What I wore for Easter | Outfits

Hello guys! This is the outfit I wore for Easter (Greek Orthodox Easter was on May 5th this year). I didn’t wear anything special for the usual family lunch but I wore this outfit to go out the same night. I want to apologize in advance for the quality of photos on this post, but I thought it would be better to ask my mom to take them, instead of using a tripod, but she was way too tired (and the sun had already set) and in a hurry that she didn’t take good ones. It was a really nice outfit in real life, and it got me many compliments. So sad I couldn’t capture it in a better way.

Take a glimpse of our Easter food in the end of this post.

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My month in pics

April seems to have passed so quickly…I can’t believe it will be May already from tomorrow. Thankfully, the weather is finally warm, and the rains have stopped (at least for now!). April was the month of Easter, which means a lot of food, and a couple extra kilos which I’m trying to lose again. But let’s start from the pretty part of this month. The outfits!

This month I managed to post 6 of my outfits, and I was really excited about all of them. It started with tights, and finished with bare legs, and beautiful pastel colors.

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Pastels with a hint of neon

Hello hello! It’s Friday today, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s excited for the weekend. I’m almost 2 weeks late in showing you my Easter Sunday outfit, but you know how it is, I usually do 2-3 posts a week. So, without further ado, I present to you my outfit from that day. As the title implies it’s mostly a pastel colored outfit, with just a tiny hint of neon.

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Hello Kitten

As promised, this is the outfit I wore on Easter’s Eve, on Great/Holy Saturday night to go to church for the Resurrection of Jesus.  After the Resurrection we returned home to eat mageiritsa, Easter eggs, and tsoureki (Easter bread), bringing home with us the “Holy Light” (or Holy Fire). As you can see these photos weren’t taken at night, but in the evening so I could have daylight for my photos. I had just decided what to wear, and took the photos for you wearing the whole outfit. I decided to wear kitten heels this year, so it could be easier to walk, and stand outside of the church, while waiting for the Holy Light, and the Resurrection to “occur”. Hence the “Hello Kitten” title of this post! 🙂

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