mary). For this reason, I’m not going to do a regular post but a “new kind of post” instead.

Today, I’m going to show you 5 ways to wear a multi-colored printed dress. When you have an item with so many colors on it, it’s a bit difficult to find a good match for the shoes and the other accessories, because you don’t want to overdo it with the colors. The most important advice I have to give you is to stick to one or some of the colors that your item, in this case dress, already has on it. My rule is never more than 3 colors – a rule my mom passed on me – because you don’t want to look like a clown.

You may pair it with flats or heels, that’s absolutely your choice, but if your dress has as many colors as mine on it, be careful with your selection of accessories. Let’s see how I wore mine.

1.      With a pair of blue slingbacks and a bag of the same color.

Blue is one of the main colors on the dress, so it’s a safe choice, and at the same time, it looks very feminine and stylish. Keep your accessories to a minimum! A statement necklace can complement a strapless dress, and a similar-colored watch is all you need to complete the outfit.

See the whole post and the outfit details here.

2.      With a pair of black heeled sandals (or flats if you prefer)

I consider black a neutral color, such as white and nude/beige. So the 2nd safest choice is to pair the dress with a pair of black shoes. It’s actually one of the colors of the dress, but not one of the most obvious choices, so it comes as unexpected and fresh but at the same time you don’t overdo it.

See the whole post and the outfit details here.

3.      With a pair of color-blocking sandals.

Don’t be afraid to combine your printed dress with a pair of color-blocking sandals (heeled or flat). As far as you stick to the color palette of the dress, you won’t have a problem. In this case, I actually built the outfit, starting from the sandals. I knew that having 3 colors already on my shoes would be a bit difficult to combine, but when I brought this dress to my mind, I found it to be the perfect combination. And when I wore them together, I knew I had a match! I paired my clutch with one of the colors on the sandals, and again kept my accessories to a minimum. Either one of the colors on the shoes, (or even the dress) is a great choice for your bag. Picture it in your head, wear it, see if they actually match, and you’re done. It’s easy!

You can see the details of this outfit on my recent post “Colorblock this”.

4.      With a pair of turquoise flat sandals.

Another obvious choice, since blue and turquoise are both on the dress. Flats are perfect for a casual day or night out, and they can tone down almost any dress which you may find more formal.

I wore these flat sandals and this dress a lot this summer, as you may have already noticed by now, because they are both very comfortable, and yes, versatile too (even the dress!). Again, with minimum accessories…A statement necklace and a watch was all it needed. (find the details on this post)

5.      With a pair of color-blocking flat sandals.

It’s the same as above! As long as you stick to the same colors as the ones on your dress, you’ll be fine! Mines are tri-colored jelly flat sandals (which I wore on this post when I was in Chios island). My neutral colored satchel and a few bracelets in the same palette were enough to add a fresh and cheerful note to the outfit.

I also wore this dress with my Killah peep-toe flats, which counts as a shoe save, but I didn’t have the chance to take photos, so the proof of the shoe save will have to wait.

What do you think about this post? I figured that since I wore this dress so much over the past 2 summers, I should do a post to give you some tips and maybe help a few of my readers style their similar pieces! I would love to hear your thoughts about it. I can do more of these posts in the future if you’re interested.

Have a great day! I’ll be back on Friday with a new outfit post, so stay tuned!


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20 comments on “5 ways to wear a multi-colored printed dress

  1. Very beautiful dress, to a very beautiful girl and with very beautiful and intelligent use of accessories!
    I love this dress and the way you matched it with different shoes and bags/clucth! My favorite is the first one, blue high heel sandals and blue bag (I love that one!)
    And the holiday, it’s my day I today! It reminded me I have to write to a friend who helped very much some time ago, but I confess I don’t want to… I wrote her on her birthday last December and she never replied… and she used to answer immediately… well, we had a friend in common, who is not my friend anymore, she may have taken the other’s side… she’s always busy, hope she’s Ok anyway!
    Really such a beautiful post!!!!!
    Please go on wearing this dress!
    Filakia polla!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 49My Profile

    • Thank you Denise! Oh I will continue wearing it for sure, because it’s very comfortable!
      Happy nameday to you too then! I wasn’t sure you celebrate it today…Do you? I wish you all the best in your life. It’s a huge holiday today in Greece.
      I think you must send her your wishes either way. You’ll see if she’s going to reply this time.
      I’m sooooo tired these days! Always having something to do, every hour of the day! Many friends to see, many things to do, so little time to sleep and read other blogs! I barely have time to do my own posts. Hopefully this madness will stop in 2 days, and I’ll be back to my “boring” reality, with lots of sleep time.
      Filakia polaaaa!!!

    • hehe Oxi oxi, den giortazw simera! Ama me legane maria den tha xa provlima na to apokalipsw…einai liigo pio asinithisto! 😛 maybe some day I’ll share it with you! 🙂
      S’euxaristw poli Penny mou! Na’sai kala!

    • Thank you Nancy! I enjoyed wearing all outfits, but the first one is definitely one of my favorites.
      I’m glad you liked these shoes, ’cause you’re going to see them again on the blog really soon! 😉

  2. Poly sofes oi symvoules sou kai poly wraia ola ta paradeigmata sou! Symfwnw apolyta me ton kanona twn 3 xrwmatwn mias kai mporei na mas glytwsei apo pollous atyxous syndyasmous!

    Filakia polla koukla
    Elsa recently posted..SpikesMy Profile

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