My month in pics – May 2013

My favorite month ends today, but I got left with many great memories. So what happened in my life and on this blog this month? I shared with you 9 outfit posts (which must be a record for me), which I’m going to link below. And I had so many nice things to share with you on my Facebook page. I love this so much! I want to share more and more with you on my social networks. It makes me feel closer to you, and I love to interact with all my lovely readers. Since I don’t have an instagram account, you can find some of the photos I shared on my social channels below. Head over to my Facebook page, to like it if you haven’t already, and be the first to see the photos and updates when I post them. Let’s see, have you missed anything? Apart from my outfits, I shared some new ins, the 2nd part of my blogging tips (on how to choose your blog’s design, a MUST read for ALL bloggers), and a post about what I learned from doing the Shoeper Shoe Challenge the past year. On top of all May was the month of my birthday! Click on the links to catch up with all posts of May. I’m really proud of myself, not only because I managed to share so many posts with you, but also because I managed to keep my personal schedule, and even post more on my social networks, even with having to use my old PC, because the “new” one has yet to be fixed. I hope it will, soon. And now, my favorite part…Which was your favorite outfit and memory from May?

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My month in pics – April 2013

April was a full month, in many areas. Blogwise I, once again, did my best to present you with good posts, and nice outfit photos. So, in case you missed anything this month, you can see a recap on this post, so you can go back and check it out. This month had: 7 outfit posts (and I loved every one of them!), one fantastic giveaway (thanks to L’oreal), a new lens, a new bikini in the best spring trend, B&W, (thanks to, the first part of my Blogging tips series (A beginner’s guide to blogging in case someone’s thinking of starting a blog – a monthly series of posts. Be sure to read the next parts, which will be focused on more experienced bloggers) and finally many shoe saves (as part of my Shoeper Shoe Challenge by – which ends on May 1st).  Check out the links to all the outfit posts of this month below.

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