Mom’s birthday party

17 August, 2012

Last week we celebrated my mom’s birthday, and I insisted on having a little gathering for her and her friends at our house. Of course I prepared many things for our friends to eat and drink. Today, I’m sharing them with you, together with the outfit I wore that night.

Wearing: Lynne floral dress (similar style), Brandolini shoes, Donna Karan sunglasses, gifted earrings from Zakynthos, gifted bracelet, and Strike a pose bracelet (I won on a giveaway, a few months back by the lovely Ramona, who makes them), and Esprit watch.

This dress was a gift from my sister in law a couple of years ago, but didn’t have the chance to wear it last summer. And since hi-low/asymmetrical dresses are so in fashion lately, I thought I’d wear them for that day, paired with my strappy sandals, another gift from a family friend. I guess this outfit is filled with gifted items that remind me of my friends who gave them to me.

Fresh squeezed lemonade I made for the day

Raspberry Cheese Danish
Took this amazing recipe from Megan, and made my guests beg for more. hehe 
And I couldn’t agree more with them. Definitely a keeper!
Kept some of the raspberries, and mixed them with some strawberries for other sweets of the night

 Vanilla and Ferrero ice cream, with fruits (see above) and home-made caramelized walnuts. Deliciousness!

The treats didn’t stop at these, but I won’t bore you with more food photos!

This is my Shoe Save #21 for my Shoeper Shoe Challenge by Although one more pair is on its way to me, which means that my Collection will soon hit 60 pairs. At least I’ve worn 1/3 of it already.

They’re not the most comfortable shoes, but they definitely look good on. Especially their bottoms! Look at these flowers!

Caramel cheesecake for my mom’s birthday!

Happy Birthday mom, I may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but I still love you despite our constant fights and differences. Taurus VS. Leo, what more to say?

Mmm home-made caramel… Yummy!!!! 😉

Wish I could send you all a piece!

Have a great day, and an even better weekend.


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33 comments on “Mom’s birthday party

  1. Να χαιρεσαι την μανουλα σου!
    Yπεροχο το φορεμα σου και σου παει και απιστευτα!
    Αυτο το waterfall σχεδιο στα φορεματα το λατρευω!!

    Να περνας ομορφα!

    • S’eyxaristw poli!
      Nai kai mena panta mou arezan ta asimetra foremata…to sigekrimeno to exw edw kai 2-3 xronia, itan dwro tis nifis mou…kai an kai den eimai fan twn floral auto mou arese akrivws epeidi einai asimetro.

  2. Oh mu gosh all of that food looks so good. Mmmmmm…..Also the dress is very pretty on you – good thing you were finally able to wear it!

    • Thank you once again for your comment Diana!
      If you like my blog feel free to follow it. I always comment back, and check out the blogs of my commenters. But I seek real readers, and not just followers. I do like your blog, but I’m not a fan of the “follow me and I’ll follow you” technique! It’s something I always say!
      But if you really like my blog, and you continue commenting on my posts, then be sure that you’ll always have comments from me on your blog. That means that you’ll have one more true reader, and not just one more meaningless follower.
      Have a great day! And I’ll be happy to see you again on my blog some day!

      • I read blogs of ALL my followers who comment too. So “follow me and follow you” technique, as you said, has a straightforward meaning. If you read me I read you and another way round.
        Have a great day!
        Diana Marks recently posted..From Day to NightMy Profile

        • That’s great and good to know! Then, you’re one of the very few who do. Because most bloggers I know who follow this technique rarely come back to read the blogs they follow in this way!
          I hope you weren’t offended by my reply…I get so many of these messages and I rarely reply, but sometimes it gets very annoying to read these kinds of comments! I have read your blog, and I do like it, that is true. But what I’ve said in my previous comment is my belief, from the whole blogging experience I’ve had so far over the years I blog.
          It means a lot to me that you took some time to reply to my comment! So thank you! And be assured that I will come back to your blog as soon as possible. You have great photography, and very clean/professional layout, which I like a lot.
          Have a great day too! 🙂

  3. When I say “that’s my favorite dress” I feel fake, because I always say this to you! So on your previous postI simply loved the dress, but now that I saw this one’s colors, ooooh! This is lovely! And you look so thin! I mean, in a good way! Wel, so this is now my favorite summer dress! And the sandals are just amazing! The flowers, like you said, they did draw my attention!
    What to say about the amazing desserts you showed us? I neeeeed to try that recipe, for sure!
    At first I thought during the photo session a butterfly came near you, then I saw they are earrings! Lovely! There was a time I bought everything to do with butterflies and I still do! So you can imagine – rings, earrings, barrettes, a skirt and 2 dresses last month! You will see them soon!
    Such a coincidence is that for ages I’m planning to post what tight people gave me as presents – you know – from head to toe and now I see you also had the same happening! It made me smile, so nice!
    By the way, reset the ticket. Arriving there on Oct 6th – a bit more time of (too much) peace here, but also good to save many more shoes – I don’t do it there!!!!
    Have a great weekend and you look stunning as usual (with that dress even more!)
    Ah, that “nameday” friend answered me in a sweet way!
    Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Denise recently posted..Places I have goneMy Profile

    • I don’t see your reaction as fake! I do believe that you like the outfits and I feel flattered that you can’t decide among my outfits to find your favorite. It means that you really like them all (the ones you said you liked). I know you like floral patterns. You know that it’s not my favorite style, and I was contemplating on whether or not to keep it, when she gave it to me, but I always liked asymmetrical skirts/dresses, so I kept it for that. And now, 2-3 later, they are in fashion again. hehe. Not that I mind wearing it if it isn’t in fashion, I did the previous years I owned it.
      haha I saw the butterfly in the photo, and it seems like a real one as you said. And I saw it’s only obvious in one of the photos. But it’s an earring. I have 2 of them, but I decided to wear only one, because I had a braid on the other side. This one is actually much longer than the other one.
      You should try the recipe. You’re gonna like it. It’s not very sweet, but sweet enough. I wasn’t going to wear gifted items together, I noticed it when I was writing this post. hehe But it is a coincidence. We’ve never met in person, yet it seems that we have so many things in common. It’s fantastic!
      I’m glad to hear that you’re coming back on Oct 6th. I’ll do my best to meet you this year. I’m sure we’ll have a great time together once we meet properly. 🙂
      Thank you sooo much for your amazing comment! Have a great weekend as well. I’m glad your friend replied to you. 🙂
      Filakia polla Denise!!! 🙂

  4. I think I could have one whole closet just for this kind of dresses. 😀 I love dresses in the summer, I see you adore too and yours are all beautiful, every single one of them. I’m really in love with your fashion taste. <3
    And the shoes, OMG, they are heavenly!!
    ElaFillesimple recently posted..Through the Lens: Nice is niceMy Profile

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