A casual day in paradise | Outfits

These photos were taken last Sunday in the nearest forest, which is exactly how I imagine paradise to be. We always mean to take more photos there, but we always fail to do it. I try to pass by this place at least once a year, during autumn, when the leaves are down on the ground, and the picture is even more beautiful than usual. That day I dressed in a really casual way, as we went to the mall after taking these photos to check out the “mid-season” sales that started on Nov. 1st. Stores in Greece are almost never open on Sundays so we had to go at least once. We didn’t buy anything but we went to Cinnabon, to try mouth-watering cinnamon rolls. Looking back at these photos, I can think of two things: one) I want to go there again really soon, for more photos, and two) a backpack would really compliment this outfit, but they’re absolutely not my style, so there’s no reason to buy one just to wear it only a couple of times. What do you think about this look and these photos?

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