Happy Anniversary M. & T.

A few days ago, T. and I, celebrated our anniversary! We’ve been together for years, and despite everything around us we’ve stayed united and strong. People change, friends grow apart, and in this difficult world we’re happy to have each other, and grow together, not apart. T. is the man behind the camera in almost all of my outfit photos, and even though he’s shy too, he agreed to do this photoshoot with me, and celebrate our anniversary in a more special way. I respected his privacy, and didn’t post his face. How could I? I don’t even show mine here. It’s not his fault he’s dating a crazy “fashion blogger”. Despite the fact that he doesn’t like taking photos, he’s been a huge help to me, and I know that he does it because he loves me. I show my love in different ways, and in this case, with a new pair of shoes. I got 2 (matching) pairs of shoes for both of us, to celebrate our anniversary. And I thought it would be really romantic to photograph ourselves in them. Of course after the photoshoot we went for dinner too. 😉 Do you like the result?

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