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I always loved having my nails painted, and I used to paint them often, but I must confess that since I started blogging, I started experimenting more and more with the colors, and the designs. It might be because I was “exposed” to more eyes every day and wanted to look prettier, or because Pinterest entered my life and my head was full of ideas. My nail polish collection is starting to get crazy (and I’ve added even more colors since I last showed it to you), and now I kind of feel that I “have” to use them all before they go bad, since I’ve spent so much money on them. Either way, I love my manicures! Truth is I kind of hate the process; I find it sooo boring, but the result is totally worth it. So, I’ve thought that since most of my Greek readers would probably be away these days (we had the biggest public holiday yesterday) I should postpone any outfit posts and show you something else instead. These are most of the manicures I’ve done myself for the past 2.8 months I’ve been blogging. Most of them can be found on my facebook page, on their specific album, but it’s different to see them all together. I’ve also done some posts about my manicures in the past, which I’m going to link under the photo. Which one is your favorite? I’d love to get your opinion. And if you want to see more of these make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and my latest obsession Instagram. 😉

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My month in pics – February 2013

As promised on my previous “month in pics” I managed to photograph more outfits for you this month. Out of 13 posts, 7 were outfit ones, and I’m really proud to say that not even one of them was taken with a tripod and a self-timer, and I have to thank T. for this.

1. Monochromatic, 2. Sporty Chic, 3. From day to night, 4. Modern Preppy, 5. Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration, 6. Raiding my boyfriend’s closet, 7. 70’s inspired.

Which one is your favorite?

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My month in pics – January 2013

My New Year’s Eve outfit / A casual stroll downtown / Do it like Victoria Beckham

As always, my month ends, with a recap of the things I shared with you on this blog, and things that happened in my life in general. First on the list, January’s outfits…I’m hoping that next month, I’m going to be posting outfits more regularly, since it’s the part of my blog, I love the most. I hope you agree with me!

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My month in pics – May 2012

After all the posts about my birthday, my party, and my party outfit, I thought we’d take a break from it, to do my “month in pics” post, before I continue to show you a few more party-related posts I have for you. As the years pass, and we grow older, I thought the best thing we can do to “forget” it, is to have as many parties as possible to celebrate with our friends and family….Do you agree?

Here are the outfits of the month, in case you missed them, or to refresh your memory if you have already seen them.

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My month in pics

April seems to have passed so quickly…I can’t believe it will be May already from tomorrow. Thankfully, the weather is finally warm, and the rains have stopped (at least for now!). April was the month of Easter, which means a lot of food, and a couple extra kilos which I’m trying to lose again. But let’s start from the pretty part of this month. The outfits!

This month I managed to post 6 of my outfits, and I was really excited about all of them. It started with tights, and finished with bare legs, and beautiful pastel colors.

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