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Long time no see, and you won’t believe how much I missed writing here. I know it wasn’t long ago that I took a long break, but once again, it was out of my control. I was never planning on staying away for that long, but work, the rain, and other obligations kept me away for more than expected. Hopefully this time, I’ll be back on normal schedule, by posting at least once per week, as I used to. Twice if I’m lucky enough to find the time or the energy to do so. Life lately has been hectic; I’m trying to keep a balance between my job, my house, my family, my boyfriend, my blog and my channel, and something had to be put on pause for some time. But I’ll stop making excuses now, and I’ll do my best to have consistent content here on the blog again.聽 I had so much fun while taking and editing these photos, and that’s how I know I missed this so much. I’m wearing this dress for the 3rd time on the blog, but the truth is, that I almost forgot about it, and I had to be reminded that I own it. We took these photos last Thursday, on my birthday, before we went for a casual coffee date with my boyfriend. The day was sunny and super warm, against all weather forecasts, that predicted thunderstorms for days. So as you can imagine, I couldn’t be happier. 馃檪

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Cold & windy | Outfits

Cold & windy 7- outfit -

Hello my dear readers, how are you? I鈥檓 having some really busy days so I鈥檓 trying to fit everything into my schedule. As I told you on my latest post, I have many new outfits to show you this month, and as we come closer to Christmas I鈥檒l reveal them all one by one. So this is the last casual outfit you鈥檙e probably going to see before Christmas, as I鈥檓 planning to show you some less casual ones for the holidays. We shot this outfit on a really reallyyyy cold and windy day, and even though I shot another one for you (coming soon!) with a sleeveless dress, I almost froze when we were taking these photos. If it wasn鈥檛 for the bright sun, I鈥檇 probably have. You already know how much I love chunky knits this year. This time I paired my knit with a pair of boyfriend jeans and ballerina flats. Very simple, very casual; you should try it! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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Walking on air | Outfits

Walking on air 4- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comOne of those days that I spent the night at my boyfriend鈥檚 place, we decided to go for a walk and some coffee at a nearby coastal area to enjoy the sunny day. We took some outfit photos at the waterfront, before sitting for coffee, but unfortunately it was too windy, and my hair doesn鈥檛 look at its best in these photos. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the day, and our walk so much, that I was smiling and jumping around. Wish all days were like that! My outfit was super simple: jeans, a tee, and my trusty flats for walking. I forgot to take another bag with me, so I held the one from my previous outfit post. What do you think? You鈥檙e gonna see many outfits with flats this month鈥tay tuned!

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