Chalkidiki Diary

6 August, 2012

As you already know, 2 weeks after my vacation to Chios, I left again, this time for Chalkidiki, the heaven on earth for us living in Thessaloniki. When I go to Chalkidiki, I usually stay at my cousin’s summer house, just outside N.Marmaras. The house is in a very quiet area, surrounded by trees, and almost-wild nature, and it’s only a few meters away from the beach (although you need to walk a lot to get there). My uncle bought the land many years ago, and built a cute house there, under 2 huge plane trees (platanus). You may remember telling you how much I love the platanus smell on last year’s post about Chalkidiki.

So here’s “our” house in paradise! It’s just a very small part of the house, and the garden, but it’s my favorite one because of the trees.

Well, most of our days consisted of lots of relaxation, swims at the sea, cooking, playing card games, and going out at nights in N. Marmaras. As we like quiet places, and avoid big clubs with lots of people, this was a typical night out for us this summer.

Waffles with ice cream, whipped cream and nutella to start the night (Delicious!!!), and then, cocktails at our favorite bar.

The return of the “Orgasm” and “Big Boy” cocktails

Before I show you my outfits, I have to tell you, that my priority before I left for my holidays, was to write and schedule my posts for you, and as a result, I packed my suitcase at the very last minute. So I grabbed most of the things I had with me in Chios (which were fresh-washed and ironed), and kept my heels at home.

A very relaxed outfit for the first night out

Nothing you haven’t seen before: printed dress from Chalkidiki, Zara necklace, Michael Kors watch, Savil bag, and Olvia flat sandals.

My latest pedicure: GT Cosmetics no. 379 by Tommy G.

The next night, we went to Porto Carras, one of the largest holiday resorts in Greece, and took a walk at its huge premises, including 3 amazingly big swimming pools. I had gone there before, when I was younger, but now it seemed much better than before. I took many photos, but as I didn’t have my DSLR with me on this vacation (as my priority was to relax and enjoy my time there), all photos were taken by my small one at night, which means that they have very bad quality (one of the disadvantages of my point-and-shoot).

No sunglasses with me, hence the cropped photos, sorry.

Standing on the bridges that go over the biggest swimming pool

Wearing my dress from the previous post, Zara clutch, Michael Kors watch, Accessorize (I think) bracelet (a gift for my birthday from the sweet Denise) and my beloved Miss Sixty low heeled sandals.

And by the way this is Shoe Save #15 for my Shoeper Shoe Challenge by

These were my mom’s gift from a previous trip to Chios some summers ago, and from the time I got them, I wore them constantly. I’m afraid I’ll have to let go of them really soon, but I’ll postpone it as much as I can. They are one of my favorite and most comfortable summer pairs of shoes.

Have I ever told you how much I love pools?

I was a swimmer when I was a child. I was swimming from the age of 4 till the age of 14 if I remember correctly, but I had to stop cause I had other priorities back then (such as school, and music). Let’s say that no one can say that I didn’t have after school activities during my childhood.

Another one of the pools

But as much as I love pools (in fact more than the sea), having your feet wet at the beach, is a great feeling.


 This year I brought company with me. This inner tube for the sea or the pool was a great way to get a bit of a tan. And it went perfectly with my almost neon nails, as it was neon green itself.

Of course, T. was also with me on this trip, and he was the best beach buddy!

 I told you I like to re-wear almost completely the same outfits! This time, with flat sandals, and my latest buy, the tricolor clutch!

H&M dress, Mango belt, H&M necklace, vintage bracelet, Doca long clutch, and Olvia flat sandals.

And something to make my messy ponytail cuter

As I told you we did a lot of cooking those days, but I only manage to take one picture of the food before we devour it.

Tuna salad and cocktail sausages with honey-mustard sauce made by me

And now that I said tuna, it reminds me of our little troublemaker which was there with us.

Meet my cousin’s 3month kitten. Currently un-named! The previous owner used to call him Hermes, but we didn’t like it. He loved tuna and he ate 2 huge cans by himself. Big boy!

 We celebrated our last night there, with, what else, ice creams at Stefan’s and yummy summer cocktails at Cool bar!!! Our favorite spot!

With umbrellas too! Cute, huh?

So what do you say about my vacation? I didn’t go anywhere else around Chalkidiki this year… I tried to relax and enjoy our holidays with T. But some of you, asked to see photos, so I had to do a post, even with low quality ones. Hope you liked it!

See you next time with a new outfit post, after our vacation. A new Shoe Save maybe? Who knows! 😉


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20 comments on “Chalkidiki Diary

  1. I loooved the pictures and descriptions! Amazing holidays! Everything looked so perfect – the house, the outfits, the beach, you were with T., the little cat soooo sweet!
    And it was nice to see how happy you were! Also, the sandals and pedicure were amazing, and the clutches? I love them! Really like your taste!
    The dresses – maxi dresses – just perfect!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’ll inspire myself on you and give a maxi dress a try – but I’m just around 1,60, I look so… much shorter then! But they look so beautiful and comfortable, that I am eager to try one! I bought some that I took to the seamstress in the past to have them shortened!
    I also posted about a beach, you’ll see! I really feel good by the sea, so we have one more thing in common!
    You look reeeeeally gorgeous and always lovely, with a big kardia that I know you have! Thanks for all, my dear friend! Loved the pics!
    Filakia polla!!!!
    Denise recently posted..The beach houseMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Denise! This post was mostly for you, because I know how much you wanted to see photos from Chalkidiki. Nor that I didn’t enjoy writing it, in the contrary. Unfortunately I haven’t seen T. since we got back from our holidays! The army duded don’t let him take a leave.
      I’m so glad to hear that I inspired you to wear maxi dresses! I wasn’t very fond of them until recently, but I really do love the ones I own. And I think they actually make me look taller than I am, especially worn with high heels. So I definitely encourage you to try them, you may find one you really like. Furthermore, you’re not at all short. 1.60 is a great height, and I’m actually somewhere around 1.63-1.65, so I’m not that tall, more of an average height. I was thinking of shortening the mint dress to be knee high, but I’m glad I didn’t. It’s so much prettier as a maxi dress.
      I saw your posts, but I didn’t have time to comment yesterday, because it was my mom’s bday, and I was cooking a few thing for her, and then we had guests. I actually spent all weekend at home, on my couch, hugging my heating pad (those amazing days of the month!),and today I was suffering from headaches. But I’m finally fine, so I can comment back, and visit your blog.
      I also have to write my new post for tomorrow, but I must find some time to do it. hhehe
      Thank you so much for your lovely (as always!) comment!
      I’ll come by your blog really soon!

  2. You had such a bless on holidays.Your outfits are wonderful.Maxi are so great for summer holidays, you can easily dress up or down.
    Love your nail polish.
    That kitten is so super cute.

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..Polka dot & LeoMy Profile

    • Aww I hope you go on vacation really soon! As for me, when I’m not on vacation, I spend most of my time at home, since the bf is in the army. So I’m looking forward for another holiday with him.

  3. Exw akousi ta kalytera apo olous mou tous filous gia ti Xalkidiki, eidika apo aytous pou spoudazan Thessaloniki alla akoma den exw kataferei na episkeytw kanena apo ta yperoxa meri tis! Poso se zileyw pou exei i ksaderfi sou eksoxiko ekei kai mporeis na episkeptesai syxna to N.Marmara. Oi fwto einai teleies! Vlpew ta fagita kai ta coctails kai anypomwnw na paw diakopes! Kala ta outfits einai super alla ayto den einai neo mia s kai eisai panta super stylish!

    Filakia polla M mou
    Elsa recently posted..AccessorizedMy Profile

    • Elsa mou, den exw logia! Eisai apisteuta glikia! S’euxaristw para poli gia ola sou ta sxolia kai gia ta kala sou logia!
      Ama pote aneveis Thessaloniki, tha xarw poli na se gnwrisw apo konta kai na sou gnwrisw tin poli mou, kai giati oxi kai kapoia meri tis Xalkidikis!
      Einai ontws poli wraia i Xalkidiki. Sigoura exeis akousei poso poli tin latrevoun oi Thessalonikeis (an kai ipervalloun wres wres), alla exei ontws kapoies perioxes me katapliktikes paralies, kai einai toso konta stin poli, pou einai les kai eisai se nisi kai mono liges wres makria apo tin poli sou!

  4. those drinks look really good! what are they! that’s the best part of travelling for me…the food and drinks, lol! i try to eat healthy and cook most nights, so when i travel, i love to dine out!

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