Downtown casual | Outfits

These photos were taken last Sunday when I met with my blogger friends downtown to go to an event with handmade items, but I had to change the order of my outfit photos because I wanted to show you my cherry-print outfit first (click here to read it, if you haven’t already). I wanted to be super casual, because I was going to be many hours out of the house, and had to also do a lot of walking. Maria of Style Bows took these photos of me (click here to see her outfit of the day, and the photos I took of her), and after the event we went to Starbucks to enjoy the Christmas blends that are already out. Check out my social media channels for photos of that day, and make sure to follow me everywhere (links at the end of this post).

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Casual afternoon | Outfit post

As the title says, I wore this casual outfit on an afternoon out with T. We took these photos and went shopping for a few things I needed (nothing fashion related I’m afraid). The days are still warm but the nights are chillier reminding us that fall is indeed already here. I love this weather (for fall), but I can’t help but feel sad that the time to change our clocks for winter is rapidly approaching. But we have one more week ahead of us, and I’m going to make the best I can with the (summer) time and summer light we have left.

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Moments of my life

These past few days have been very ordinary and boring for me. Nothing special has happened, I didn’t go anywhere worth photographing for this blog, and I’ve been dressing really casual, trying to get used to this new weather change. As I didn’t have an outfit photographed, and my post-ideas bank has been empty, I thought I’d share with you some of the things I did during this week, together with some really casual photos I took of me, yesterday afternoon on my balcony.

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My shoe collection

Last month, I joined the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by, where I have to “save” all my shoes by wearing each pair at least once in duration of a year. If you’re wondering why, or if you simply want to read the rules in case you want to join as well (yes you can join whenever you like), you can click here. In order to join the challenge, I had to count my shoes, to find the total number…Also as an extra (optional) step, all who join are asked to take photographs of their shoe collection/shoe closet, simply for the joy of eye candy.

I counted 56 pairs then, (I have a few more, but I didn’t want them to be part of this challenge for personal reasons), but as you know my collection grew to 59 pairs last month. But let’s take it from the beginning…

This is my shoe collection of 56 pairs…

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July’s wishlist – summer edition

This month’s wishlist is gonna be less of a wishlist, and more of a summer essentials list. I’m writing this post in advance, because, as you already know I’m in Chios island for my cousin’s wedding, and I’m already in a summer holidays mood. Since we have hot summer weather here in Greece, all I can think lately is the beach, summer cocktails, and beautiful items to make my summer vacations more special. This post is a bit different from the usual wishlists I do, and I hope you welcome it with excitement. hehe


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