Back to school Lookbook | Video

Back to school lookbook Youtube video DoYouSpeakGossip?

Here are my “back to school” outfit ideas for the school/college/university. I hope you enjoy watching this video!
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1 tartan skirt – 5 looks | Loobook video

1 tartan skirt 5 looks thumbnail

Hello my loves, how are you? Today, I was going to show you a new outfit post, but decided to keep it for Monday, since I currently have a heavy work load, and I’m also lacking new outfits to show you. So till I manage to shoot some, here’s my new lookbook video, with a – bit more than a – little preview of my new look, which is coming on Monday. Extra points for you, if you remember all these looks….

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Rock princess | Outfits & What to wear to holiday parties | Lookbook video

Maxi dress by the sea 2- outfit -

I’ve been working on the idea of this post for about a couple of months now, because it was a concept I really wanted to do, outfit and all. There’s something melancholic about the sea in winter and I love walking by it when I have the chance. So I thought to photograph one of my outfits there, and what better to wear than a black maxi dress and towering heels to make a contrast with the background?

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