My nail polish collection

17 October, 2012

A few months back, I shared with you my shoe collection, and I always had in my mind to do a similar post to show you my nail polish collection. It all begun 2 years ago, when I threw away all of my nail polishes which had gone bad. Then, I found some amazing brands and I started collecting new colors. Although, nail polishes are not something you can keep for years, like you can with shoes, I really like the colors I have so far, so I don’t think I’m going to buy many more in the near future. Today I present to you my collection of nail polishes together with some recommendations, and favorites I have. Enjoy!

A family photo! My whole nail polish collection is here. I counted 42, excluding base coats, top coats and some old ones, I don’t use anymore.

This is how I store them! I like to keep them in boxes to protect them from the dust, and have them all together.

THE REDsFrom left to right, from the darkest to the lightest: Artistry Seduction (oxblood color – unfortunately discontinued), Seventeen no. 79 (deep burgundy), Erre Due (burgundy – it was a magazine’s gift so I have no idea about the number – This is what I’m wearing right now, you can see it here), GT Cosmetics no. 346 (amazing color – a shimmery burgundy – see it on my nails here), Artistry Diva (True Red), Nivea Cardinal Red (used it here), Seventeen Supreme no. 28 (coral red- see it on my nails here), Barry M. no.296 (coral- on my nails here), Erre Due no.40 (coral pink), and GT Cosmetics no. 379 (a very unique orange/pink – used here).

THE PURPLEs and PINKsGT Cosmetics no.7 (bright purple), Seventeen no.505 (shimmery purple – as seen here and on this post here), Seventeen no.265 (lilac/lavender – seen on this post), Erre Due no.112 (dark pink/burgundy), Cosmo touch Spring Break (dark pink – found it on Cosmopolitan Greece magazine this spring), Erre Due no.117 (bright pink), GT Cosmetics no.382 (I just love this color, it’s very unique! – The photos don’t do it justice! – see it on my nails here and here).

THE BLUEs 17 Midnight Sapphire (shimmery dark blue – used for this matte manicure), Miss Sporty no.15 (blue/purple), no name no.16 (bright blue-have it for many years, but it’s still ok), Barry M. no.291 (Cobalt Blue), 17 Seabreeze (Light blue), Seventeen no.269 (Light blue), GT Cosmetics no.10 (Shimmery blue), Erre Due no.145 (baby blue – used here and here).

THE GREENs/YELLOWs/WHITEsStay Perfect, Totally Teal (see it on my nails here), Barry M. no.290 Spring Green (used in this manicure), GT Cosmetics no.9 (Bright Green – see my manicure here), GT Cosmetics no.366 (mint green – Probably my most used nail polish- seen here, here, here, here and here), GT Cosmetics no.6 (neon yellow – used here, here and here), GT Cosmetics no.13 (Yolky yellow – although it seems orange in these photos – used here), Seventeen no.96 (beige- used in this manicure), Seventeen no. 103 (white-perfect for French manicure tips), Nivea no.90 Star Gloss (very transparent).

THE GLITTERY and SOMETHING SPECIALGT Cosmetics no.352 (Onyx Black), GT Cosmetics no.347 (silver), GT Cosmetics no.394 (green/yellow, pretty close to Chanel’s Peridotsee it on my nails here), GT Cosmetics no.357 (rose gold – used here), GT Cosmetics no.340 (gold), GT Cosmetics nail art French tips no.9 (silver glitter), GT Cosmetics no.384 (light grey – used in this manicure), Tommy G mat finish (for great mat manicures – see my tutorial on “how to do a matte manicure with shiny tips” here, and my 2nd try with mat finish here) and Tommy G Nailquake in Black (for crackle effect – see my tutorial here).

Last but not least:

THE CHANEL ONESChanel Particuliére no.505 (seen here), Chanel Quartz no.525, and Chanel Black Pearl no.513.

This was my whole nail polish collection (except for this one, and the black one on this post, which I forgot to photograph). This post wasn’t supposed to become so huge, but I had to add a few more info and share some photos of my manicures with you, to see the colors (almost) in real life.

My advice is to always use a base coat, (I use Mavala’s Protective Base coat 002), and a top coat/fast drying nail polish (I swear by Mavala’s Mavadry which is a total life-manicure-saver! – not only it dries my nail polish in a few seconds, it also keeps my manicure intact for more than a week). I’m definitely not an expert, but if you have any questions I’ll be glad to answer them for you.

Check out some of my nail polish recommendations, with similar colors to mine, just below.



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38 comments on “My nail polish collection

  1. Thanks for sharing! You have a lot of beautiful colours. I especially like your “reds” collection!

    I use Seche Vite which is the best topcoat ever, sounds just like Mavadry – my manicurist recommended it to me years ago and I’m on my fifth bottle now.. can’t live without it 🙂
    Steph recently posted..True brewMy Profile

    • Thank you! Now that I see them all together, organized by color, I see a lot of similar ones that I shouldn’t have bought in the first place. I’ll be more careful next time.
      I’ve never used Seche Vite, but I’ve heard so many good things about it. I’ll buy a bottle to try it, if I ever find one here. Although Mavala’s Mavadry has been great so far. I’m so glad I found it. And like you, I can’t live without it anymore. hehe

  2. Κοριτσαρα απιστευτα ΟΛΑ!
    Eχω και εγω μεγαλη συλλογη απο βερνικια (οζες)
    Λατρευω τα μπλε και τα κοκκινα!

    Elpi Chan recently posted..Break meMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Elpida!
      Gia tin wra den exw skopo na agorasw alla…Nomizw oti exw arketa xrwmata, ftanei…hehe paramegalwse i sillogi..protimw na ta dinw se papoutsia!

    • Thank you! I remember that you have an amazing collection of Chanel nail polishes.
      However, I can’t justify buying so many Chanel nail polishes in these prices, when their expiration date is 24months after the opening of the bottle. So I usually prefer low cost brands with great quality. But if I find a very unique color from a well-known brand, I’ll buy it.
      Of course, that’s my opinion. I just choose to be savvy when it comes to nail polishes and beauty stuff so I can splurge on my biggest loves, such as shoes and clothes. hehe

  3. Oh, fiiiinally coming here! I missed your blog, but I’m always so tired these days! Anyway, better this than doing nothing in my flat. I think I am catching a cold and I have a sore throat – and knee pain, can you believe? Never had in my life! It’s because of the walking in London, and the speed my friend walks!
    I am soooo glad the tickets are booked, so so so glad you can’t imagine! Let’s go to Bicester Village then? I swear, the prices are great!
    This collection is impressive!!!!!!!!! I love it and the way you showed it! So organized! I must say I also loved your Tod’s new pair of shoes and the black dress – you look amazing and so thin!
    So nice nail polishes, I have to wear some one of these days (no will to do aaaaanything now!)
    Filakia polla!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Bicester Village – paradise for one day!My Profile

    • I understand not being in the mood to do anything these days, because it happens to me more often than it should. However I have some deadlines (both real ones, and on my head), so I have to keep a schedule. Especially when it comes to my blog, I like to be organized.
      I showed the collection organized by colors, to see the different shades. I thought it would be better like this. But I keep them in boxes as seen on the first photo. Not by color, but by brand and size. When I had shown you my shoe collection, I organized them by heel size, and by type (like boots, ankle boots, wedges, sandals etc.), so it could be easier for me to see what I have left to save.
      I missed you too! I’ve been thinking about you more and more every day lately. I’m so glad we finally booked the tickets, because the prices increased again. What a coincidence! I also think that I’m catching a cold. I told you I had stomach pain, and now I have a sore throat. I know, not a good one, but still a coincidence. As for the knee pain, unfortunately I get those a lot. And not only on my knees. I should find comfortable shoes for London, because we’re going to walk a lot I guess.
      Whenever you have some time, send me an email, so we can discuss about the trip, and anything else you want. Or if you like, I’ll be on msn all day, and we can talk there. It’s much easier. If you don’t have time, it’s ok. We’ll talk some other time.
      Filakia pollaaaa!!

  4. I really like how you’re sharing your collections with us, especially your shoe collection (I just went back and reread that post). I think grouping your colors together is not only great for display but it’s also a great organizing tool as well.
    Wore Out recently posted..A Mustard MomentMy Profile

    • I’m so glad you liked both of my collections! I had to share the first one, in order to take part in a shoe challenge, and I really liked seeing all my pairs together, but it was also very tiring, bringing them all to the same place.
      As for the nail polish collection, people kept asking me, how many nail polishes I have and I could share my whole collection, so I thought why not. I organized them by color, for the photos, but I store them as they are in the first photo, in their boxes.

  5. Amazing!!! Ξέρεις ότι έχω έρωτα με τα χέρια σου ……. Πήρα σήμερα 2 Korres (Cherry Red & Ruby Red) και τα έχω ερωτευτεί!!! recently posted..HeartMy Profile

    • You’re welcome! And thank you very much! I didn’t know I had so many colors, until I put them all together next to each other. I should stop buying for a long time.
      Have a nice day as well.

  6. You have wonderful nail polish collection.
    I ‘m sucker for nail polish as well.
    I have trown out so many as well. I don’t like when they go bad.Usually first are my favorites. Since then I don’t buy high end nail polish, because they never last as long as I want and I found that there is much more less expensive nail polish with good quality(even better quality).

    hmmm.. I wonder, how many I have nail polish 🙂 Maybe one day I have to check as well 🙂

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..NONSTOPMy Profile

    • Thank you very much Ramona! They usually have an expiration date 24months after opening.
      And I agree with you about high end nail polish. That’s why most of mine are from cheap companies, mostly Greek.

    • Thank you! I used to have my nails done by a manicurist in the past. But then I bought so many nice colors and started doing them myself. I saved a lot of money, and I can have a new color every time I wish to, without having to book an appointment. I enjoy being pampered from time to time, but sometimes I think my manicures have nothing to envy from the ones professionals do. Especially because I like my manicures to be simple, and without complicated details.
      And I save some money for shoes. hehe

  7. great variety of polishes! i have tons, too…i really need to go thru them and get rid of some old ones, tho! i’ve outgrown my one box.

    i loved the way my chili turned out, but my daughter said it could have been more spicy. i kept it mild for my son! corn tortillas sound good…did you just dip them in the chili?
    oomph. recently posted..a.m. party.My Profile

  8. Πωπωωω! Τί υπέροχη συλλογή είναι αυτή! Εντυπωσιακή! Μπορώ να πω ότι δεν ξαφνιάζομαι μιας και πάντα το manicure σου είναι πολύ περιποιημένο και ιδιαίτερο. Μπορώ να ξεχωρίσω και κάποια μανώ που έχω και εγώ όπως π.χ. τα chanel που τα αγαπώ πολύ.

    Φιλακια Μ μου
    Elsa recently posted..Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapMy Profile

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