Boxer braids hairstyle tutorial | Video

Boxer braids hairstyle tutorial

Boxer braids are the hairstyle of the season, and of course I had to try them. Since I’m not good with hair (or makeup for that matter) my friend Sonia did them for me, and we decided to film the whole process to show you how to do it yourself. Since the video is in Greek, I’m going to tell you that boxer braids are actually double dutch braids, and they’re very similar to the process of french braids. What you do differently is to braid your hair, by putting the strands of hair below the main strand, instead of above it like you do with french braids. You should try out, and let me know what you think.

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New Haircut

After a year (!) I finally decided that it was time to go for a haircut and refresh my highlights. I kept postponing it for months and I needed something different cause I’ve had long hair for many years and lately I was sick of them. I wanted to try something a little bit different but also keep my hair long enough so I wouldn’t regret doing it (I have a terrible fear of changes). So I chose an asymmetrical haircut which would keep my front hair almost at the same length, but at the same time shorten my hair at the back about 15-20cm (a little lower than my shoulder).

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