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Stripey casual 11- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThe weather is being a bit crazy lately…One day it’s warm and sunny and the next one it’s pouring non-stop rain (or even hail). On the sunny days I like to go out and enjoy the day with my friends and boyfriend. Exactly what I did that day, when we took these photos (sometime during March – oh yes!). This is one of my favorite places for photos and I used to come here all the time during my childhood years, so I was super happy to take the girls there too, and enjoy the nature together, while taking way too many photos as typical fashion bloggers. I was wearing something casual and comfy as we were walking through fallen leaves and little creeks. Enjoy the scenery and let me know what you think about my look.

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A casual day in paradise | Outfits

These photos were taken last Sunday in the nearest forest, which is exactly how I imagine paradise to be. We always mean to take more photos there, but we always fail to do it. I try to pass by this place at least once a year, during autumn, when the leaves are down on the ground, and the picture is even more beautiful than usual. That day I dressed in a really casual way, as we went to the mall after taking these photos to check out the “mid-season” sales that started on Nov. 1st. Stores in Greece are almost never open on Sundays so we had to go at least once. We didn’t buy anything but we went to Cinnabon, to try mouth-watering cinnamon rolls. Looking back at these photos, I can think of two things: one) I want to go there again really soon, for more photos, and two) a backpack would really compliment this outfit, but they’re absolutely not my style, so there’s no reason to buy one just to wear it only a couple of times. What do you think about this look and these photos?

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Military green & biker boots

We took these photos a couple of days ago, but I had this outfit on my mind from the moment I got these biker boots. I knew I wanted to wear something military (but not camouflage, because T. would probably bite me, after so many months in the army seeing camouflage everywhere), so when I got these boots I thought they would look great in the outfit I had on my mind. I also knew that I wanted to take the photos for this outfit post in this place, which you have already seen before in some of my older posts (here and here). I hope we had managed to go there earlier and not just before the sundown, but either way, I liked the result. I hope you like it too.

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In the woods

A few days ago, T. and I went to the nearest woods to take some test photos with my new camera. With only a few minutes before the sunset, and given the fact that there were trees all around us blocking most of the light, we did our best. Promise to take even better photos next time, in a more proper time.

Do you remember this place?

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A forest full of plane trees…

That’s my idea of paradise! I would love to live next to a forest of plane trees (platanus). Their smell is the best smell in the world, it instantly puts a smile on my face. I’m lucky enough to be living under two of those trees for a few days, since I’m still at my cousin’s house in Chalkidiki. Growing up, I spent most of my summers in this house. So, the smell of plane trees is something that brings me back so many childhood memories. I once begged my mum to plant some of these trees in our garden, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed. Thankfully, there’s a whole forest of those, really close to my house so I can go there and enjoy a walk among them, while taking advantage of their thick shade and smell them as much as I like! 🙂

I went there again a few days ago to take these pictures for my blog, and I promise to go back again really soon. I couldn’t really decide on which ones to include here, so I have to warn you that there’s going to be a picture load on this post.

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