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Today’s look is kind of casual, but knowing me, you know that I wouldn’t leave it at just that. I finished off my casual look with a pair of killer heels. A pair by Migato, which I really love this season, and they’re not going to leave my feet anytime soon. To be honest, I didn’t LOVE the outfit. Something wasn’t exactly right, and that something is probably the shirt, which makes the look way more casual than I’d like it to be, but oh well…The weather was lovely, the sun was shining (not even close to the weather we’ve been having lately) and everything was perfect. I’m currently en route to Athens by car. You’ll soon find out why, just stay tuned, and I’ll tell you everything next week! 😉 See you soon!

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Casual dusty pink | Outfits

Casual dusty pink 7- outfit -

Summer is already here, with a few rainy days here and there, and it kind of got me by surprise, because I didn’t expect such high temperatures so soon. That day, it was so hot outside, that I should have worn a dress or some shorts. I did however liked my look, and it was one I was eagerly waiting to wear. You see I had this outfit on my mind for over a month, since I received these shoes. But then, I went to the Netherlands, and when I got back we had rainy weather for weeks, so this was my first chance to wear them. They’re so pretty and comfortable, and I’ll definitely be wearing them for a long time. I built the whole outfit around them, as always, and I chose a really simple and casual outfit to make them stand out more. One of my favorite t-shirts, a pair of boyfriend jeans, and my dusty pink bag. That’s all I needed. Hope you like this look. I’ll be back with more outfits next week! 🙂

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Sporty chic 2.0 | Outfits

Sporty chic 2.0 3- outfit -

This post is called sporty chic 2.0 because the 1st sporty chic version was this one. So, SO long ago… One of the first months I was a redhead. My hair was actually redder and less copper back then, but I’ve found my color after that time. Back to today though, or more accurately yesterday, when we took these photos; I originally wanted to pair this outfit with heels, but I’ve put my sneakers on to run to the car to take something, and I looked in the mirror and thought, “I like it”. And since I was going for breakfast and coffee after these photos, I thought it would be more appropriate to wear sneakers than heels, so I changed my mind. You’ve seen me hundreds of time wearing heels, but only a handful wearing sneakers, so I guess that’s a refreshing change from my usual routine. What do you think?

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Cold & windy | Outfits

Cold & windy 7- outfit -

Hello my dear readers, how are you? I’m having some really busy days so I’m trying to fit everything into my schedule. As I told you on my latest post, I have many new outfits to show you this month, and as we come closer to Christmas I’ll reveal them all one by one. So this is the last casual outfit you’re probably going to see before Christmas, as I’m planning to show you some less casual ones for the holidays. We shot this outfit on a really reallyyyy cold and windy day, and even though I shot another one for you (coming soon!) with a sleeveless dress, I almost froze when we were taking these photos. If it wasn’t for the bright sun, I’d probably have. You already know how much I love chunky knits this year. This time I paired my knit with a pair of boyfriend jeans and ballerina flats. Very simple, very casual; you should try it! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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Pink Boyfriend | Outfits

Pink boyfriend 6- outfit -

We took these photos last Sunday, right after we filmed a video with Anatoli. The weather was still delightful and we were having a blast under the sun. Now the temperatures have dropped to winter ones, and we’re pretty much cold. Told you my joy wouldn’t last for long. I hope you enjoy this outfit and I wish you a happy weekend! See you on Monday! 🙂

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