H&M oxblood items & vintage treasures

26 November, 2012

Last week, I had a meeting for coffee with Maria from Style Bows, and after that we hit the stores as we usually do every time we meet. I tell you this! Bloggers should never shop together. Everything seems more tempting when you have a girl next to you who’s as passionate about fashion as you are. I had no intention to buy anything, since I was saving money for London, so I had very little money with me. But it seems that I couldn’t resist buying (what else?) more oxblood items (which of course I brought with me in London). Thankfully, they were both quite inexpensive so my wallet sighed in relief.

Item no.1: Oxblood beanie! I was searching for a beanie in this color to match my new scarf, and it seems that I found it in this one from H&M.

Item no.2: Not an actual purchase. This is a beaded vintage bag, handmade by my mother, when she was younger. It’s so much more beautiful in person. So shiny and classy….I’ll find a chance to wear it in the future, so I’m definitely keeping it… We found it in our attic when searching for a suitcase to take on my trip.


Item no.3: This beautiful oxblood sweater. Sorry for the pics. It was raining for days and it was impossible to have natural light, so I took these photos indoors. Its color is indeed oxblood, even though it seems to have a warmer red hue here.

Did you like my new items?

P.S. This is a scheduled post. I’m still in London and I’m coming back on Wednesday! Don’t forget to follow Do You Speak Gossip.


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