Spikes and feathers in grey and light pink | Outfits

Spikes and feathers in grey and light pink - outfit - DoYouSpeakGosisp.comI’ve been looking for this top for a long time, somewhere around fall, but I was told it was sold out. So I didn’t imagine I would run into it a few months later when I was buying a pair of skinny jeans, but I was happy that I found it on sale, so I grabbed it. It waited patiently in my closet for months for the cold weather to go away, till I could finally wear it. This is the first time I wore it and it’s exactly the way I imagined it to be. In a simple, yet chic outfit, with a bit of extravagant accessories to make the outfit more interesting. I really loved this look!

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Walking my dog in style | Outfits

Those of you who follow me on social networks might have already seen that my dog, Mae came home again last Wednesday. She is our family dog, and she is with us since 2004 when we “adopted” her. She was living with us for many years, but my brother took her with him, when he moved out. For years she shared her time between our house, and my brother’s, but for the last couple of years she was living with my brother’s in-laws who also love her very much. Due to some events we weren’t able to have her here sooner, but I’m just happy to have her with me now…She’s almost 10 years old, so we can’t take her for long walks any more, but a small walk near our house was ok, so me and T. took the opportunity to walk her and take some outfit photos all at once. Two birds with one stone! Do you like us?

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New in | Timeless nude and black sandals via spartoo.gr

As promised, here’s my 2nd purchase from spartoo.gr: these Timeless nude and black sandals. With a 11cm chunky heel these are quite comfortable, and I can see myself wearing them a lot this spring/summer. At this point, I’m so tired of boots, and booties, that I was instantly drawn to these pairs. I can’t wait for spring to come, since the weather has been back to cold again for the past few days. These, as the previous ones I showed you, won’t be counted in my total and won’t be a part of my Shoeper Shoe Challenge by Shoperwoman.com. I have lot of shoes to “save” as it is. Do you like them?

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Casual Sunday pop of color | Outfit post

These photos were taken last week (probably last Sunday) but due to the usual suspects (specific posts at the end and the start of each month) I couldn’t post them earlier. So just pretend that they were taken yesterday! The weather lately has been all rain and no fun, with the exception of some sunny days in between. One of these not-rainy but not-sunny-either days, was this one too, and due to the melancholic touch of the weather we decided to shoot these near the sea. I wear lots of black garments lately but being a spring girl, I couldn’t resist adding a pop of neon to the outfit in a desperate try to lure the sun out of the clouds. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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January’s Wishlist

Good morning to all and Happy New Year! I hope you had an amazing time with your loved ones, and I wish you all to have a fantastic 2013, filled with health, love and happiness. May all your wishes come true in this year. Let’s start the month and the year, with a new wishlist…This time, all items are from Zara in a try to make this a low-cost list. Enjoy!

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