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19 October, 2012

These past few days have been very ordinary and boring for me. Nothing special has happened, I didn’t go anywhere worth photographing for this blog, and I’ve been dressing really casual, trying to get used to this new weather change. As I didn’t have an outfit photographed, and my post-ideas bank has been empty, I thought I’d share with you some of the things I did during this week, together with some really casual photos I took of me, yesterday afternoon on my balcony.

As this is a fashion blog, I’ll mention the brands of the items I’m wearing here, even though this can’t be considered as an outfit post.

Top: H&M, jeans: Tommy Hilfiger, flip-flops: Ipanema, sunglasses: Ray-Ban folding wayfarers.

When I’m not in my pajamas, this is what I normally wear at a typical day at my house (jeans/pants and a simple top). Since I’m not working, I spend most of the day in front of my PC, working on this blog, or reading other amazing blogs. My blog has become a full-time job for me, and it’s something I really enjoy doing, and I’m hoping to evolve even more through it.

So, what I’ve been up to this week:

–          I got a new ID (because my old one didn’t have latin characters on it), because,

–         I’ve been planning (along with T. and my cousin A.) a trip to London at the end of November. And I’m really happy to announce that we booked our plane tickets. Now we have to find a place to stay. So if you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them. And not only about hotels/apartments, but also about places I NEED to visit while I’m there. I’m very excited about this trip, not only because I love travelling to new countries but also because I’ll have the chance to meet my sweet blogger friend Denise, in person!

–         I helped around the house, as I do all house works myself lately, after my mom’s injury. Fortunately, she’s a lot better. It’s been a month now, and she’s already starting to do things by herself.

–        I cooked and learned to cook a lot of new dishes. So far, I’ve made vegetable lasagna, pastitsio, an amazing salmon salad, chicken soup, mushroom risotto, and my own recipe of tortillas with minced meat. Of course these are not the only things I made so far, but they are the most “elaborate” to make and the only ones I have taken photos of.

–         We gathered at T’s house for Buzz sometime this week.

–         We also went at TGI Friday’s for dinner once. I had the Jack Daniel’s Chicken in lunch size, and it was delicious. I’m also in love with the new salad I tried some time ago, called “Orange & almond salad”. Definitely gonna order it again.

–        I kept looking at the photos of my outfit post “Black & Yellow” and I have almost decided that I want to dye my hair a red hue (something I wanted since high school but was too afraid to do). Nothing bright and extreme, just a natural red color, almost as they look in the 3rd photo of that post. But I was always afraid of changes and I’m not sure I’ll do it in the end. What do you think? I believe it would look great with my complexion.

–       I spent most the day (and night) yesterday, backing up my external hard drive, which seems like it has started failing. I used to back up everything on it, so for the last 3-4 years it has all my life in it. And since I’m backing up on DVDs again, after a long time, it takes a lot of time, and space. I’ve already written more than 10 DVDs for my photos only. It’s crazy. But it seems that the prices for external hard drives have gone up, so I’m not going to buy another one just yet. I’ll see what I’ll do when (and IF – still hoping) this one fails. 🙁

This is how I spent my week. What was yours like? Did you do anything special? Tell me on your comments.

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Have a great weekend! See you again on Monday!



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33 comments on “Moments of my life

    • Nai, an ta kataferoume na vroume meros na meinoume giati ola einai ‘i xalia ‘i panakriva…
      Ennoeitai, pame…opote thes steile mou minima…filia polla!

    • Thank you Stacy! I’m still trying to find a hotel/apartment to stay in London. As for the shopping, we’ll see how it goes with the luggage, but I’m sure I’ll bring something back!

  1. LONDON! The atmosphere there… I am in love! The only advice is that you walk everywere, all day. That’ s the way to feel this city. And, maybe a second one…TOPSHOP!

    As for your hair, I always thought that it has a red hue, so I think you can totally do it a bit more intense 🙂
    katoula recently posted..A beautiful Sunday afternoon.My Profile

    • It really depends on the light, but my hair are actually golden blonde (with the balayage technique). My natural color is a really light brown with natural blonde highlights, but I always wanted to be a redhead. But because of my blondish base, it wouldn’t look nice to have red highlights so I should dye all the hair. I’m seriously considering though.

      Of course we will walk a lot to feel the city, and I know I’ll need some comfortable shoes to do it. I’m not used to walking miles. London wasn’t one of my first must-go-to destinations on my list, but my cousin really wanted to go, so we agreed. I hope we’ll have a good time there.

  2. some times i have days like these too. i’m excited you’re going to london! i haven’t been there in a long time but the V&A museum is always a great place to visit (if you like museums) 😉
    Steph recently posted..Falling in lineMy Profile

    • Thank you for your recommendation! First be have to book a hotel/apartment and then we’ll find what we want to do when we’ll be there, what to visit etc. Unfortunately we won’t have many days but we’ll have enough time to see a lot of things.

  3. Ωραίες είναι και αυτές οι μέρες που απλά αράζεις στο σπίτι και φοράς τις πυτζάμες από το πρωί ως το βράδυ. Ιδιαίτερα τώρα που αρχίζει να πέφτει και λίγο η θερμοκρασία. Έκλσεισες εισιτήρια για Λονδίνο? Τυχερούλα. Πρέπει και εγώ να προγραμματίσω ένα ταξίδι για Λονδίνο-Κορνουάλη άμεσα μιας και όλοι οι φίλοι και αγαπημένοι μου είναι εκεί, κάτι που σημαίνει ότι πρέπει να κάνω οικονομίες από τα ψώνια!!!! Χαχαχαχ! Ελπίζω να βρείτε κάτι πολύ όμορφο και οικονομικό για να μείνετε.

    Φιλάκια πολλά
    Elsa recently posted..Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapMy Profile

    • Ax makari giati akoma den exoume kleisei ksenodoxeio…Ola einai ‘i panakriva ‘i xalia…Exoume apelpistei ligaki…poli akrivi poli to Londino.
      Makari na ta katafereis na pas to taxidaki pou thes!
      Filakia polla!

    • Ipanema are amazing! I have at least 2 pairs and I wear them a lot in summer! Well, it’s still really warm through the day, but in the night the temperatures drop so sometimes I wear light socks.

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