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Maxi dress by the sea 2- outfit -

I’ve been working on the idea of this post for about a couple of months now, because it was a concept I really wanted to do, outfit and all. There’s something melancholic about the sea in winter and I love walking by it when I have the chance. So I thought to photograph one of my outfits there, and what better to wear than a black maxi dress and towering heels to make a contrast with the background?

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Maxi mint dress | Outfits

Maxi mint dress - outfit -

Lately, my choice in outfits goes somewhat like this: I open my closet, find the pair of shoes I haven’t worn in “ages”, then pick the clothes that can go with it (double score if it’s an item I haven’t worn for a long time!), and accessorize it. Ready! Maxi dresses that touch the ground can be tricky. I always wear mine with high heels, because I really don’t want my dress to get dirty, and then I usually lift it up with my hands a little bit when climbing stairs, to be sure not to step on it and fell flat on my face. Maxi dresses are perfect for the transitional season; because they keep you warm enough, and can easily be layered with a pashmina or a jacket/blazer. It was too hot for that though, so I just wore mine with a favorite pair of heels and my mint/floral clutch bag. Doesn’t it look great? I’ll be waiting for your comments! 🙂

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Golden hour | Outfits

Golden hour 4- outfit -

I wore this outfit last week to Kleoniki’s birthday. It was super-hot outside so I needed a comfortable outfit and shoes. Lately I’ve been doing high ponytails to keep my hair away from my neck and shoulders and I like how it looks with my long hair. We took these photos during the golden hour but the sun was still too hot and bright. Typical summer in Greece, and something tells be that I’ll be spending all my summer in the city. What are your plans for the holidays? Do you have any? I hope you like this look. See how I wore this dress for the first time, here.

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Sunset at the beach | Outfits

Sunset at the beach 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comMy thought that day, was to take some photos on the rocks in my maxi dress at the nearby beach, and then have an afternoon swim with my friends, but unfortunately we didn’t make it to the beach on time to have enough light for summer “outfit photos”, so we improvised. As the sunset behind me was too beautiful to ignore, we took some photos with it behind us, playing with the shadows and the remaining sunlight and after the sun was completely gone, we pushed my camera to its limits to get some decent shots before it was completely dark outside. This outfit is my suggestion for a nice night out at the closest beach bar (or not). Shoes are optional! 😉 In the end, we didn’t have the afternoon swim we wanted, but despite all the obstacles that day, we succeeded in taking photos at the beach, and it was all worth it!

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Purple & mint | Outfits

Purple & mint - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comYou thought I’d leave you without some more mint or green for a few days, didn’t you? Well I couldn’t! 😛 I’ve realized that this outfit is a bit “old” now since we photographed it at the early days of July, but it’s still a really nice outfit, so I wanted to show it to you! Of course I wore this outfit for a night out, but the photos were taken in the evening, under the scorching hot sun, and this totally unflattering bright light. You can’t always have it all, can you? I hope you like the look though…

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