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My post today is really short, and that’s because it’s been freezing cold lately, and we couldn’t stay outside longer and take more photos. As you can see it’s super simple, so these photos will do. So, it’s beanie weather, and that’s absolutely fine with me. If you want to stay warm like me but not appear to wear too many layers, then a bodysuit and tights is the answer. Wear your warm sweater, your jeans and your boots on top, and don’t forget your beanie. We have to keep warm! Waiting for your comments my loves!

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Layer it! | Outfits

Layer it! - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI wore this outfit on Wednesday when the weather was around 18 degrees, and I could easily stay out without my coat on. It definitely felt like early spring, but I know that we’re just in the middle of halcyon days and we’ll soon be back to winter. So I try to enjoy it while I can. I get unbelievably happy when the weather is sunny and preferably around 20-30 degrees. I absolutely loved my outfit of the day! Never thought I’d like a layered outfit so much. Of course I wore tights, but the beanie was purely for the sake of style. This sweater is also one of the new entries in my closet, and it’s already become a favorite. I layered it on top of a long shirtdress and a mini skirt, but if your skirt is longer, or if you’re just feeling daring, feel free to wear it without one! 😉 Mine was shorter than I expected so I didn’t. Shorts can also work with this look. Play around with layers and find out what works for you! Happy weekend my little gossipers. 😛

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Baby it’s cold outside | Outfits

Baby it's cold outside 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comSuch an original title (enter sarcasm here), I know! But it was the only thing I could think of, because it was totally true. As you’ll notice, this post has such a low number of photos in comparison with my usual ones, and it’s not because I didn’t like what I was wearing this time, no. Well, it’s not my favorite outfit to wear to go out, but it was cozy and perfect for the super super cold day we had. But, the only thing missing from protecting me was my gloves. And they made a huge difference because I couldn’t move my hands after some minutes outside. And my photographer wasn’t happy either. So these 6 shots, will have to do for now, I’m sorry. This was kind of my “uniform outfit” in the cold weather we had over the past few weeks. This and my cozy sweaterdress instead of this sweatshirt saved my days. Stay warm people! I heard another cold wave is coming our way! Brrr…..

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Parisian | Outfits

Parisian - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLately I’ve been really trying to find different ways to style, basically the same pieces from my closet, and I end up relying on last minute’s inspiration (since I have decreased my purchases to 1-2 pieces per season). The results are either on the much casual side, like you’ve seen here and here, or on the dressy ladylike chic style I usually prefer, like on this post, and this one. Either way, I’ve liked the result, and I must say that I have even surprised myself, with creating outfits with the same old pieces. Being a personal style blogger, and showing 3 outfits per week, is not easy, if you don’t shop new pieces to refresh your wardrobe and style your clothes in different ways, in order for them not to look the same all the time. And I’m definitely proud of myself for not being a victim of consumerism, in the middle of the crisis, and for choosing to spend my money on more pressing and important things. So ladies, if you can’t buy new things, for any reason, don’t feel bad; just take a look at all your clothes really carefully, and find hidden treasures in the bottom of your closet, that you might have not worn in years, but can now refresh your style without breaking the bank. Like this shirt, that I’ve had since secondary school, and haven’t worn in years, and that beanie that once belonged to my brother. Brought together to give a fresh note to my old striped dress you’ve seen before, this time belted, and paired with over-the-knee socks giving a Parisian air to the look. I hope you enjoy it!

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Monochromatic | Outfit post

It seems that my addiction to burgundy/oxblood color is so big this winter, that even my hair realized it and decided to turn out burgundy too (instead of the copper red I had chosen) on the latest dye session with my new hairdresser. hehe These photos can’t really show the true color my hair had that day. This monochromatic look (with the exception of my coat) is an ode to my love, burgundy. I hope you enjoy the photos…All, taken by T. after a crazy run, in order to catch the last rays of sunlight on that cloudy day.

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