Walking my dog in style | Outfits

Those of you who follow me on social networks might have already seen that my dog, Mae came home again last Wednesday. She is our family dog, and she is with us since 2004 when we “adopted” her. She was living with us for many years, but my brother took her with him, when he moved out. For years she shared her time between our house, and my brother’s, but for the last couple of years she was living with my brother’s in-laws who also love her very much. Due to some events we weren’t able to have her here sooner, but I’m just happy to have her with me now…She’s almost 10 years old, so we can’t take her for long walks any more, but a small walk near our house was ok, so me and T. took the opportunity to walk her and take some outfit photos all at once. Two birds with one stone! Do you like us?

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