View from above – Palamidi fortress

15 November, 2011

Hello my lovely readers! How is everyone? Today I have to show you one more post with photos of my trip to Nafplio (yes, you’re going to see a few more posts about it), and more specifically from the fortress of Palamidi. On my first post about my trip, I shared with you some of the pics I took from the fortress. It’s on a really high hill, and it has an amazing view. You can either climb its 857 steps from the town to the fortress (locals say it’s 999 steps), or you can go straight to the top, by car. I chose the 2nd way, as I’ve already climbed it once, many years ago. Moreover, there are hundreds more steps inside the fortress.

Magnificent view of the fortress’ walls and the whole city

The day was really cloudy, and unfortunately really windy, that’s why I was wearing my jacket in most of the pics. So this is not really an outfit post, but a way to show you some pics of the day. Plus, I was wearing almost the same outfit as the previous day, with small alterations.

Trying to keep my hair in place for the pic, cause they were flying all over my head.

Breathtaking view of the sea, from Palamidi

One more attempt to open the jacket to take some proper pictures. It was really cold!

Photographing my photographer
T., say cheese for the camera! 🙂
Here he is! My patient photographer/boyfriend…He did a really good job with the camera.
If only the weather wasn’t so cloudy and windy.

Finally found an elastic band to catch my hair, instead of putting it inside my jacket.

Sarah Lawrence jacket, H&M striped sweater (previously seen here), Zara top underneath it, Sarah Lawrence leggings, local shop boots (Largenti), Michael Kors watch (unfortunately not pictured, under the jacket), new H&M necklace, D&G bag, and Donna Karan sunglasses.

Detail of the necklace (unfortunately it’s backwards, didn’t see it on time).

And one last goodbye pic!

Hope you liked my pictures and my outfit. I promise better pics in my next posts from Nafplio (it was warm and sunny the next days!).

Till next time have a fantastic week, and don’t forget to follow my blog!

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36 comments on “View from above – Palamidi fortress

    • Hey Steph! Glad you liked my photos! You should definitely visit Nafplio the next time you visit Greece. It’s a small city, but it has many nice things to see.

    • S’euxaristw toso poli Maraki…xairomai poli pou sou arese toso! Na pas kai esi kapoia stigmi, einai teleia..An itan pio konta, tha imouna sinexeia ekei…To agapw…

  1. your photographer did good job and his model looks beautiful in every photo. Location an views are amazing. How wonderful trip you both had, juts what a pity that weather wasn’t so pleasant.

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..Sparkled whiteMy Profile

    • Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment Ramona! You make me blush :$
      The weather was way better the next days, I have some more pics to show you in my next posts. I think you’ll like them! 🙂

  2. Wow this fortress look incredible…and I can imagine how beautiful of a view it must have been way up there. Beautiful photos, thank u for sharing 🙂

    xx, Ally

    • S’euxaristw poli! Sto telos tha nomizoune oti kanw diafimisi tis polis…hehe
      To skoufi tou fwtografou to pirame apo ena mikro magazaki me kapelakia klp stin palia poli, giati o “fwtografos” mou, ipoferei apo wtitides, kai me ton paramikro aera pethainei ap ton pono…Kai kala pou to pire ekeini ti mera giati ksepagiasame. Nomizw oti itane to mono pou eixe, alla ws twra mporei an exei ferei kai alla.
      Pantws skeftomai kai egw na parw ena tetoio, einai poli zesta…Eixa vrei persi ena teleio, alla ekana vlakeia pou den to pira…

    • S’euxaristw para poli…Kai to diko sou skiniko omws itane teleio…
      S’euxaristw poli gia to follow..tha perasw oso pio sintoma mporw ap’to blog sou gia na follow back! 🙂

  3. Oh, finally I have time to write – and internet as well (I didn’t really have yesterday – could read, but not write)! I spent most of the day yesterday sleeping… recovering…!
    As usual, what I tell you is what it is (believe me!): you totally look like a young Hollywood star walking and being “caught” by paparazzi! Your style is great, very classy, very sophisticated, and not showing off! Really beautiful! I loooove those boots!
    And the landscape? Fabulous! Reminded me of a picture I painted, it was Parga. The fortress is very nice, but almost 1000 steps? Only for marathon fit ones – I am certainly not!
    Oh, now I’m looking forward to seeing your next pictures, and really willing to go to Nafplio! Thanks for showing these pictures, you are doing a great service for the towns there! Really artistic views!
    Filakia pollaaaaaa! (Will go to a Mall now, but I’m still so tired!)
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 84My Profile

    • Thank you so much sweety! I read your posts too tonight. I’m so tired, I have to get up really early (for me!), so I’m replying to these comments and going to sleep. We must have a huge time difference now, but it’s ok.
      Your comments are always the best, and you give me the most amazing compliments. Thank you! 🙂
      I’ve never been to Parga, but I would love to. My mom said it’s an amazing place. Yes, it has almost 1000 steps to get inside, but you can also go straight to the top by car, as I wrote. And that’s what we did. Both times we went there these last 2 years. To see the view and take photos. I knew I had to go back. Wish the weather was better to take better photos of the fortress, but I was freezing.
      If you come to Greece in the future, and be able to stay for about 2 weeks, I would love to take you there too. hehe. It’s about a 8-10 hour drive from my town though.
      I’m sure you’re going to love the next 2 posts. I loved the photos. I was so wishing that the results would be as amazing as I thought they would be when we were shooting the photos, and I think they are. 🙂
      I’m doing a great service to these towns. They should pay me, right? hehe I wish! To be paid to travel and take pictures, or even paid to buy clothes and shoes. It can happen. I’ll stay positive.
      See you soon! Filakia polla! 🙂

  4. Γεια σου καλή μου!

    Χίλια συγγνώμη που εξαφανίστηκα!!! Η μετακόμισή μου ήταν/ είναι μέσα στην ταλαιπωρία!!! Τώρα είμαι για λίγες μέρες Θεσσαλονίκη – ναι σωστά μάντεψες! – για κάποιες δουλίτσες και θα ξαναφύγω!!
    Αχ Ναύπλιο! Είμαι εντελώς ερωτευμένη με αυτή την πόλη, τελευταία φορά πήγα το προηγούμενο καλοκαίρι! Τα έχω ανέβει αυτά τα σκαλιά!!:D

    Ελπίζω να είσαι καλά! (οι μπαλαρίνες είναι 250ευρώ)


    Stories and Sequins
    Chrysa recently posted..The sun after the storm…My Profile

    • Geia sou Chrysa mou, min anisixeis katholou…Fisika kai katalavainw oti exeis polla pragmata sto mialo sou!
      Kai egw eimai erwteumeni me to Nafplio, gi’auto kai tosa post, kai tha kanw 2-3 akoma…einai i 2i fora mesa se 2 xronia pou paw ekei..makari na itane pio konta sti Thessaloniki…hehe…kai egw ta exw anevei, alla prin polla xronia me tous goneis mou…
      S’euxaristw poli gia tin pliroforia gia tis mpalarines, einai teleies…
      Filia polla! kala na pernas! 🙂

  5. Ti oraio post!!!! Thelo poli na pao sto Nauplio, gia ena romantic weekend!!!!! Eisai poli omorfi me auta ta rouxa!!! Latrevo tis riges, kai to mauro, opote eisai opos mou aresei!!! TELEIES oi mpotes sou!!!

    H koroula mou einai 9 xronon(paei tetarti dimotiko!). Exei oraio gousto kai panta pairno sta sobara ta sxolia tis!!!!
    Filia ♥♥

    • S’euxaristw poli Vanda mou! Panta xairomai na diavazw comment sou! Na pas, kai sou protinw anepifilakta to sigekrimeno hotel pou piga kai egw (des se proigoumena post)…
      Kala kaneis kai pairneis sta sovara ta sxolia tis..Eimai sigouri oti otan megalwsei tha ginei stylish kai koukla san ti mitera tis! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw poli kai pali christina mou! I alitheia einai oti tis perissoteres fwtografies tou blog tis vgazw moni mou, alla o T. vgazei kapoies ap’tis outfit pics tou blog mou…otan den thelw na to kanw egw moni mou me to tripodo kai to self-timer.
      An kai mexri twra den ton siginouse i fwtografia, nomizw oti apo tote pou agorasa ti nea kamera to vriskei pio diaskedastiko kai den mou paraponietai toso 🙂

    • S’euxaristw para poli gia to comment sou kai to follow!
      Prospathiss anepitixws na sou afisw comment sto blog sou, alla distixws o monos tropos einai na dimiourgisw blogger account, mias kai einai i moni epilogi gia na afisei kapoios comment sto blog sou, kathws ola ta alla einai kleista…
      Se ekana follow back omws! Elpizw na se ksanadw sintoma sto blog mou! 🙂

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