Back to school Lookbook | Video

Back to school lookbook Youtube video DoYouSpeakGossip?

Here are my “back to school” outfit ideas for the school/college/university. I hope you enjoy watching this video!
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Mini haul #2 & try on (sales) | Video

Mini haul #2 & try on -

Hello my loves! I have a new video for you today on my Youtube channel! I know it’s in Greek, but you can totally watch it and see what I bought and how it looks n. I really hope you enjoy it! If you like it don’t forget to give the video a thumbs UP and subscribe to my channel for more. I’ll make more lookbook videos in the future. I promise!

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New in | Jonak wedge sandals

New in - Jonak wedge sandals -

Last month, I ordered a new pair of shoes, from my favorite e-shop,, and they came just in time, for a special occasion I wanted to wear them to. They’re really pretty and exactly as they look like in the shop pictures. They have an 11cm wedge heel, and they’re pretty comfortable to walk in. I’ve already wore them for the first time, and you’re gonna see them in an outfit, in my next post. I really love the leopard parts of the shoes, as it makes them more interesting. And brown is such a versatile color. I’m sure I’m gonna wear them a lot this summer. Do you like them?

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Autumn pastels | Outfits

Autumn pastels 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comIf you follow me on social media, you already know that I finally dyed my hair again, so these are kind of old photos. We took these at the end of last month, when autumn decided to kick winter’s a$s for a few days. And this is how I was able to wear a sleeveless shirt, and my sandals. I also brought a jacket with me but it was purely for “just in case” purposes, since the weather was more than fine that day. The only one to blame for the poor lighting of these photos is us, who can’t really get used to the whole “it’s getting dark so much sooner now and we need to take photos much earlier” phase. Yeah, it’s THAT time of the year… I hate it! No news there! So, what is your news?

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